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[Official Anime] Foxboi n Belly Monsters™

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Part 1

So, Foxboi was born Foxboi because his dad is YellowVeryFast and mom is Angry Red Head. They decide that killing themselves infront of infant Foxboi and sealing a Fox in his belly is the best course of action. Everyone knows dis but monkey grandpa says the boy should be neglected, treated like an outcast and frowned upon by the entire village. So Foxboi wanna be an attention whore because the environment shapes the person and everyone is angery because of their own pathetic behaviour, but its easier to just hate Foxboi. Then Foxboi figures out he can school, but he cant school but the plot demands he can school so he steals some paper and suddenly he can school and everyone is fine with that because he is, after all, Foxboi. So Foxboi becomes a hide n seek champion like every other child in a 4.6mile radius (which ultimately upsets the balance between civilians and military personal but is completely ignored in Foxboi Jr. n Magic Friends). His dream internet gf gets on the same team as him but Flower Tree Girl likes Emo Sausageke more because he is so deep, emotional and full of thoughts like murder because psychological help is only available to the people with friends or belly monsters.

Sausageke thinks he is better than Foxboi, but Foxboi is a laborer and knows 50RMB a day is enough to live a happy life. So he does stuff and fails, but Sausageke fails too, but Sausageke fails better than Foxboi so Sausageke still thinks he is better. But Dan sees Sausageke is bad, so he says so but Sausageke disagrees but figures out later he bad because Belly Monster, nr 9 in the BellyDex, had to save him and Foxboi doesnt really care about it because he is not bad when half transformed into a Fox.

So that happened and now we have Foxboi Bridge but Foxboi is still not recognized because it is Fox who did all the hard work. Suddenly Cucumber Martialist kicks Sausageke very hard, because he likes Flower Tree Girl, but Flower Tree Girl was a cat 22lives ago so she doesnt like Cucumber Martialist. Sausageke got eye cancer, so he will remember that and they continue into a forest where Sausageke is bitten and tattooed by Snekman, because Snekman is very smart and likes Emo Sausageke. Sausageke figures out that tattoos make you cooler than other kids and his self confidence skyrockets for small periods of time whereafter he has to lie down in immense pain because he knows in his heart he is just insecure because Sausageke BigBro won hide n seek some years prior and Foxboi suddenly likes Sausageke but not really but he punches a big Snek and is in a coma. Flower Tree Girl is there too and cuts her hair. But Martial Cucumber beats some guys who makes very loud noises similar to those of Dragon Queens. But the hair is spooky so its easy win after 66% of the main cast saves her.

They all win somehow because they were actual trying to graduate, but not really but really so they now have to fight the others who graduated but not really graduated and so Martial Cucumber takes off his Iron legplates but his legs are snapped by Sand Bulbasaur who learned Vine Whip too early, and Sausageke copies Martial Cucumber as a sign that he understands others are better than him but he doesnt actual understand it and just thought copying pro strats make him bro. Foxboi farted. So they all graduated but not really because they have to fight again so people fight and some people play with the sand n some do stuff with Bird Lightning and something happened but Foxboi won because he digs very fast without having to move dirt out of the holes he make and so they graduate but not really because monkey grandpa die but later he comes back but he is dead but not dead despite being dead. Anyway, Snekman kill monkey Grandpa and everyone is sad but there is a new episode so they gotta move on.


Part 1.2 (Bridge?)

Foxboi, Flower Tree Girl and Sausageke meets up at some dumbass bridge but their sensled Dan with lightning hair didnt show up because he forgot, so they all gotta wait because they cant go on their mission without Dan with lightning hair because Dan with lightning hair is a topdog jōnin with Ninja dogs but Foxboi and Sausageke does not know that yet because pets are unique to Fart Smeller who was the reason why everyone graduated but he cant go with Dan with lightning hair because he didnt graduate or some bullshit even though they all graduated last episode.

So Dan with lightning hair shows up finally and everyone is annoyed because of it being much later than it is supposed to be but the story says they are close to a puddle on the road now but they cross the puddle without problem but it was actually problem because Dan with lightning hair is the only one who read the weather forecast last week and knew that anime world always have Sunny days until dramatic climaxes and arc endings are about to happen.

Dan with lightning hair sees the puddle suddenly not being a puddle because the puddle was not a puddle at all but some zombie man with a big sword that should throw him off balance if he held it out with one hand to point it at someone. So zombie guy points it at Dan with lightning hair without tilting over because zombie guy does 5 squats every morning so he is super fit. Dan with lightning hair, fully aware that this zombie guy is inside the wrong anime genre and therefore is not a threat against Foxboi and his belly monster, chooses Foxboi to 1v1 the zombie, but since zombie guy is needed for the plot of this arc, a trap drops by and steals zombie guy from Sausageke who thinks Foxboi is super lame and he could have captured him without the trap helping.

