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clanless Soza Hitakori

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Name: Soza Hitakori

Age: 30

Gender: Male5651009-0683084179-56507.thumb.jpg.c37082ce0d32ef4b7ae94515960579bf.jpg

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 195lbs

Hairstyle: Spiked back 

Facial hair: None

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Grey

Blood type: AB-

Primary chakra nature: Nature_Icon_Water.png.1fc969765c0fc1977c0392666de90b16.png

Hidden Village: Land_of_Hot_Water_Symbol.png.32ac1c5b0948eeab1875e7edb60fa248.png

Clan & Organization: Clanless

✵The Blood Oath✵ 



Good or evil at heart: Chaotic Neutral

Specialization: Taijutsu 

Description of the character's personality: Loyal to a fault, if he believes in the cause. Also if he's sober enough. 


Hobbies: Soza likes drinking. 'Nuff said


Soza grew up in Yugakure, the son of a farmer during the time of the village's shift to pacifism. As all young men do, he dreamt of fighting wars and improving his skills which he practiced in secret. If his father found out, he would be stuck in the fields laboring for weeks. As the years went by soza became very accomplished at taijutsu, so much so, that he was often tasked with guarding this feudal lord or that local noble and began making a name for himself. It was as he was coming to visit his father at the end of one such mission that his world was forever changed. Upon reaching the farm he saw the busted in door and heard the screaming that was his father crying out in pain. Soza charged in to see two men torturing his tied up father and flew into a rage. He wasn't coherent at the time but if someone were to recount the fight they would describe it as mad man throwing punches and kicks faster than the eye could see. When the bloodlust settled the men were dead, and his father was breathing his final breathes. He clasped his father's hand, tears in his eyes, not wanting his father to be alone and knowing there wasn't time for words. As the last breathe left his body, Soza examined the men and realizing they were followers of Jashin, he vowed he would have his revenge on them all. 

To be contined

Still more to write 


Edited by thatoneguy
Added the start of some backstory info

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Mysterious, lovely.
A clanless taijutsu user, an alcoholic at that - maybe you'll unlock the drunken fist style by rock lee haha 😂

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