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unaffiliated/all Trader of pelts & meats.

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"To clothe and feed oneself are basic necessities, would you not agree?"

- Simple words professed by a mature individual, dressed in supple black leather, armed with a dagger and a hunting spear.



That is how Sorimachi Sarutobi intends to present himself to the denizens of the Land of Fire, be they natural to the green expanse or not. As a hunter and trader of game, offering choice fur, meat and trinkets taken from animals found around the land for coin or other goods.

Word of mouth spreads of this man travelling from village to village, shrine to shrine, while offering his good and services, sometimes even some sage advice.
Though he always appears to come to rest and end his daily journey by the gates of the ever growing Kisaragi Town, plying his trade and gazing longingly at the ships even as they are being built.

Always from a safe and respectable distance, lest he incurs the wrath of Lord Fu and his attendants...

Or at least that is what Sorimachi Sarutobi wants you to think.




So here's the deal, I am sort-of-kinda submitting my Alpha character, Sorimachi, for random encounters to happen inside Shinobi Story, maybe you have bad luck with the Time Zone and never do come across anyone to roleplay with, or you are a bit like me, logging in only for short periods of time, seeing there really isn't a lot to do right now(As is natural with an Alpha build), so this is an attempt to "fix" that problem, both for you, reader, and for myself.

Any advice/criticism as well as interest is welcomed, and you can contact me through the media that suits you best.
That being the Shinobi Story forums, I can also be found under "Neves" in the Shinobi Story Discord(Yes, that does mean you can ping me to set an encounter up), or even by messaging me through my own Discord, "
Neves#0893" if you feel more comfortable with that.





Hey, this is the sneaky part.
I will also be using this initiative to try and kick the ball when it comes to Clan discord and conflict, with Sorimachi using his identity as an excuse and a tool to further the goals of his own Clan. Bringing those unaffiliated to his side, contacting and establishing a network of leal Sarutobi while also figuring out the deal with the other Clans, hindering and disrupting their own goals and aspirations.

But you wouldn't know that, would you?





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