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Patch Notes

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 4/15/20 - Alpha Testing Patch 0.0.2                


To read the old patch notes, please click below: 



Added "Spirit Guide" at every shrine around the map which can revive you. This is temporary before our death system is  finished. 

Haruko, the Shrine's weapon's trainer now has all weapons working

All existing weapons have been fixed, and icons added.

Many existing item icons have been updated

Bandits now deal appropriate damage

Weapon speeds and damage has been modified slightly

Mailboxes have been added at every major town and city

Minor UI  bugs have been fixed

NPCs are now able to wield weapons



Golden Koban, Silver Coins, and Ryo have been added.. stay tuned

Additional weapons and armor have been added

Yokohama Town (Cherry Blossom Town) has been doubled in size

Kisaragi Town (Ship Building town) has been tripled in size

Port Hachou has been added south of the farmlands

54 NPCs have been added throughout the world to enhance immersion

All towns/cities have an appropriate amount of guards, preventing fighting in the towns

Water, Wind, and Fire jutsu have been added. Seek out the mentors for each element to learn & play with them

The playable map has doubled in size- allowing for more exploration

Giant snakes now patrol the deep forest, watch out!

Bandits now patrol the streets away from towns/guards.. be careful! 

Bandits now plague Yokohama Town

Additional vendors have been added for clothing and weapons

Additional models have been added



Please restart your launchers!






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 4/16/20 - Alpha Testing Patch 0.0.21                


To read the old patch notes, please click below: 



Jutsu projectiles have been fixed for: 

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu

Fire Style: Blazing Crescent 

Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu 

Water Style: Water Bullet Jutsu

Wind Style: Gale Palm

Wind Style: Wind Bullet Jutsu

Water Style: Shockwave Jutsu now deals damage

Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu now deals reduced damage 

Wind Style: Great Breakthrough's effect has been disabled while we investigate a bug


Giant Forest Snakes now are significantly more dangerous

A few weapons and clothing vendors have been added to towns

Town guards have received a buff to now properly protect towns from combat

Bandits have been slightly buffed to be slightly more dangerous

Weapons have been slightly re-balanced 



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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 16


To read the old patch notes, please click below: 



Worldbuilding & Map Design

We were not intending to add additional map features this update, but we couldn't help ourselves but to make the world even more built-out. I love surprise updates. 🙂


The Hidden Leaf Village now has scaffolding and construction workers everywhere, I wonder what this could mean.

Kisaragi Port Town's area was redesigned, adding intended aesthetic for the zone. 

A new settlement has been build north-west of the Leaf Village. Maybe it has a quest. 

A new wing has been added at the Fire Temple for group meditation sessions.

The Forest of Death is now Death-y.

A bunch of new creatures and characters have been added throughout the Land of Fire.

Music has been added to most zones! Turn your volume on!


Gameplay & Content

The Fire Mastery questline has been added up to level 10 content. (See Academy librarian at lv 2) 

The Uchiha Bloodline Mastery questline has been added up to level 10 content. (See Academy librarian at lv 2) 

Added new questlines and missions.

New robes, clothes, and kimonos have been added.

You are now able to exchange your Mastery Token for a Bloodline Registration Scroll. This action cannot be undone once you exchange, so choose wisely

A new loading screen has been created to celebrate the launch of the alpha!

Bankers have been added in the Leaf and Notchi City.

Water Walking Jutsu has been made available 

2 New World Bosses were added with different difficulties: Shiro Uchiha (Lv. 7) , and Kama Uchiha "The Devil Eye" (Lv. 40). Both bosses have mechanics. Those dang Uchiha.



There is now a code redemption NPC located in front of the Hokage Office which will redeem store codes for in-game items.

Our faction selection system is now fully operations.

Our Bingo Book and Rogue system is now working. If you kill enough members of your own village, you will automatically be exiled & branded a rogue ninja. More updated on this to come later. 



Bug Fixes

NPCS no longer fall through the ground when anything happens to them.

The launcher should work mostly as intended. If you experience a bug, please post on our support section here

The Compass will now list which town/zone you are in.

The online players (/who list) is now working as intended.

The Mission Log now displays the quests you are on! 

The Achievements frame now works as intended

Weapons should now work with [Simple Strike] & [Swordsmanship Slash]. If you find a weapon that does not work with the ability, please make a bug report.

Creatures and quests should now award EXP as originally intended. 

We are still looking into password resets. 

Everyone should now learn Dual Wield automatically as intended.

Fall damage is temporarily at 0 until next patch.

Shuriken Ninja Tool should now properly equip to your character as intended.

The gambler NPC reward has been significantly reduced following huge jackpots.







Please run your launchers! 




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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 17 ( hotfix)


To read the old patch notes, please click below: 



Worldbuilding & Map Design

Minor furniture added to some buildings


Gameplay & Content

Stoves have been added throughout the map to get ready for cooking skill

Fish now have cash value

Cup Ramen has now been added for better health regen








Bug Fixes

Fixed EXP not showing

Fixed Academy Door stuck

Bingo Book Icons should now display proper faction

Bingo Book now has Woosh

Salmon nigiri has been given a cash value. All existing salmon nigiri has been removed from inventories, as this was a bug. 




Please run your launchers! 




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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 18


To read the old patch notes, please click below: 




Worldbuilding & Map Design

More furniture added to some buildings; more stoves added

Additional decorations have been placed in the Leaf

Port Hachou's interiors have been enhanced

Work has begun on Tanzaku Town's content to be added

More has been added to Notchi City

Many wandering NPCs have been added throughout the map

More furniture has been added into the academy to make the vendors more noticeable

A new region has been added next to Yokohama Town: a meadow of wildflowers where giant bees have migrated to

Additional RP areas have been added to Notchi City

Roadsigns have been added to help players navigate the world a bit better.

A traveling merchant has been added- see if you can get a selfie with him!

The Hidden Leaf has started putting out Halloween decorations... sp00ky season is in effect

The Hidden Leaf Sewers are now pass-through-able for Rogue ninja to... infiltrate the village or escape through.


Gameplay & Content

Additional side quests around the world have been added

The Large Snakes in front of the Leaf Village have had their hitpoints drastically reduced, making it easier to kill them

The Intro Questline has been slightly tweaked to be a little more clear in their direction

All spawns in the Land of Fire have been rebalanced with additional stat modifiers & general quality of life rebalancing! 

We have added 2 new bosses: a giant queen bee located in the grassy wildflower zone just added right next to Yokohama Town, and the new boss The Perilous Vagabond! 

