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[TESTING] Tunnel Vision Team 2.cool

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A heads up

The new release is soon upon us and that means a lot of things especially for the staff team. 

As the one dealing with numbers in a living digital world where thousands of factors and possibilities intertwine and effect one another, I need feedback. Very specific feedback. 

This is where the Tunnel Vision Team comes into play, as a part of my personal team you will be treated like a robot and send in numbers like a computer for the sole purpose of making everything PERFECTLY BALANCED. kek.

All who is interested can apply here, should you decide you dont want to before or even after, then that is fine too. 

I am looking for casuals, hardcore casuals, minmaxers, speedrunners. Whatever you are, because so long you know basic numbers and play the game you are eligible to help the one and only Aetherwrecker. 





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I'll help but I need my bitcoins within the week.

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I’ll help but only give info I don’t need or don’t care about so anywhere I find is used to make every hyuuga a god

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