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hello I downloaded it on S.S I tried to log in and it looks like the test is over, which is a shame (T_T).

so i would like to know if you have a calendar with the test periods or something similar like a date for a new test, and if you don't have anything like that, make an informative calendar of the status of the development and the servers.

OBS: this is just an idea but it would be very cool on your part I mean besides all your work that is really cool and I think it would be even easier for you to not have to answer that the test is over for each user that has installed because instead they could simply see the server's calendar or status. but this is overheard by all the tremendous and hard work of vocals and sorry if I said some shit kkkk more is that I really want to play this game (`v´)

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The testing phase was a while ago and we received a lot of feedback, for which we need time and space to fully devote to.

As for a calendar, we still have a lot ahead and cannot estimate an approximate day for a new test. Thank you for the on screen development status suggestion. Unfortunately people do not read in the forum first before attempting to install the game, we may consider some sort of a notification.


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