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Bug Report - Game Eating Stat XP

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Bug Name: Eating Stat XP

Brief Description:   If you are channeling a spell (IE: Shinobi Travel Speed) and use an XP token for any of the introduced custom skillpoints. It will consume the token w/o giving you the XP for it.

Reproduction steps:  Get yourself a XP token, channel Shinobi Travel Speed, use the token, and then cry.

Additional info: I did this initially on accident with a Level 4 Physical Attack XP boost and it swallowed it without giving me the XP. ( :( ) I recreated this to make sure this is what happened with a Toughness XP Rank 1 boost and it replicated it. Clearly, this is an easy bug to avoid, but I still believe it could use a fix!




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This is due to a bug that would cause the boosts to not be consumed while casting a spell, but still giving the skill point XP, thus causing theoretically infinite boost XP.  Please make sure you are standing still, and not casting any abilities while using your boosts and you shouldn't encounter any more issues.

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