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[Not a contest - contest]Okaze & Gogo's Work Song

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There is no song, I would've wrote "Workload" but for some reason I wrote song and I'm sticking with it. 

"Contest" Time

Alright fellas, so I am increasing the amount of staff we have who can create and craft amazing quests and this time, it is Gogo and Okaze who needs to dwell into the dark abyss of quest development.

So, what I need is a quest for each person, that means 2, which the two of them can create and put into the alpha!
This is in connection with the "Quests of the People" thread, but we need to make it easier for the two of them, so I will make some limits as to how crazy you can go with the quests.


1. No CHAIN quests. All quests must be doable in what I call an entry, so there is no "Kill this and gather this", that is two quests. EXCEPT for "Go fetch this from X npc", since that requires you to return and ain really that hard.

2. Must not have specific times when this quest is available for accepting, progressing or completing.

3. Stationary NPCs. Your quest giver must not be moving, actually, nothing should be moving at all. Don't make things move or they wont make it.

4. Group Quests that is 3plebs or more is outta question. Only 1-2 player quests.

5. No escort quests. Simply because I cba to make those!


I will make the two of them pick a quest between Christmas and New Years.

I personally do not care if you make 500 quests that fit the above requirements, so go ham.

I posted a template in "Quests of the People", use that.

Feel free to @me on discord with the link if you have questions.
I'll answer it on the forums doh.



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Begin with a "Toss a coin for your mathematician" quest

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Here's a few ideas of daily and side missions.



Collect the trash.(the name tells it)/DAILY

Clean up the kage office.(basically pressing on something that says clean in the kage office)/DAILY

Deliver Ramen(give a random location in village where to deliver ramen)/DAILY

Gather ramen ingredients(for exemple collect herbs and etc)/DAILY

Find the missing cat/DAILY

Assassination(kill x amount of enemy ninjas, amount will increase as u get higher in rank)/DAILY

Bounty hunting/village most wanted( gain x amount of bounty from ur enemies)/DAILY

Deliver the mail/DAILY

Training time! ( punch wooden logs x amount of times or other training activities as such)/DAILY

Time off!/Relaxation time! (relax for few minutes in your local village spa)/DAILY

Guilty pleasure! (visit a neighbouring village spa)/DAILY

Kill the x (ninjas,wolves etc.) making trouble around the village territory./DAILY

777(help Bob recover the money he lost at casino)/SIDE QUEST

Village Entrance Supervise(spend few minutes in front of your village gates trying to prevent or announce your villagers in case enemies are incoming)/DAILY

Steal the documents!(go into an enemy village and steal their valuable documents)/DAILY

My son wants to become a ninja! (teach the son a basic jutsu. exemple: use fireball jutsu 5 times in a certain area to complete)/SIDE QUEST

Remove the graffiti!/DAILY


I'll probably add more.





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(designed to be a starting questline for genin written in the fashion of comical naruto filler episodes)




Your discord name (+#) name: oh7#4451

Quest Name:  Thieving Tanuki!


Assigned Rank: C

Quest Objective:  Defeat Tanuki until you retrieve the lost ring!

Quest Introduction: Those Thieving Tanuki snuck into my house and carried off the engagement ring I got for my girlfriend!


Please, retrieve it for me. I can’t go out and get it myself or my girlfriend will get suspicious!


Quest mid-stage:  Did you get the ring? 


Hurry, I think my girlfriend is starting to suspect something!

Quest Complete text: Whew… that was a close one. I won't forget this, in fact would you come to my wedding?

Yes? Wonderful, and here, take this ryo for your trouble.
Associated with: (Date Disaster)





Your discord name (+#) name: oh7#4451

Quest Name:  Date Disaster


Assigned Rank: C


Quest Objective:  Find the Ring! 


Quest Introduction: Oh no, oh no!

I’ve lost the ring again and I was just about to propose, it has to be around here somewhere… 

It can't be too far, but I can't stick around looking for it while I'm on my date.

Please, just this one more time can you help me?

Quest mid-stage: Did you find it? Wait... hide! I think my girlfriend is coming!


Quest Complete text: You found it!

You’re a real lifesaver, I wouldn’t have been able to propose without your help, she said yes!

I know I invited you to come to my wedding, but with how much you’ve helped me I can’t think of anyone better to be my best wo/man!

Make sure you wear your best outfit!

Associated with: (Thieving Tanuki)





Your discord name (+#) name: oh7#4451

Quest Name:  Bridal Brawl 


Assigned Rank: B

Quest Objective:  Defeat the Rampaging Tanuki Bride!

