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i'm hungry, hi hungry i'm dad

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*24 y/o female
*Resides in California, USA
*Has an Associate's Degree in Philosophy and Liberal Arts
*Currently earning a Bachelor's in Biology, I'd like to be a zookeeper or work in an animal sanctuary ?
*Currently learning Japanese
*I like to draw, but my true passion lies in listening, playing, and composing music
*I've played about 7-ish instruments both in and out of school, with my favorite instrument to play/compose on is the guitar
*I spend my free time mostly playing games, watching anime, drawing, and practicing my guitars
*My favorite music genre is rock, I mostly listen to 90's grunge/alt rock music, 2000's rock, numetal and classic rock

Nice to meet you all! ?

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Im Aetherkeeper.

I do something around here. 

Glad to have you around. 

Dont trust the fake developer on the staff team. 





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Welcome, Blip!

Feel free to leave your weapon by the door grab a bowl. The end of July approaches, we must be ready... 

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