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Forename: Cadron

Surname: Valentine

Gender: Male

Age: 19 

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Hair colour: Black-silver

Eye colour: Light blue

Affiliation: Unknown


Long story short:


Being born in a family consisting of five members along with him he had lived his childhood closely by their side. While growing up he was always troubled because he had little to no money for anything, unable to educate himself or move elsewhere for a good job. Cadron unpleasantly took it all, starting to steal both for himself and his family. As he proceeded with those unacceptable ways he finally failed in his doings and got caught. Cadron's parents, his big brother, and sister learned of this and they agreed along with the people for Cadron to be punished due to his criminal acts. At the age of nineteen, he fully decided to pursue his views as he had this one chance at that moment to choose for himself. The people instead of locking him, returned him to his family for a trial to be held on the next day of his arrestment. Using this opportunity Cadron waited for the hours after midnight to make his escape. As the hours passed, his father couldn't sleep and stepped forward to make sure of his doubts and the reason was true. Cadron had fled a long time ago, leaving no trace behind as if he had shown that he chooses to be an outlaw. A criminal who now takes a journey on his own.

Edited by Cadron

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A lot of mysterious traits regarding this character.
Nonetheless he gives off the vibes of Kakuzu regarding all those money issues.

Well, hopefully you can steal and make the organization rich >:D

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Great bio, I wonder where he goes and what he does next!

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Man these broke boi problems really got him runnin from home. And that family clearly did not know the no snitchin rule.

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