Dan with lightning hair remembers that they were escorting some guy and that some guy was this fat man with too little travel supply to get back home so, but he hired Foxboi and Co. For too little money so killing zombies were not in the contract so Dan with lightning hair is super not happy about this thingie but he thinks tht its bout time that Sausageke gets into a fight in the future that will make him feel super inferior to Foxboi cuz Foxboi is main character and therefore he decides to ask Foxboi and Sausageke if they wanna continue Nd they say no but Dan with lightning hair Vetos it and makes it yes so they make the old fat man sail a boat for them alone with a stick at a place that should have the depth and ground looseness only fit a game of thrones fanfic. They find out that the old fat man lives in a very poor country that somehow has a ton of money to make this huge ass bridge but they are very poor and some guy keeps hitting them with a stick when they work on the bridge because he like boats and not bridges. Meanwhile Foxboi daydreams about babes but fat man only has a dumb grandchild who is more pessimistic than James Harding when his last review of The Revenant was trash talked.

Piss boy runs away and Foxboi doesnt care because he has to walk on trees before Sausageke walks on trees and Sausageke doesnt have the patience to walk on trees so he walks away and Foxboi meets this hot ass babe in the forest after tackling her like an american football player but she didnt get knocked far and they laugh cuz bonding for the next scene and so Foxboi is super horny and he totally forgot about flower Tree Girl because i totally forgot about her too. And they decide to fight puddle guy again but Dan with lightning hair ends up in a bubble but luckily it is not made with soap and water so Foxboi and Sausageke can make a meat skewer into a throwy pointy thing tht is super cool cuz it has Shadow in the name but actually is Foxboi and Foxboi throw something so Dan with lightning hair can get out of the bubble and use his cancer eye to force pity into zombie guy who decides to slow down what he does with his hands which at times look super painful if you speed down the scene to 0.25, just so Dan with lightning hair can keep up and the screen writers made sure Dan with lightning hair has a silver tongue so he talks super fast and just talks over zombie guy so it seems like he does zombie guys trick faster than zombie guy but he doesnt he just yells louder and faster because he can and so they make big water dragons which is actually just a fancy water torrent and it doesnt do shit damage so zombie guy flees.

So some time goes on and piss boy finds out his dad was pretty much a Chad and he wnna be Chad too but he isnt so he has to wait 2 episodes while Foxboi, Dan with lightning hair and Sausageke goes to the bridge with fat man because fat man really wnna build that bridge and destroy the naval economy. But zombie guy and that hot babe Foxboi met in the Woods is there and Foxboi is hornyfuzed so he gets this 1 episode long flashback to show that zombie guy is not a zombie Nd that the hot babe is actually a trap voiced by a girl and drawn specificly to avoid showing gender specific body features like beewbz which Foxboi has a serious desire for seen in season 2 when he

So Sausageke is tired of being useless so he goes into a mirror room and becomes useless AND wounded so belly monster nr. 9 uses DEUS EX ALMOSTCHINA, that helps making the scene super dramatic with rain and sob stories and thrilling battles that repeats itself over and over without much development since they dont actually add more wounds to Sausageke or Foxboi, they just keep using more elaborate words that make it seem like Its a super Dire situation but its not.

Flower Tree Girl is there.

But Foxboi and Sausageke brrrrrrrrss and trap is beaten fucking senseless like holy shit wtf but zombie guy is mad at the small man who hate bridges and kills them all so he can die with the trap who is totally 6-10yrs younger than him so its a total Nono.
So everyone is happy because piss boy did a Chad move but Foxboi just solo'd everything by talking shit to zombie guy and used his monk ability that converts hostile units into your own.
After they push the bodies off the bridge because of course it had to take place 5meters from the edge, Fat man names the bridge "Foxbridge and Belly Beams". Without Foxboi knowing and good he didnt cuz Foxboi knows chakra melts belly Beams.


Part 2: Bewbs

After old monkey man dies, Foxboi, Sausegeke and Flower Tree Girl is ultra sad and everyone is ultra sad and they make this huge as deal out of holding a funeral on a rain day to make it even more sad but not everyone is sad because some people need to not be sad, like One-Eye-Bandaged Dude who really hates everyone but he doesn't actually hate everyone just almost. So Foxboi meets this one guy who writes eroticas but we don't say that because we trynna keep a PG 12. So Author Erotica decides that Foxboi is a pain in the ass and ignores him but then he doesn't ignore Foxboi and suddenly Author Erotica has to take Foxboi with him because Author Erotica does not want to take old monkey mans job because he likes writing Erotica. So Author Erotica and Foxboi goes on a Journey around the burning lands to find Borderline H-tai(jutsu) lady who Author Erotica totally thinks would like the job old monkey man had.