The Hyuuga Clan Mastery Questchain has been added! - You can start this questchain at lv. 2 at the Academy Library

The Lightning Style Mastery Questchain has been added! - You can start this questchain at lv. 2 at the Academy Library


The Bingo Book has been given a slight design upgrade & the icons should now properly display for everyone!

A new Sidequest System has been created; allowing you to now auto generate sidequests anywhere in the map


Bug Fixes

EXP Rates have been heavily increased, following a major bug discovery (Exp rates were never intended to be that punishing)

You should now be able to equip 2h Swords as intended (including the academy) ( If you have trouble, please try dragging and dropping into your character window. )

All 7 Legendary Swords have been fixed; they are now usable

A bug has been fixed with the map that caused some players to crash in Port Hachou

A bug has been fixed with the map which caused some players to crash on the way to Yokohama town

Mushrooms, Edamame, and a few other herb spawners have been fixed. 

The green light in Notchi City has been fixed

Several spells previously missing textures have been located & fixed

A Bug has been fixed which caused players to be stuck in the frame of the Leaf Hospital

Jonin Guards now appropriately ward off Rogue Ninja by killing them. They still respawn at the hospital & can escape Konoha by jumping on rooftops from the hospital & using substitution well.

Bullies no longer get instantly brutally murdered by Jonin

Rogues can now be held accountable in the bingo book, causing them to lose bounty points on death as intended

Players will not longer get bounty points for suiciding. Pls don't kill urself ty.

Most weapons do not have durability, although some will still retain it for reasons that will soon make themselves clear

"Squeak Squaker". quest has been reworked to be less meme-y

"A Peasant in Need" has been fixed to now show up

"Loving the Unloved" can now be completed since hares were now added; roaming the map

A bug has been fixed which causes players to be stuck in certain enterable buildings in the Leaf Village

The Notchi City Tour Guidr should now properly be in front of his map outside of the city.

Jutsu Balancing

Ninja Tool: Shuriken's damage has been increased by 550%.

Sharingan: One, Two, and Three Tomoe now provide a baseline Strength buff as well as their attack speed

Lightning Style: Static Cutter Technique has had it's damage reduced by a factor of 3

Byakugan's attack power buff has been removed, and instead it now offer baseline strength bonus

Swordsmanship Technique: Dance of the Flocking Birds's damage has been reduced by 215%.

Swordsmanship Technique: First Moments of Sunrise has has it's damage reduced by 700%

Swordsmanship Slash's damage has been increased by 200%



The Cash Shop is now live! You can find it here. Thank you so much for your support, we are very humbled & thankful for playing Shinobi Story! ❤

The gift for the delay is Ninja Adventure Pack! It will be free for redemption from the cash shop for 7 days after this post! Claim it & enjoy before it goes back to being for sale!

Additional sound effects have been added to make you feel more like a shinobi

A new classroom has been built in the academy for Roleplayers to host classes!

Double EXP Weekends have been made live! Earn 2x the experience when playing on the weekend, any weekend!

Guards now defend Notchi City

Minor sounds & sound effects have been changed around


Please run your launchers to play the update!




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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 28 (Hotfix)




Gameplay & Content

55 new sidequest rewards have been added


Bug Fixes

Questlog bug where players would not be able to see the current quest they are on has been fixed

Icons have been added for cooked meats

Stamina exp boosts now stack as intended

Toughness exp boosts now stack as intended

Mastery Book Icons for Lightning & Hyuuga has been fixed

Bingo Book now Works as intended & previous entries have been restored

Stat points have been restored & are now safe to use again

Human Male hairline has been fixed

Human Male eyes have been slightly upgraded

Ninja Shoes 3d Model has been fixed

Warring Clans Shoulderpads now have an icon as intended

Many NPC abilities now have proper icons as intended

the Boxes for: Kiba Blades, Greatsword, and Helmetsplitter have icons now as intended

Character Hairs have Icons as intended. 


Halloween candy has been added... to be discovered

Additional NPC Dialogue has been added to a few quests to better understand what to do next

Honor Guard now march in the inner plaza of the Feudal Lord in Notchi city



Please run your launchers to play the update!



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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 29





Worldbuilding & Map Design

Our Halloween event, The Bloodmoon Festival has begun! 🎃

  • The Sky in the Ninja World has gone bloody, indicating when the borders between the spirit world and the material world are most weak
  • You have a chance to get the [Halloween Pumpkin Helmet], which is a permanent Pumpkin Head cosmetic!
  • 🦴 Bones will be used as a currency in this event!


The map, alongside various towns/cities/zones have been improved to make the map ✨ slightly ✨ better with each patch!

The area in front of Tanzaku Town has been re-designed to be cooler 

The Leaf Arena has been re-designed to better reflect the battlefield

Barbershops have been added to Notchi City, Tanzaku Town, and Yokohama Town!

A Bank branch has been added to Tanzaku Town

The Forest of Death Rogue Hideout has received organization Banks

Signs have been added around and inside the Leaf Village to help newer players

The Leaf Village Academy Park has been added, and filled with tutorial npcs to fight

The Hokage Rock has been redesigned to look better

We have added 3 new named towns/villages: 

  1. Nagomi Town (Continue on the path north of Notchi City)
  2. Tatari Village (At the foot of the great eastern mountain; near the Fire Monk Temple
  3. Kikujo Village (The patchway north of the Leaf Village)

All Barbers now sell all current Character Hair for Character Hair Tokens which can be purchased from our Cash Shop. This is an easier and less clunky way to deliver more ways to customize your character! 

A pack of wolves now roams near the Leaf Village forest

Port Hachou has received some more love in terms of decorations.

The Forest of Death now has dark purple haze, making it more.. eerie 

The First Hokage's face has been etched into stone on Hokage Rock!

A piece of land that was untextured and weird near Notchi City (On the river delta) has been fixed


Gameplay & Content


⭐ Additional security forces have been deployed to the Leaf Village Gates, and the First Training Grounds to better protect Genin and Academy Students.

⭐ An ANBU Unit has been dispatched to defend the main Hokage Street from Rogue Ninja. They will kill on sight.

⭐ Leaf Village Diplomats have been dispatched to Notchi City, Kisaragi Town, Port Hachou, Tatari Village, Tanzaku Town, and at the Leaf flag down the road in front of the village gates. Criminal elements are able to complete a daily to get some reputation with the village back. This will require several completions to be admitted back.

⭐ [Sidequest Reroll Dice] have been added to all General Stores in the game!

⭐ A new boss fight has been added to the Hokage Rock - The Mysterious Masked Man who drops exclusive loot and cosmetics! Which group can take him down!?

