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Clan name: Capra (I hope this is right, latin for goat?)
Clan leader: (I cant really put a leader, since Im not sure if npc would work first)
Clanmates: (Idk)
Description: Usually a pretty calm clan, note there is multiple clan branches. Their reknown for their jutsu to basically perform parkour, they can be cheerful but sometimes quite shy.
As for what group are they in, their viewed as neutral in most cases, but will fight for their village if needed.
Main: Shanyang
Hair: Light beige, long usually braided or in a pony tail to resemble goat horns.
Jutsu: Faint, basically playing dead or avoiding death but costs chakra to keep self alive due to it basically shutting off their heart for a few minutes or even hours if mastered correctly making them useful in scouting missions.
Eyes: Blue
Side: Xie
Hair: Blonde, short and messy.
Eyes: Blue 
Jutsu: Goat rally, rallies clan to protect their own or injured allies.
Side: Zhizu
Hair: White, medium length and usually very soft but tied in a pony tail to stay out of the way.
Eyes:  Yellow
Jutsu: E Tai, aka enhanced taijutsu it coats the users hands and feet in chakra to enhance their damage but leaves their body slightly weak due to chakra consumption, the jutsu lets them kick, punch and some even master head butting but that gives them a bit of damage they use the chakra to deal a bit of extra damage to fight.
Side: Yueliang
Hair: Brown, medium length usually braided like goat horns.
Eyes: Grey
Jutsu: Healing grass, they chew on some grass they pick to create a medical herb to heal the target, but it can taste horrible if chewing a bad plant, due to that their stomachs are lined with a chakra barrier protecting them from most poisonous plants.
Side: Taiyang
Hair: Black, long and is very much a varying style can be styled like the main or other side branches.
Eyes: Green
Side: Niunai
Hair: Grey, short and frizzy
Eyes:  Brown
Jutsu: Wire poke, allows user to scale or fight with ten or so wires, more wires later if user is good at using the jutsu, however consumes a good portion of chakra since the user is extending his or her reach to fight or climb.

Clan symbol: Goat hoof print, white on grey.
Outfit will be drawn: Grey shirt, baggy black pants, usually wears bandages on arms and legs since their very jumpy sometimes, and black ninja shoes.


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