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Tomes - Tales of the old

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Greetings Shinobi! I am officially kicking off our lore with a series of short stories detailing the creation of the Land of Fire. In the following weeks I will be dropping new tomes featuring new and old faces as well as hinting towards map locations and content! I know this is small, but we hope this will both give more life to the forums as well as give you the player a peek into the world we are creating! I hope you enjoy these tales of the old!



Volume I


We cannot change the direction of the wind, only our sails.

 Darkness blanketed the small town by the sea as the sun went down with only the street lights glowing to show the way. Merchants packed up their stalls and the inn had lit up with the sound of the townsfolk carousing. The night was not like any other but in the shiyakusho a discovery was about to come to light that would shake the very understanding of life itself on this continent. The light of the moon shone through the cracks of the windows directly onto the Elder Kareki Sarutobi's face. Before him knelt his nephew Ushinawareta, whose eyes would not meet his uncles gaze.

  "You scare the people." Kareki spat at him "You bring such shame upon your late mother. I lament the day you did not die with her." His eyes brimmed with hate, shooting senbon at his nephew. The wrinkles on his face enhanced both by moonlight and anger. "If i exile you, you become a kemono stalking the country side. If I have you executed, I break my promise to your mother." he stood abruptly, turning his back to Ushina. "So tell me, you poor bastard, what should I do with you now."

   Ushina glared at the floor through hot tears. He choked, gasping to hold back chest rattling sob. His small frame shaking. "Uncle ple-" He was cut off as soon as he began by the shuffling of Kareki's robes towards him, he raised his head to see the reason for the commotion to be met with a stinging pain on his left cheek as a deafening smack resonated through the empty room. Blood began to well on Ushina's cheek from the ring on Kareki's hand.
   "You are to address me as Elder Kareki. Know your place in this world." His words flew from his mouth like a coiled serpent attacking its prey striking Ushina harder than his hand ever could. He had never known his father, Kareki was the closest thing to family he had. Dark secrets of his mother had driven the rest of his remaining family to push him away. Out of love for his sister Kareki swore to her to protect Ushina, her only child and he knew this was the only reason he had lived to see the pain of a life unwanted.
  Silence ensued as Kareki made his was back to his seat and continued for an eternity in Ushina's mind. Sounds of the village carried in as Kareki glared at his nephew with contempt. after a few attempts Ushina pulled himself together just long enough to choke out the words "Aye Elder Kareki, I understand."
   "Its best you do." Kareki furrowed his brow and clasped his hands. "Ushina." he trailed off for a moment as Ushina looked up to his uncle once more, flinching slightly. "I have decided."


I hope you enjoyed the first installment! Stay tuned for more. I will be putting out 2-3 a month until launch.

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