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Group play makes it even harder.

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Hello when i joined the server i was so hyped that i directly told everyone about it xD I startet a new char together with a friend

But it makes it pretty hard to play together 😕 Solo is way better to be honest and thats sad :c


Some stuff i noticed:


The Sidequests dont count the "kills" the group do. The LASTHIT on the mob counts. So you allways need to be carefull to not steal the mob your partner needs (Sucks..)


The XP are WAY lower and some mobs dont give xp at all. Ferrets allways give xp. (But you get 0 xp when you are in a group....) Rats go from like around 1k xp per rat to around 300-350 xp per kill xD I dont think there will be alot of party players like this :c

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