⭐ 15 new custom model 3D Ninja Cloaks have been added in-game! Rogue, Bounty Hunter, Doctor, and Sage are just a few of them! Super excited to show more!

⭐ A Dangerous Vagabond has been spotted in the mountain range near Yokohama Town. approach with caution.

⭐ The Water Style Ninjutsu questline has been added up to level 10. You can begin the quest at the Academy Library.

⭐ The Way of the Blade questline has been added up to level 10. You can begin the quest at the Academy Library.

Additional rewards have been added to fishing, including [Small Waterlogged Casket]

A Ninja Tool Shopkeeper has been added in front of the Hokage Building which sells new Ninja Tools!

  • Ninja Tool: Shuriken (Max Stack 10 Max Stack 5)
  • Ninja Tool: Weak Weapon Poison (Max stack 3)
  • Ninja Tool: Paper Bomb (Max Stack 5)
  • Ninja Tool: Tar Trap (Max Stack 5)

A Nurse has been added in the Leaf Hospital who also sells Medical Ninjutsu tools, as well as Antidotes

  • Ninja Tool: Weak Antidote (Max Stack 3)

Tavernkeepers have been placed in The Leaf Village (in front of the Hokage building), Tanzaku Town, Notchi City, Port Hachou,  Kisaragi Port, Tatari Village, Nagomi Town, and Kikujo Village. These Tavernkeepers will now provide players with a [Reverse Teleportation Scroll] for free to take them back to the Tavern on a 2 hour cooldown. 

A Bunch of NPCs have been added throughout the world

Hachou Man Questline has been added

Jashinism Questline has been added

The moths that inhabited the Forest of Death have migrated to Yokohama Town due to excessive slaughter. 

107 new icons have been added to the game + a bunch of new materials & loot!



All hair color options have been redesigned to be cooler! All hair colors have been set to the new ones! Enjoy!

We have given everyone the ability to see their stats with the addon "AllStats" to be given by Default"

Various small UI changes we've made to better improve the player experience

The Starting Gear Merchant now sells Hand and footwraps for free



Bug Fixes

⭐ We have cracked down on safespotting. All creatures will now continue to puruse you even if you try to abuse mechanics to not get hit

Pumpkins are now orange... as originally intended 

[Yellow Flash Kunai] now has an on-use effect to flex on others.... literally! Also, it's damage has been increased to be more competitive. 

Icons are fixed now... I swear!

World Quests now don't assign a bunch of NPCs which were annoying or unkillable. 

Notchi City Guards & Royal Honorguard no longer give experience points

Academy Park has been turned into a sanctuary

The First Training Ground has been turned into a sanctuary

The First Training Ground now shows up as a zone as intended

Notchi City Royal Guards now march in-sync

The compass now has an "N" at the top to indicate north. When the red arrow is pointing up, that is north! 

A  sh*t  ton of Side Quest mobs have been blacklisted - thank you so much for your patience & helping find them!

Fixed shadow issues on one tree that causes shadow spasms on the ground

Most creatures should now have proper loot as intended!

Most 2-Handed weapons have received a buff. If you find one that hasn't been updated yet, please make a bug post on the forums!

The player EXP bar should now properly show up as intended! 🙂

The Hidden Leaf Village soundtrack should now no longer be... cursed...

The Uchiha War Fan has been buffed to be similar to other 2-handed weapons

Pretty sure the bingo book is showing the proper icons now, as previously intended. 



🎃 Please run your launchers to play the update! 🎃

P.S. Happy Halloween! 



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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 30



Direct Download Mirror Link -


This is not a major content patch. More of a hotfix + small patch 🙂

1f383.png   1f383.png   1f383.png   1f383.png   1f383.png   1f383.png   1f383.png   


Gameplay & Content

The Bad Manners Banner now should appear in-game properly

Water Style: Deepsea Rupture now has a better visual to reflect the depth-charge water explosion feeling

⭐ Hyuuga's Byakugan has been redesigned to now offer 80 Strength, up from 70, and gives the user the ability to apply [Chakra Meridian Damage], which slows enemies' casting speed by 1% stacking up to 100 times. Now grants 5% Dodge.

Lightning Style: Lightning Strike Jutsu base casting time has been reduced to 1.8 seconds from 2.0 seconds

Swordsmanship Technique: Dance of the Flocking Birds' damage has been increased by 19%.

Swordsmanship Technique: Tendon Slash's cooldown has been reduced to 9 seconds from 60, and it's damage has been increased by 200%. It's slow has been reduced to 3 seconds from 10 seconds. 

Lightning Style: Static Cutter Technique's damage has been reduced by 15%

Water Style: Flooding Water Technique's chakra cost has been reduced by 30%

Water Style: Deepsea Rupture's casting time has been reduced to 0.5 up from 1.5 seconds.

Ninja Tool: Weak Poison's damage has been significantly increased to make it competitive.

Ninja Tool: Tar Trap has had its' slow reduced by a little to make it on-par with the other tools

Ninja Tool: Smoke Bomb has been added to the Ninja Tool shops

Chakra Jump's cooldown has been reduced by 1 second to make it smoother to use

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu has had it's mana cost increased, as it was grossly low and it's cooldown increased (oversight)

A fishing trainer has been added in the Leaf Village - now you should be able to train up to level 375!

  • Several baits have been added to the fishing master to help you on your fishing adventure! 

⭐ Jin, the famous General Shop owner has acquired a rare cookbook! You can now pick up cooking & cook very basic foods for now for improved buffs! More to come soon!

More creature spawns have been added in the map

A new BEAR world boss has been added! 🐻



⭐ ⭐ A bunch of jutsu have been reworked & made in preparation for all masteries to get a 2nd round of abilities soon. ⭐ ⭐




Bug Fixes

Recalled Jonin Guards from the village gates and replaced them with well-trained Village Gate Guards. They will no longer attack villagers who defend themselves from rogue ninja, as intended. ANBU will also exclusively target rogue ninja for assasination

More creatures we added to the side quest blacklist

All Shop items from the Cash Shop have been made bind on account, meaning you can now mail them to alts

Nishimito Kazuo has been slightly rebalanced.

Nishimoto Kazou's drop table has bee slightly modified- he now drops some exclusive content.

1-Handed Weapons Do the same DPS roughly as 2-Handed weapons. It may seem like they do less, but they do not. 

A bug has been fixed in which players could access the talent panel and pick druid talent x)

The multiple-use EXP item bug was fixed, now there is additionally a short cooldown on-use of the items

The lag in Konoha, specifically near the academy has been located & fixed!

Healing now works on our map, where previously you were only able to heal yourself

Dueling now works!! Rejoice! 