On their Journey, Author Erotica starts teaching Foxboi how to use magic but he really sucks at magic but the plotline requires him to magic so at this big town they come to he actually learns to magic but not enough so he can make a b-story for everyone to not care about and skip over because everyone watches Foxboi n Belly Monsters on Hulu. Right? So inside the town, Author Erotica scams Foxboi of his Froggy Wallet that is bloated af and goes drinking and somehow they meet Borderline H-tai(jutsu) Lady who is in depth but Snekman finds her too and they destroy this super old and historically valuable castle which probably protected a lot of people but now it cant because Borderline H-tai(jutsu) Lady and Snekman kinda ruined it all and somehow Foxboi starts talking to Borderline H-tai(Jutsu) Lady and she has a basketball Flashback with this one guy she really liked but he died so now she is sad but still really likes him and now Foxboi has a super ugly necklace and made a promise to Borderline H-tai(jutsu) Lady but Author Erotica and Borderline H-tai(Jutsu) Lady gotta deal with Snekman first so they summon bigass sneks n slugs n frogs and 4real, snekman should win this since sneks are totally apex predators and so much better than dumb ass slugs imean wtf it gonna do? Get cut in half and make 2 of itself infinitely or sumtin?lol

So the Slug makes a bunch of smaller copies of itself and Frog is actually a sword-wielding Froninja and starts swinging giant blades around and everyone is almost dying and nobody dies because Borderline H-tai(jutsu) Lady is actually a healer and her slug is a healer and she uses a bunch of magic to magic the wounds and everyone is fine but the snekman but snekman escapes and everyone is worried about snekman because he is seriously pale and he probably needs some c-vitamin but he doesn't know otherwise he wouldn't run away when Author Erotica and Borderline H-tai(jutsu) Lady was trynna help him by slicing him in half which definitely would solve the problem.

Now they going back to the village and everybody is like WooooooooW and somehow Borderline H-tai(jutsu) Lady had a debt but its paid now and she is now the old monkey man replacement person and an aunty somehow but she doesn't like that but yeah now she is the captain and everything is solved!





More to come...(?)


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Foxboi n Belly Monsters: Illustrated

Watch part 3 (actually 4) of the Foxboi n Belly Monsters series on the BreadTalk Podcast!
Featuring the Background Story of the one and only: Martial Cucumber.



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Foxboi n Belly Monsters: Part :pain:  - definitely no spoilers. At all. Unless you haven't watched several year old episodes of Foxboi n Belly Monsters

In the very Foggy town of Fog Town, three smoll orphans, Ed Sheeran, Blueberry Helmet and Sickly were skidoodling around and smacking up bishes like the criminal scum they are. These orphans had to fight like ninjas without being ninjas because they couldnt ninja, but they somehow ninja'd and they get little food but food got them beaten which made them start hating Fog Town slowly but Ed Sheeran is like, super strong and he goes around getting super cool and maybe fight alil for the Fog Town but he doesnt want Blueberry Helmet and Sickly to know so they dont know but they know and they turn into smooth criminals because for some reason the story doesnt really want to give a proper explanation and Ed Sheeran and Blueberry Helmet falls in love so Sickly is third-wheeling but he is super cool with it until Ed Sheeran dies so he goes super mad and becomes a Super Sickly Super Villain.

Now with only Super Sickly Super Villain and Blueberry Helmet left who is also a super Villain now named Thé PAPERCUTTER. dumb bitc lol. Now Thé PAPERCUTTER and Super Sickly Super Villain decides that the only way to really deal with their childhood trauma is to kill Author Erotica with this bad ass fight where he just slowly drowns at the end but Foxboi is there too somehow, I guess he was stalking Author Erotica for awhile or something to learn how to play Defend of the League of the Heroes of Newlegendancients. 
So with this giant filler suddenly appearing, Super Sickly Super Villain decides that he should be called :pain2: and pain brings Thé PAPERCUTTER with him to fuck around with Foxboi who became friends with his Belly Monster (kinda) and they have this big fight and everyone is like WoooAAAH but pain wins the fight and after this huge ass KABOOM he smacks Village on a Leaf outta existence except the suburbs because they got enough bad luck as is.

Now Foxboi is like: "Me belly." and Second Best Waifu is like: "I ruv u Foxboi-desú" but he is totally outta it cuz of massive blood loss which shoulda killed him but doesnt because his Belly Monster is still alive despite him having a hole in his belly and I suppose that means it wasn't actually -IN- his belly but more like spiritually in his belly? Like, its there in spirit? So all that works out and everybody goes into the forest and is like: Fuq and decide the only thing they can do is cry and start rebuilding.


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