Quest Introduction: She’s going crazy! I don’t know where she learned these jutsu’s and she's not acting like herself!

 I was about to say “I do” just before I could her ring started glowing and she sprouted those Tanuki ears, you have to stop her before she kills the guests!


Please incapacitate my fiancee before she hurts someone, I can't bring myself to fight her!


Quest mid-stage:  What are you doing standing around for? Stop her! 

Quest Complete text: She seems to have calmed down after you managed to knock that ring off of her, according to one of the attending elders she was possessed by the spirit of a vengeful tanuki… that’s what I get for buying a ring off of a mysterious cloaked figure I guess.


Here, have some ryo for fending off my wife and saving the guests.

I don’t know what I would have done without you.


Associated with: (Thieving Tanuki,Date Disaster)





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Your discord name (+#) name: ← → 

Quest Name: ← →

Quest Objective: ← →

Quest Introduction: ← →

Quest mid-stage: ← →

Quest Complete text: ← →
Associated with: (Name of the quest its associated with)


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Ayy contest contest contest, gl to Gogo and Okaze ❤️
(yes I know this ain't a contest smh)


The Border Letter! [D-Rank]


Your discord name: Nisshomaru#1085

Quest Name:  The Border Letter!


Assigned Rank: D

Quest Objective: Go to the village gate and retrieve the letter report and deliver it back to the kage office.

Quest Introduction: Greetings, shinobi. I'm sorry to bother you with this task, but I don't have time up my hands, so would you go to the villages gate and retrieve a letter and bring it here please?


Quest mid-stage:  Where is the letter? 


Quest Complete text: Amazing, thank you for your help! Take this as a reward and hurry back to your ninja duties.


Lost Child! [C-Rank]


Your discord name: Nisshomaru#1085

Quest Name:  Lost Child!


Assigned Rank: C

Quest Objective: Find the lost child inside the village.

Quest Introduction: A young mother reported that her daughter is missing, it appears she is lost somewhere around the village, the parents are searching everywhere for her, go at once and help them!


Quest mid-stage:  Did you find the kid? Hurry it up!


Quest Complete text: Thank god, her parents have calmed down now. They also left a reward for this, there you go.

Harvest Peaceblooms [D-Rank]


Your discord name: Nisshomaru#1085

Quest Name:  Harvest Peaceblooms


Assigned Rank: D

Quest Objective: Harvest 10 Peaceblooms

Quest Introduction: Hey shinobi, I would like you to go outside the village and go near the farms located on the east side of the village and harvest 10 Peaceblooms that our medical ninja will be in need of.


Quest mid-stage:  Where are the Peaceblooms? Stop slacking.


Quest Complete text: Good job, here is your reward.


Kill the Snakes! [C-Rank]



Your discord name: Nisshomaru#1085

Quest Name:  Kill the Snakes!


Assigned Rank: C

Quest Objective: Head out of the Village and kill 10 snakes

Quest Introduction: Traveling merchants have been sending reports about poisonous snakes making trouble for them and not being able to deliver their stock because the snakes would attack them, head out and take care of them.


Quest mid-stage:  Did you kill the snakes? Merchants don't have all day to wait.


Quest Complete text: Now the Merchants can keep trading and selling, helping the village, good job Shinobi! Those rewards are for you.


Deliver The Medical Herbs [D-Rank]


Your discord name: Nisshomaru#1085

Quest Name:  Deliver The Medical Herbs!


Assigned Rank: D

Quest Objective: Deliver The Medical Herbs to the Leaf Hospital.

Quest Introduction: Hey, this time I'd like you to deliver those finished products to the Leaf Hospital. They are going to need them if we want to remain strong and healthy right?


Quest mid-stage:  Did you deliver the herbs?


Quest Complete text: Good job, hopefully you didn't have problems with that. Here's your reward.


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Tainted Blood - [A rank]


Your discord name (+#) name: Lon3Rid3r#6224

Quest Name: Tainted Blood

Quest Objective: Kill 7 Leaf Shinobi.

Assigned Rank: A


Quest Introduction: People come to me to gain Power. But what they don't understand is that power comes at a great price. Prove it that you have what it takes to gain power.

Cleanse yourself with Blood of your allies. Kill those whom you once called your Comrades and severe all your bonds with the Hidden Leaf Village.




Quest mid-stage: *none*

Quest Complete text: Very well it seems you truly yearn for power. And now I will help you out on this long and difficult path.


Edited by Lon3Rid3r

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Lon3Rid3r & Nisshomaru are the ones who had their quests chosen.

Thanks for playing along
If we decide to bring in some of the other quests, you should keep an eye open. These will be the only ones announced ;))))


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