Dice rolling now has an animation! ^_^

More creatures have had their Experience given increased

Halloween Dailies have been set to require a minimum level of 3 to complete! :,)


World Bosses

Changes Related to Nishimoto Kazuo (The Perilous Vagabond)
- Sometimes he would stun jump at players while spinning - this was not an intended function and it is just unfair.  Now this is fixed, or at least such occurrence would be rare. 
- SpawnID: 153789, new respawn cooldown 5min/300sec ---> 30min/1800sec
- Drop Chances Nearly doubled + higher GK drops.
- He now has a rare chance of dropping Criminal's Robes [Black], and a bit more rare chance of dropping Criminal's Robes [Black, shirtless]. 
- His health, armor and damage modifiers are heavily increased. 
- Experienced modifier heavily increased
- Wound Dressing item (44693) is removed from the shops. It is now a war trophy sometimes dropped from beating Nishimoto Kazuo (The Perilous Vagabond). It is now also soulbound. 
- Removed the Black Robes drop from the Masked man as it will be Vagabond exclusive drop. To fill in the drop for the Masked Man, the Jutsu Power 3 chance is increased by 5% 
- Is now classified as a rank 3 (Boss) 


 Changes Related to Mysterious Masked Man 
- Mysterious Masked Man now successfully displays the visual change for his second phase. He is also beack, but this time without any typos. 
- SpawnID: 153545, new respawn cooldown 5min/300sec ---> 45min/2700sec
- Level 20 ---> Level 25
- HealthModifier 87.5 ---> 110
- ArmorModifier 15 ---> 30
- Experience Modifier 60 ---> 65
- Higher drop rates + more Koban 1-4 ---> 2-4


 Changes Related to Frenzied Killer Queen Bee
- After sensing vulnerability, some bees from the colony have gathered on a watch closer to the Queen 
- SpawnID: 152136, new respawn cooldown 5min/300sec ---> 15min/900sec
- HealthModifier 33 ---> 50
- ArmorModifier 13 ---> 25
- Experience Modifier 10.267 ---> 15
- Higher drop rates


Changes Related to Kama Uchiha " The Devil Eye "
- Can no longer be safe-spotted. She occasionally jumps to the furthest enemy in the combat area. 
- SpawnID: 153883, new respawn cooldown 5min/300sec ---> 45min/2700sec
- HealthModifier 101 ---> 170
- ArmorModifier 5 ---> 20
- DamageModifier 7 ---> 20
- Experience Modifier was bugged, colossal increase  1 ---> 70



🎃 Please run your launchers to play the update! 🎃

P.S. Happy Halloween! 



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I do not read messages. 

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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 31



Direct Download Mirror Link -


Gameplay & Content

⭐⭐ A NEW system has been added: Transmogrification! You can now transform your weapons & armor into other appearances! 

⭐⭐ 200 New Weapons have been added! These weapons are themed after the 12 Chinese Zodiacs and include the Toad, the Slug, and the Snake! These weapons have stats on them & will help you define your own unique playstyle better! You can Transmogrify them all to have the appearance of your choice while maintaining the bonuses they give!

⭐ ⭐   D-Rank Missions have been added to the Mission Center inside the new Hokage Building (2nd floor of Hokage Building)

⭐ ⭐   A Few C-Rank Missions have been added to the Mission Center inside the new Hokage Building (2nd floor of Hokage Building)

⭐ ⭐   A couple B-Rank Missions have been added to the Mission Center inside the new Hokage Building (2nd floor of Hokage Building)

⭐  A Metric Fuckton of jutsu have been added! Including additional passives!




⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Fire Style Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Water Style Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Wind Style Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Lightning Style Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Earth Style Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Uchiha Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Hyuuga Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Swordsmanship Style Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Genjutsu Style Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  The Medical Ninjutsu Style Mastery questline has been fully completed- unlocking all but endgame jutsu - This means you can now fully unlock the mastery

(All masteries have been nearly fully added besides Sarutobi)


All Mastery Affinities/Chakra Natures now grant an additional effect ranging from 10% Chakra, etc.

Various existing masteries have been slightly rebalanced including a Buff to Fire Mastery, and a nerf to Lightning Mastery

Ninja Tool: Food Pill has been added to the nurse at the Leaf Hospital

🎄 The Celebration of Snowfall Holiday daily quests & Vendors have been added, which can be found in both The Leaf Village & Tanzaku Town

⭐⭐ A NEW system has been added: Mysterious Unknown Seals!  (Read Below for more info)




Upon discovering this golden glow anywhere in the world (especially hard to reach places!), you are able to use a [Unsealing Scroll] to discover treasures including ultra rare cosmetics, Gold Koban, and other riches!




⭐ A LOT of new character hairs have been added at the Barbershops!  Get Your Hair Token Now!

(Passive) Sword - Double Slashing Strikes - Added a passive Gives you a 10% chance after blocking or being hit by any damaging attack that the next 4 weapon swings within 8 seconds will generate an additional attack. In addition, while active, increases your weapon hit chance by 5%.

(Passive) Fire - Superheated Chakra - Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu has a 25% chance to grant you Flaming Chakra for 15 seconds. Flaming Chakra reduce the cast time of your next Fire Style: Flame Dart Jutsu by 100%.

(Passive) Lightning - Gathering Storms - Simple Strike and Swordsmanship Slash now grants a stack of Lightning's Catastrophe. Lightning's Catastrophe reduce the cast time of Lightning Strike by 34%. This effect stacks up to 3 times and lasts for 10 seconds.

⭐ [2-Handed Wielding Bonus] Grants 8% Bonus damage  10% Bonus Damage

⭐ [1-Handed Wielding Bonus] Grants 15% Bonus Jutsu Casting Speed  20% Bonus Jutsu Casting Speed

A lot of jutsu have been created for the near-future!

120 new Side Quest Rewards have been added! This is how to get Tier 1 Weapons!

A dueling daily quest has been added which can be found near the arena. The arena is still Free-For-All flagged

Treasure Chests have been added throughout the map giving some cute loot! 

The Serpent Dagahra now has basic abilities in its' toolkit

"Snake Takeover!" Quest Added

Seppun Questchain added (guy that looks like kakashi)

:GoldenKoban:  A Gold Koban Cosmetic Vendor has been added to the Leaf Village and Tanzaku Town

Many wonder which came first - the chicken or the egg? Now be warned of what comes after. Kill enough chickens and anger the spirits; you will then inevitably find out.



4 New Epic Swords have been added into the the World: 



Shusui, the Black Blade
Shusui is one of few very rare swords crafted by the finest smiths in the Land of Iron. Due to its appearance as a black blade, it is said to be cursed with the blood of its victims.

