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The Story of Jin

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Many of you may not know the tale of Jin. Some of you may not care, but his journey shows that with enough dedication, you too can accomplish your dreams. 


The son of Old Man Genno, in Alpha 1 Jin used to sell Fish and a fish rod in a shack in Port Hachou while his old father attended to the shop. 



On Alpha 2, Jin saw an increase in sales of fishing equipment. After a while, he saved up enough Ryo to travel to the big city of Konoha and open a humble merchant stall on the streets. Many of you may be familiar with him.. 




On a recent update, Jin saw a potential in the market, and begun selling Cup Ramen. This changed his life. 

The profits from Cup Ramen allowed this humble fisherman to open his first General Store in Konoha! 



On this next update, I would like to introduce you to Jin- the business man, with his General Store now selling all matter of goods! Don't worry, he hasn't forgotten his roots. 

 tHiS iS lOrE



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