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[WIP] Chakurashīru Laboratories

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Hello there,


So here goes something. I tried to think up of a questline structure and I'd love to gather some constructive critics on it. If you find "plot holes", ways to diver from the questline, ways to better it up, making more suspense, etc.

Sorry for bad sentence structure/grammar/etc., english isn't my first language 🙂


1) Genins go to some little fisher town (or any other kind of small village). They are ask to handle a bandits' gang that's been pillaging the village quite a few times in the last weeks.

2) When arriving, they discover villagers hiding in their shacks, watching them go in the town with hostile looks. Some people residing here are laying in the streets, visibly sick and agonizing. The Team goes to the village elder to get a bit more infos on the whereabouts of the gang and the context in general.

3) After a bit of orientation and investigation, the Team manages to find one of the bandit camps in an area near a river. There, the players could either clean the camp and look for clues in the bandits' stuff, interrogate a lonely bandit or try to steal informations without being seen. If the players look well enough, they could either find A] Other bandits' camp positions ; B] Food and ryos ; C] A little notebook kept up-to-date by one of the bandits. This notebook would reveal clues about a weird operation going on in the forest/moutain further from the village. ; D] Pile of corpses, some of them being tossed away in the river, others hanging around on the bank. There could also be a tent which would act kind of like a morgue, where bandits would stock dead villagers, travelers and such. IF the players investigate well enough, they will find a symbol engraved in the flesh of the corpses and awful bruises/cuts on the dead bodies.

4) To this point, players have a few options. Either kill the other bandit camps and call it a day or investigate the dead civilians and this curious symbol found on them. IF the players choose to investigate furthermore, they will have to go to other bandit camps and find a bit more information on what this is all about.

5) At the second camp, IF they are fast enough, the Team will find a letter meant for an anonymous person and written by the leader of this camp. Apparently, the River Camp was meant to be a body-dump, where they are unloading the "failed guinea pigs". Unfortunately, the 2nd-Camp Leader was writing this letter because his scout never came back from the River Camp. IF the players are too late, they could A] Find the messenger on the road and FOLLOW him or KILL him and loot him in order to find more clues ; B] Interrogate the 2nd-Camp Leader ; C] Try to find more clues in the camp. They could find an other letter, from a bandit to its lover/sister/father (whatever, really) in which he talks about his current job difficulties (mostly logistics for the other camps around), how the 2nd-Camp was meant to become the regional QG for this shady operation and the existence of a third camp, which would be a kind of fortified camp meant to protect something untold. (PS: This letter can still be found even if they manage to come before the messenger leaves)

6) At this point, they almost uncovered the ongoing operation. If the players are not too... simple, they will manage to stumble on the 3rd-Camp, which is fortified and alot more defended, too. Players shouldn't be able to slaughter the 3rd-Camp, as it is the Main Center of the Shady Operation and therefore quite populated. If they manage to infiltrate the 3rd camp, they will discover quite easily what's going on here. They could stumble upon an underground laboratory where its Boss tries to develop a new ninjutsu technic involving seals (or whatever, really).

7) [WIP/To Be Defined]



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