Sandai Kitetsu, the Oni Slayer
This legendary blade was famously known centuries ago, known for its ability to cut through the demons of the world. Be it human.. or something else.

Wado Ichimonji, the Blade of Harmony
As a heirloom passed down through generation to generation, this blade has a rich history within the royal family of the Land of Rice Paddies, a treasure to its people. Often used by those seeking the path of enlightenment, this blade earned its nickname as the Blade of Harmony.

Yubashiri, the Blade of Dissonance
Forged in the same fires that shaped Wado Ichimonji, Yubashiri was meant to be a blade complimenting its brother, but fate had other plans. Coming out as a Black Blade, the legend of the two swords became known as opposing forces. Two blades that decided their own paths.




Worldbuilding & Map Design

Onikuma, the God of the Mountain now has a den in the side of the Western Mountain range. Follow the path on the way to Yokohama

⭐🎄 The entire Land of Fire has been through a snowstorm! The arctic winds from the Land of Snow have blown into the Land!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ THE HOKAGE BUILDING NOW HAS AN INTERIOR! Finally construction has ended! Inside, you can find the Innkeeper & Code Redeemer at the lobby, a Ninjutsu Library, The Daily Mission Center, the Hokage's Office, and a larger rooftop viewing area!

The Yokohama Valley has been upgraded a tiny bit: creating a more scenic atmosphere 

⭐ All towns besides the Leaf Village have been made into sanctuaries. These are small safe havens

All towns have become sanctuaries to help Roleplayers & to establish safe spots for players

Two Ramen Shops have been added in The Leaf Village which offer a premium, fresh bowl of pork ramen!

Flower shops have been added in the Leaf Village

A bunch of snow clumps have been added to the map to help with the Celebration of Snowfall holiday event!

Transmogrifiers have been added to the Leaf Village, Tanzaku Town, and Notchi City - Identified by purple banners & Scrolls  (See Below)




A 2nd's Rat burrow has appeared in the Leaf Academy Park to help new players

⭐ A pet shop has been added to the Hidden Leaf Village and Tanzaku Town! You can buy a Pet Shop Token HERE!

Tanzaku Town has been improved ✨slightly✨ , now it is finally looking like a real town

A Rogue outpost has been added near Notchi City 

A Konoha Outpost has been added near Yokohama Town with quests for Leaf Faction

A Enclave has been added for Rogues near the Uchiha Stone & Kama

⭐ A Water Wheel has been added as a Point of Contention which will act as a control point for map dominance 

The Leaf Village Arena is now a free-for-all PvP enabled area

⭐ The malicious rogues have formed a forbidding outpost North-East of Konoha! These marauders pillage the resources of the Hidden Leaf and leave chaos behind. The Recently formed Konoha outpost struggles to fend off this danger, but yet hope stll glimmers. What will be your part in this?

There has been a surge of rogue patrols raiding merchants on the main roads. Desperate, traders have attempted to sneak their way between the trees in the forests. But oh, how futile this has been. Their crates now remain scattered throughout the Land of Fire. Most nearly fully looted, but some may hide some rather intriguing possesion. 

⭐ Dagahara, the demon snake of the darkest of forests, has slithered out of the shadows. Long ago, her family was slaughtered by ninja for the most exquisite sushi. Over the years, she became the biggest of all snakes, a colossal beast in the darkest pits of the Forest of Death, her hatred fueling her poison. And now, the tables have turned. 

Traveling Smuggler (Merchant) has hit the road. What does he bring?


Bug Fixes


> The Bingo Book now only displays people with an Bounty Level

> The Bingo Book now no longer displays duplicate accounts. Fuck you "Gimmie".

⭐ ⭐ ⭐  I think we finally fixed missing sidequests ?? ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ s4dTtBy.jpg

Typing .sidequest Will now make the sidequest window reappear if you /reload 'd

A few missing 3D models found in caves have been located and fixed - now adding fog to most caves!

The "Register" and "Forums" buttons on the login screen now properly work!

The weird Druid text: "Also increases your attack power in bear, cat, moonkin form..." has finally been located & removed!

All custom model weapons have been appropriately converted to Cosmetic Appearance items for transmog!

The sharpening stones found at the general shop now should properly sharpen all weapons... yes... I said all weapons.

The duplicate "global" channel has been modified to "Region"

Yokohama Town guards have been fortified with new gear and weapons to now become a real threat to rogues

The giant stone lion statues have been mostly fixed. Players should no longer be able to run into them and get stuck

More creatures have been added to the Sidequest blacklist thanks to your help! ❤️ If you find creatures that shouldn't be Sidequests post here

Additional Aggressive Bandits & normal Bandits have been added around Kisaragi Town

Bloated Mud Snapper now properly can drop a [Waterlogged Chest] which fishers can fish up as previously intended!

One, Two, Three Tomoe Sharingan as well as Byakugan now last 30 minutes up from 2 and infinite respectively 

⭐ Paperbomb has had its' texture fixed, where previously it displayed green only

Missing textures have been fixed for some Lightning Jutsu

The respawn formula on the ground in the Leaf Hospital has been fixed


Killing the Traveling merchant to reset his inventory is no longer a great idea. He has a longer respawn rate.

Onikuma, the God of the Mountains, now drops the intended loot.

The aggressive cat in Konoha is now aggressive.

The Last Will questchain (aka Orphan questchain) from Kisaragi Town is now complete! 



The Dueling Banner has been updated to be more shinobi-ish

Cosmetic: Reverse Grip Kunai is no longer obtainable from bandit mobs

Most Jutsu have Pretty Colors now in their description to indicate which damage type they do & to give them a little more flare 

A few in-game books have been added! Stay tuned 🙂

A Leaf Village Librarian now distributes book in the 1st floor of the Hokage Building - Books have been found! [Wārudoītā], [Eien no mibōjin], [Tale of the Monkey], [Tales of Foxboi] series. 

EXP Boosts now have a warning on them in regards to using them while you move





Due to excessive slaughter for their protein-rich meat, most bears have migrated South towards Yokohama. They have adapted and are now a bit stronger, and smarter.

Lamposts have been recolored




Please run your launchers to play the update!

On behalf of the whole Shinobi Story Team, have a wonderful holiday season!

🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁 🎄 🎁 



I am a bot. 

I do not read messages. 

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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 32



This is supposed to be a small update since the team is on holiday! - JK, we made a full patch by accident

Direct Download Mirror Link -


Gameplay & Content


⭐ Promotion to Chuunin has been added! Speak to Asami Uchiha and Lord Hokage to be promoted without taking the exam! (Lv. 25 Req.)

