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So I think this may be causing crashes..

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Server crashing bug? Maybe.

I'm not 100% on this, but everytime I've tried creating or login in a character I've created today it crashes the server.

Just creating a character and login in causes the server to crash. Or it is an absurd coincidence.. as I've tested and when I use any of my other characters the server seems fine, however if I try using one that was made today, it 100% of the time, without fail will cause the server to crash almost instantly. Again, this may require further testing that I can't do. But I'm pretty sure this is happening fr.

Btw I've only tried with male characters, I decided to stop as soon as it looked like it was (one) of the reasons for the server to crash. I don't think it's a good idea to keep testing it if it has any chance of causing the server to crash.

This should be looked on asap imo, as if this is the cause that's a real big problem.

Ty for your time and again, sorry if this is not the case and its just a really bizarre coincidence.

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Will be editing for typos when they are pointed out, I'm dumb af pls be patient

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