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i fricking hate your toes

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okay so I would like to give feedback on the jutsu that have been added, first off any bugs in the games should be fixed  before any of this is added but yee, we should be able to run and jump while doing jutsu and you should add something where it looks like your character is doing hand signs when you do jutsu instead of your hands just glowing and standing still, also some jutsu don't even look like the jutsu they are supposed to be for example fire style fire ball jutsu should look like this but it doesnt




Image result for sasuke learns fire ball jutsu gif

also the taijutsu in the game that needs to actually be something instead of just having a weapon you can be quick and use the taijutsu like rock lee now something we really need are more animals in the forests and stuff there are barely any so we need a lot more and we also need a bit more bandits around the place and one last thing is we should be able to aim our jutsu instead of it going straight forward that would be great. that's all I have to say for now and I think my suggestions should be taken into consideration

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