✅ If you wish to take the Chuunin Exams, it will be held on January 22nd, 2022. Additional information will be provided soon!


Boss: The God of the Mountains - Onikuma, has been disrupted from his slumber for far too long, and now fury engulfs the Onikuma Cave. He is still a cuddly boi. But now, the cuddly boi will easily bite a ninja's head off. Significant HP increase, attacks hit a punch but the interval is heavily increased. New AoE move, beware its reach. Two new loot drops - bear claws hand item and a bear cup pet! Loot rates increased.

⭐ Boss: Some strange blue haired man has been spotted stealing from royal families of Notchi City, and then hiding in the bamboo forest. Whoever has entered there to capture him hasn’t returned. What is going on? Who is that guy?

⭐ Boss: A giant Snow Hawk has made her nest on the high slopes of the mountain near Nagomi Town. Such a beautiful being, one would easily risk their life to get closer and give a better look. But beware of her eggs; there is nothing more dangerous than a wild mother with children. 

Additional Missions have been added

⭐ A Huge amount of additional fish have been added! Different fish can be caught from different water bodies!

Elder Homura at the Leaf Mission Center now offers Stat Boosts in exchange for Mission Completion Scrolls

⭐ 2 PvP Vendors have made a home for themselves at the Bounty Station

- One sells a range of Cosmetic Equipment for Honor & Arena points, as well as 2 Best-in-slot swords

- The other sells Ninja Cards and Stat boosts for Honor and Arena Points


⭐ The Bounty Station has had a 3D model upgrade! (see below)



More creatures have been added at higher levels

A few additional quests have been scattered around the Land of Fire

The World Boss, Onikuma, now drops an exclusive pet and an exclusive bear claw weapon!

The World Boss, Yuki-onna, now drops and exclusive pet

⭐ Players can now form Arena Teams & participate in the Ninja World League to see who is the best in team PvP! (see below)





Worldbuilding & Map Design

A New road has been added leading to the Land of Rivers mountain passage

All water bodies have been named

More locations have been given names

New: Tiller's Town has been opened! Find it in the gentle farmlands

Additional grass and doodads have been added to the Land of Fire

The town as the foot of the mountains has been renamed to Inuzuka Town

"Sanctuary" zones are now known as "Peace Zones"

"Contested" zones are now known as "PvP Enabled Zones"

⭐ The 2nd Stage for the Chuunin Exams has been added in-game (see below)






⭐ The Northern Rogue Hideout now has an elaborate Sound Village controlled base of operations which players can explore (cool RP area) (see below)





⭐ The Kamui Dimension was added in-game (see below)




Bug Fixes

⭐ The server no longer crashes on loop. This was isolated to the transmog system, which had a bug

⭐ The Addon "Spy" has been disabled with various server-side scripts to prevent naughty players from being naughty.

Trash should now appear as trash

Fixed a bug where Tiered Kunai were unusable for Hyuuga, as they were not categorized as "Fist Weapons" correctly

Fixed a bug where Warspears were not categorized as "Polearms" correctly

Snakeskin should now have an icon

Two swords should now have models & proper icons

Safe zoning should be fixed. We have reduced the borders of all towns to only the immediate areas

Reverse Teleport Scroll's cooldown is now properly working as intended

Tiered weapons now have sell prices

S, A, B, C, D Rank Slips now stack at 1000 instead of 100

The Sparring quest's minimum level has been set to 15 to prevent abuse

A portal has been added in the pitch black zone to rescue those who teleported there without first setting a home at a tavernkeeper

Additional small crashes have been fixed

Respawn rates of bosses have been adjusted in accordance of level.

Ujiro Himazawa and the Chunin + Genin will no longer attack Konoha players at the outpost.

Moths can no longer be the subject of Sharingan: Mental Domination

⭐ The Side Quest code has been re-written:

- More security when scanning nearby creatures (this is what caused the crash deadlocks)

- Added memory caching instead of constant DB queries, this should improve performance quite a bit (though you'd probably not realistically notice it)

- Removed a possible race event (which could also cause the crashes) in quest generation

⭐ The Side Quest will ONLY generate side quests for creature -20/+5 levels under/above you. Meaning max level players can no longer farm lv 1 creature for their side quests, etc.



The Uchiha Mastery Quest to kill Shiro Uchiha has been moved to the border between Land of Fire and Land of Rivers to make it easier for new players

Character Rename Papers have been added in the Shop - Check it out here!

Character Recustomization has been added to the Shop - Check it out here!

5 new Ninja Trails have been added to the shop that leave behind a fun trail while traveling

Various typos have been fixed

Additional music zones have been added

⭐ Blue Ninja Shoes have been added to the starting clothes vendor

The Gold Koban cosmetic vendor has been converted into a Ryo cosmetic vendor

A Tavernkeeper has been added to the Forest of Death Rogue Hideout

The Trading window has been graphically updated to be more ninja-esq

A NPC was added in front of the Leaf Village Arena which will teleport you to the spectator area

⭐ A NPC was added at the Forest of Death Tower to take you "inside" into the Arena

⭐ A NPC was added at the Forest of Death Arena to take you "outside" into the Forest of Death

Have your parents never told you not to wander around alone in the forests? Giant Snakes will sniff you out and devour you!


Jutsu & Balance

Uchiha Technique: Murder of Crows has been buffed

⭐ The Entire Swordsmasnship mastery has been visually improved & buffed

Lightning Style: Static Cutter has been slightly nerfed

⭐ The Entire Wind mastery has been buffed

Medical Palm Technique has been buffed

Medical: Poison Hazy Mist has been buffed

Medical: Poison Senbon has been buffed

Paper Bomb has been buffed

Food Pill has been nerfed

Eight trigrams: Sixty Four Palms has been nerfed

Water Style: Deepsea Rupture has been buffed

Water Style: Twin Waves Jutsu has been buffed

Lightning Style: Lightning Strike Jutsu has been buffed

Genjutsu abilities have been slightly buffed

Several Hyuuga CC abilities now have longer cooldowns to compensate for their power

New: Genjutsu: Demonic Flute Chains has been added for the end of the Genjutsu Mastery

Earth Style: Earth Pillar Explosion has been rebalanced

Various World Bosses have been retuned to offer a more enjoyable and prolonged fight

More custom 3D models and buildings have been added




Please run your launchers to play the update!




I am a bot. 

I do not read messages. 

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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 33

Direct Download Mirror Link -


Gameplay & Content

⭐️ 5 Blessings/Curses have been to the game. This will act as a way to offer [Bones] to either put them to rest, or to sacrifice them in the pursuit of power. The 5 different Blessings locations will be up to players to discover. 🙂 🦴

⭐️ New Profession: Blacksmithing - Speak to a trainer in most major towns to learn the tricks of the trade! Upgrade your weapons today! 

