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Chakra Natures & Combinations

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E yo what's good.


Most of y'all have most likely heard and know of the 5 main chakra natures. I mean, which Naruto fan hasn't?

However this thread will hold a deeper meaning as I'm about to dive more elaborately about each chakra nature, the pros and cons, and the combination compatibility of each other.


So below you're about to see the 5 main chakra natures which include:

Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water





With this post, you're about to get a deeper understanding of each of those elements and hopefully you will be able to decide better on which one of them will suit your playing style.


Let's start with the most basic information, that is the description of each element.



Fire Release Fire Release is naturally strong against Wind Release and weak against Water Release. Fire's strength over wind makes it an effective way to, when used collaboratively, make flames more powerful. However, if against an opponent, that effect will most certainly come to your advantage. This is definitely great for Offensive/Attack type ninja.



Wind Release Wind Release is naturally strong against Lightning Release and weak against Fire Release. Wind's weakness to fire makes it an effective way to, when used collaboratively, make flames more powerful. This is pretty useful for Supportive/Attack type ninja.



Lightning Release Lightning Release is naturally strong against Earth Release and weak against Wind Release. This strength against earth is explained to be because impurities in the earth naturally conduct electricity. If Lightning Release is used with Water Release, the water can increase the range of the lightning, or the lightning can give the water a numbing quality. I would consider this good for Offensive/Speed type ninja.



Earth Release Earth Release is naturally strong against Water Release and weak against Lightning Release. This release is good for Defensive/Tank type ninja. An example would be their most famous jutsu "Earth Release: Earth Wall Jutsu". So if you feel like being on the defensive, that's definitely a good choice for you.



Water Release Water Release is naturally strong against Fire Release and weak against Earth Release. This is in my opinion the most balanced release. Balanced as in it's good for any type of ninja, whether it be Defensive/Supportive/Offensive. If you're not sure which path to take, and would like something balanced, that's my recommendation for you.




Now, when all is done and said, I'm about to show you a few example combinations and what happens when those natures collide with one another. This way you can think of strategies and have better teamwork with your squad members.


[Combination] Fire Wind Fire and Wind combination is probably the most famous combination, with the destructive force of the Fire Release, if used in collaboration as I explained above, the wind will power up the force of the flames and therefor the jutsu casted will deal more damage and in a wider area.


The dmg and range boost is confirmed based on Vlad's latest Development Vlog post


Certain abilities and masteries synergize with each other; fireball jutsu absorbs all (friend or foe) wind jutsu and grows in size and power, causing an even greater amount of damage in an area. Masteries have different aspects to them, and learning and taking advantage of them is what will separate  the C-Ranks from the A-Ranks. 


[Combination] Wind Water  If Wind Release is used with Water Release, as with the Typhoon Water Vortex Jutsu, the wind churns the water, increasing its damage and coverage area.



[Combination] Water Lightning - Like said above, if Water Release is used with Lightning Release, the water can increase the range of the lightning, or the lightning can give the water a numbing quality. This is also a famous combination. (we all remember suigetsu's weakness and how he gets electrified to a slime *cough cough*)



For now I'll be setting up only those 3 examples, as this took longer than expected, but I hope you get the idea

A nice combination is also Earth and Water, since it creates mud, perfect for slowing down enemies. But this is all to be added in future updates since there isn't exact proof that earth and water combination will slow enemies ingame, so I'm only adding stuff which will most likely happen.

Comment down if you have any combination ideas or which chakra nature you're going with and why (maybe u plan on using 2 mastery points for 2 chakra natures?)



Stay tuned for further updates!

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