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bingo book fix player feedback

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Bug/Feature Name: Bingo book bounty lvl

Brief Description:  i guess instead of writing a text ill reproduce the tests i did in few steps:

1. started after the hotfix with 35 kill streak , 4.9k bounty lvl

2. let medussa(100 bounty lvl) kill me to test the bounty reward

3.my blvl got reset like intendet /medussa got my 4.9k blvl added to his 100 , now 1.place with 5k (intended?) and ~45 silver.

4. after that i killed a few to check if the blvl gets reset when we die to mobs/jonin

5 i didnt , works like it should

that was my short feedback , i dont know if its useful but its honest work .

keep it up lads, best regards from ratfucker.


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Update: the bingo book stopped counting kills , not relatet to the prays lvl (tested that)

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