⭐️ The Sarutobi Clan has been released & is the 11th available Mastery to choose! 

Themed around the Will of Fire, Smoke Jutsu, and heavy team-focused gameplay, they will protect the Land of Fire and their friends with a unique arsenal of abilities!


⭐️ Sidequests will no longer be flooded with Tier 1 weapons, but rather will award boxes which will award the weapons: Kunai, Katana, Nodachi, and Warspear boxes will be lootable!

Additional items have been added to the Sidequest reward pool including the new Tanzaku Town Scratch-Off lottery!

⭐️ The Chuunin Vest now has slots for Ninja Cards

⭐️ A new system has been developed to add multiple armors/effects on to your character model- ie. Sound Village Belt, Scrolls, Glasses, Cigarettes, etc. while using a custom hairstyle/headband too!


The Forest of Death has gotten deadlier. Five Giant Forest Snakes have slithered their way in, lurking in the shadows looking for prey.

Ravenous sharks have migrated from the deep ocean. It appears that the gulf of Kisaragi is a new major shark mating spot. They are horny sharks. One ought to think twice before taking a swim there.

Deep Sea Fishing has been made available - for future rare fish for cooking!

World Boss: Yuki-onna, is now feeling like a lvl 40 boss. No more gutting the bird against the wall. :))) - She has been reworked!

World Boss: Onikuma boss behavior change - now upon hitting phase 2 Onikuma will hide in the cave. Beware the other bears on the way in!

World Boss: Dagahara, the Demon of the Dark Forest how has proper boss mechanics!

Additional daily Missions have been added to add more variety! 

World Boss: Ao, the Cosmic Turtle has been added as a new World Boss in Shinobi Story!

World Boss: Tsuchigumo, the Eight-Legged Mother has been added as a new World Boss in Shinobi Story!

Added Suika Uchiha @ Yokohama, Yudoku Snapping Turtles w/ SmartAI & loot @ Yokohama Lake with a new Quest!

The following creatures now has mechanics: Groddoc Ape, Thunderer, and Chestpounder renamed to Choten Ape, Thunderer, Chestpounder, Choten Alpha, Bloodthirsty Crocodile, mad, unflinching, terrible stags and traitor ninja, opportunistic thugs

Four wandering Ronin have been spotted around the Land of Fire - proceed with caution! 

More creatures have been added around the lands to give a more lively sense of a world

Chakra Infused Metal, and various crystals have been added to be made available to upgrade your weapons!

The Ramen Cook's Assistant quest has been added- which will act as an introduction to Cooking!



Worldbuilding & Map Design

Snow has been removed from the Land of Fire (finally)

1300 Snow Mounds have been deleted

The Valley of the End has been slightly improved to be more grown-out

A New room has been added to the Academy Building - the Chuunin Exam Test Room (see blow) 





⭐️ The "Invisible Wall" between Kisaragi Town and Port Hachou has been lifted, now it is filled with Sharks and a very deadly SEA TYPHOON which travels around and leaves chaos in its' wake!

⭐️ A new location has been added: The Deep Sea Fishing Trawlers! - you can find it between Port Hachou & Kisaragi Town

Added Fishing Pools around the world

Many towns have been decorated with red lanterns to celebrate the lunar new year!

The map has been slightly improved with additional decorations and doodads

Leaf Village Outposts arounds the Land of Fire now employ Jonin to protects points of interest better

Additional zones have been named- including the 2nd Training Ground


Bug Fixes

Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Weapons should now properly display their sheathed positions (formerly invisible) 

The "Chunin" title has been corrected to "Chuunin"

⭐ All creatures and bosses now have loot!

⭐️ All Jutsu Now properly scale with either AP/SP - Prepare for a lot of tuning needing to happen in the coming week(s)

Hawks creatures can now fly in the air!

Creatures who gave abnormal experience points now give less.

Quest: Gave back Last Will: Foul Play's Rusty Wakizashi as the required quest item. 

Quest: The Uchiha Bloodline quest chain should now properly tell you where to go!

Slightly boosted sell prices of fish across the board

Fixed fishing zones

Changed fishing to always catch on each cast

Fixed bug which would cause multiple fish to be caught sometimes

A XML/Lua chat error should no longer appear when opening the Bingo Book

⭐ The Ninja World League Arena's Line of Sight issue has been fixed!

The "Koban Cosmetic" vendor has been renamed to reflect his new accepted currency

"Gold" has been renamed to "Ryo" in interface files

Thee Tomoe Sharingan should now properly grant 35% casting speed reduction as intended

Arena Points should now be distributed properly

All "Dummy" NPCs used to control Jutsu have been hunted down & added to the Sidequest Blacklist!



⭐ TABS have been added in the Jutsu Book- now each mastery will have its' own individual tab! 

Players will have: General Tab, Mastery 1, Mastery 2, Mastery 3, Cosmetics, and Emojis tabs!


⭐ We have developed & added Premium Emojis which are available on the Shop! - Premium Ninja will get an additional discount on them!


Removed Christmas Hats from guards and gave new hair styles.

We Gave ANBU flavor text on rogue kill

Fall damage has been re-added, but will be significantly reduced in % damage. You can do a quest to get [Breakfall Technique] - Seek out Gui Sensei to learn the technique!

Additional hairstyles have been added to the Barbershop hairdressers! 

Additional stuff has been added to the Cash Shop & will be made available in the coming days! 

More creatures drop Stat Boosts!

⭐Sidequests now require LESS kills per completion to make them more fun to do!

A bunch of new icons have been added to items!

The [Movement Charge] ability now has a new icon

All cosmetic items have their DPS reduced to 1, to prevent accidental BiS from Cosmetics!

Lightning Jutsu Spell Visuals got some improvements! 

Genjutsu: Mindspike Technique should now be properly working as intended

All food has been nerfed in preparation for the upcoming huge Cooking Profession Patch!

Fragrant Sake now stacks to 50 from 5

Rogue Peace enforcers have been buffed and equipped with a blade.


⭐️ BONUS EXP WEEKENDS HAVE BEEN FIXED! They will now go live every Friday Night!

⭐The Sensei System has been created! Stay tuned to find out how you can earn this exclusive buff & title!

The Barbershop now contains all of the available hairs for sale and organizes them by color! - Previously we had too many hairs so all of them would not properly display in the barbershop store!

Earth Style: Iron Skin now properly indicates the jutsu can be used while affected by loss of control effects

Candy Cane's effect has been reduced at the end of the holiday season

All Snowballs will melt within a period of time after the snow has melted around the Land of Fire!

