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[Mizuki] [Kanjirou Saitou] Down The Gray Path.

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Down The Gray Path



Mizuki was alone again, training in an empty lot as she often does during the later hours. It was night time and the only sound in the Leaf Village was the flowing of air through trees and the chirping of crickets, but breaking the quiet was the snap of a twig directly behind her. 


“Voyeurs are not welcome.” she said simply, not even turning to face the suspicious man she knew to be Kanjirou Saitou. 


Please, I’m hardly a voyeur. I’m actually here to speak to you.“ he said, clearly not surprised that she had discerned his presence.


 “You have the wrong person. I’m not a merchant.” she said, gripping her katana hard enough that her knuckles turned white. Mizuki had seen Kanjirou around before and she was aware that the Saitou family was making moves among the upper echelon of Konohagakure.


“No, I don’t believe I’ve made any such mistake. I’m quite careful about who I approach personally.” he said, smirking. “Now, if it’s no trouble I would like to--” 




The tatami mat Mizuki had been training on collapsed into several equally cut pieces that landed in the dirt with audible thumps that cut Kanjirou off. His eyes widened, he had been watching her the entire time. “When did she…” the realization struck him, she had cut the tatami mat in the instant after gripping her sword.


"Ahem." he continued. “ I would like to discuss something of great importance. It involves the future of the Leaf Village as we know it.” he said, this time with a sense of urgency in his voice.


“You should report to the Hokage building then. I’m sure he would be interested in what you have to say.” Mizuki replied, doing her best to not give the suspicious man an inch.


“I can’t.” he replied simply, hands going to his pockets as he waited for the question he had very much baited.


Mizuki sighed, sheathed her katana, and turned to face Kanjirou. “And why is that?” she asked, unable to resist the bait he had laid out for her.


“You see this is a very complicated situation involving The Land of Ports and Konohagakure is afraid of inciting a conflict with a country it gets so many of its imports from… so that’s where you and I come in.” he said, sauntering closer to Mizuki as he spoke.


“Complicated situation? Conflict?” she questioned, watching the man carefully as he approached.


“Contraband. It’s been well known around the village for some time now that smuggling has become an issue. It’s not just luxury goods, it’s also crates full of unsecured explosive tags and ingredients for deadly poisons. It’s almost as if someones planning something.” he spoke in a foreboding voice and alluded to the fact that inside insurgents were preparing for a rebellion within The Land of Fire, something that was sure to catch Mizuki’s attention.


“But with your skill” he pointed to the tatami mat as he spoke “and my planning” he pointed to his own smirking face “we can stop this rebellion in its tracks before it even gets rolling” 


Mizuki paused and considered what the suspect man was saying. She didn’t trust him, but his claims of dangerous contraband slipping in was true and there was rumor of rebels planning to rival the feudal lord and his right to rule.


“What do I need to do?” she asked, a certain raspiness in her voice that wasn’t present before.


Kanjirou stopped smirking, his face tightening to a more serious expression. It was time to talk business, this is what Kanjirou was waiting for. 


"It's simple, really. I-- no... The Leaf needs you to infiltrate The Land of Ports and recover documents related to their guard placement and trade routes along the border. It’s suspected that many of the guards, port masters, and merchants in The Land of Ports have formed a criminal organization and are supplying contraband from overseas to a rebel unit hidden within The Land of Fire, if we can obtain those documents perhaps we can find a pattern to both predict their shipments and identify the bad actors involved.” he explained meticulously.


“Can I trust you with the future of Konohagakure and The Land of Fire which it resides?” he asked, looking Mizuki dead in the eyes with a serious expression on his face.


“I’ll leave right away.” she replied before disappearing right before his eyes. 



I still gotta check over this and make sure there aren't too many errors, so WIP for now.

Edited by 9Tails



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Hoho, isn't that some good stuff! Neatly done, 9tails! Really hyped to see the Saitou getting involved as well!

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