Additional Clan-Themed Ninja Cloaks have been added!

A New Quest to get Master Fishing Title has been added!



Jutsu & Balance

Earth Style: Stone Shield has been rebalanced & now causes a high amount of threat to mobs

Healing Palm Technique now has an increased range

Hyuuga's passive got a minor buff in strength

Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu now does damage before it traps your enemy in a water bubble

Sharingan Paralysis Jutsu now does a small amount of damage on-cast

Earth Style Ninjutsu has been rebalanced to be more fair

One Tomoe Sharingan now has a chakra cost per second

Two Tomoe Sharingan now has a chakra cost per second

Three Tomoe Sharingan now has a chakra cost per second

Uchiha Kunai Technique has had its' damage reduced slightly

Sharingan Technique: Murder of Crows has its' damage slightly reduced but its' duration increased by 4 seconds

Earth Style: Rock Barrier Technique has had its' cooldown increased by 10 seconds

Earth Style: Rock Barrier Technique now is only cartable on the user, as originally intended




Please run your launchers to play the update!

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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 33

April Fools Patch 2022

Direct Download Mirror Link -





Gameplay & Content

Ninja Tool: Male Enhancement Pill has been added to the Medical mastery

We have now transitioned to the ROBLOX engine

We have removed Masked Man's Man. He is now known as "Unmasked Man Formally Known as Masked Man"

Mountain Lions have been added (?)

The #Bug-Reports channel has been removed

Shino Uchiha was actually a double agent this whole time in a new questline

Your character's skin color will now determine your gameplay difficulty


Worldbuilding & Map Design

We have removed Yokohama Town. 

The Statutes at the Valley of the End have been torn down due to conflicting political messaging 

You will now die upon entering the Forest of Death

We have added graveyards to all region of the map, offering easier returning to your corpse upon death

The Cavern near Kisaragi Town has been removed


Bug Fixes

Max count of [Mysterious Organization Ring] reduced to 1

The cryptominer in the launcher has finally been removed

Boss loot tables have been significantly nerfed

Professions (mostly fishing) has been shown to provide way too much koban

Koban has been removed from fishing to prevent this

You are now required to bring TWO kunai at the tutorial! Good luck. 

Vlad is now banned from the game for inappropriate behavior and excessive erp-ing. If you see him call your local authorities and tell them you have witnessed the train-thruster. They will know. 

You will now unlock Mangekyo Sharingan at the news of your grandma's passing, as previously intended. 

We have fixed the missing models for Mushrooms, Butterflower, and Edamame Beans



After careful deliberation, the team has decided to not implement Warmode at the request of Affien

To minimize toxicity between players, /say, /yell, & /whisper have been removed.  You can instead communicate with Premium Emotes !

Gravity reduced by 0.008%

We have hidden 12 books around the world, each one containing a link to one part of our staff 2022 sexy calendar

[Gold Koban] are now tradable.

We are testing a new player model but we didn't have time to make clothing work. You can find this naked model at bando mi(the mother of the missing child)

Thanks to Bando Mi's rising popularity on onlyfans, she can quit her job and pay more attention to her child. Take the kid home daily removed

Her child is now killable once again

Fall damage now causes perma death upon death! One step towards realism, dont disrespect the Hokage heads!


Jutsu & Balance

Chakra Jumping while mid-air now provides a 50% movement speed debuff for 5 seconds

Jumping during Shinobi Travel Speed will now cancel the ability

Sarutobi Clan has been removed

Lightning Style Ninjutsu has been removed

Upon taking any amount of fall damage, there is a 4% chance to break one or both of your ankle(s)

Hawk knock-back now increased by x10! Beat the bird or be the bird!

Speed Limits have been introduced in The Leaf Village, you are no longer able to run there


Fire Style Ninjutsu

  • Fireball Jutsu will now require you to perform the hand seals in-person before being able to use the ability
  • Fire Jutsu now causes damage to the environment, and is now being regulated by the Leaf Fire Marshall. Players who use unlicensed Fire Jutsu will be fined. 


Water Style Ninjutsu

  • The option of carbonated water jutsu is available 
  • You will now be required to be near a body of water to be able to use Water Ninjutsu if you are under level 40
  • Water Prison Jutsu has been deemed inhumane and has been removed from the game
  • Water Bullet Storm Jutsu's damage has been increased by 700%


Wind Style Ninjutsu

  • Gale Palm has been removed due to being frustrating 
  • On windy days, Wind Style users will gain a flat %-damage boost to all Wind Abilities
  • [Wind Style: Wind Bullet]'s size has been regulated by the Federal Government to be no larger than .22 mm
  • All Wind abilities now gain the power to defect all other jutsu and blow them back at the original caster


Earth Style Ninjutsu

  • Earth users will now gain a buff or debuff depending on which tectonic plate they are standing on
  • Earth Style Ninjutsu has been renamed to Earth Bending
  • Upon reaching 4 stacks of [Shattered Ground], your legs will break 
  • Lava Style will never be released


Swordsmanship Techniques

  • New Ability: [Swordsmanship: Seppuku] has been added.
  • [Swordsmanship: Dance of the Crescent Moon] remains unchanged
  • You are now able to use all Swordsmanship abilities regardless of having a sword equipped
  • You are required to sharpen your sword(s) before each attack to maximize damage


Genjutsu Techniques

  • All Genjutsu abilities now cause your opponent to hallucinate IRL
  • [Genjutsu: Sensory Disruption Technique]'s cooldown has been reduced to 8.3 seconds. 
  • [Genjutsu: Chameleon Technique] now does nothing once again. 
  • Genjutsu abilities will no longer show up in the combat log 


Medical Ninjutsu

  • [Medical Tools] now only stacks up to 4
  • Resurrection Jutsu has been removed due to being unrealistic 
  • Medical Ninjutsu has become limited to only female characters
  • Unlicensed practice of Medical Ninjutsu is now a felony 


Uchiha Clan

  • We have removed all damaging abilities from Uchiha to recreate their original design
  • While using any version of the Sharingan, you are unaffected by Genjutsu
  • While your Sharingan is activated, you are able to copy any jutsu performed near you
  • You have been under my genjutsu this whole time....


Hyuuga Clan

  • [Eight Trigrams: Air Palm] has been moved to the Wind Style Mastery
  • [Eight Trigrams: Rotation] now causes you to become dizzy for a few seconds
  • [Byakugan] has been renamed to
  • All Hyuuga offensive abilities now cause a 3 second stun on-impact




Please run your launchers to play the update!



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