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Patch Notes

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 4/15/20 - Alpha Testing Patch 0.0.2                



Added "Spirit Guide" at every shrine around the map which can revive you. This is temporary before our death system is  finished. 

Haruko, the Shrine's weapon's trainer now has all weapons working

All existing weapons have been fixed, and icons added.

Many existing item icons have been updated

Bandits now deal appropriate damage

Weapon speeds and damage has been modified slightly

Mailboxes have been added at every major town and city

Minor UI  bugs have been fixed

NPCs are now able to wield weapons



Golden Koban, Silver Coins, and Ryo have been added.. stay tuned

Additional weapons and armor have been added

Yokohama Town (Cherry Blossom Town) has been doubled in size

Kisaragi Town (Ship Building town) has been tripled in size

Port Hachou has been added south of the farmlands

54 NPCs have been added throughout the world to enhance immersion

All towns/cities have an appropriate amount of guards, preventing fighting in the towns

Water, Wind, and Fire jutsu have been added. Seek out the mentors for each element to learn & play with them

The playable map has doubled in size- allowing for more exploration

Giant snakes now patrol the deep forest, watch out!

Bandits now patrol the streets away from towns/guards.. be careful! 

Bandits now plague Yokohama Town

Additional vendors have been added for clothing and weapons

Additional models have been added



Please restart your launchers!




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 4/16/20 - Alpha Testing Patch 0.0.21                



Jutsu projectiles have been fixed for: 

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu

Fire Style: Blazing Crescent 

Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu 

Water Style: Water Bullet Jutsu

Wind Style: Gale Palm

Wind Style: Wind Bullet Jutsu

Water Style: Shockwave Jutsu now deals damage

Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu now deals reduced damage 

Wind Style: Great Breakthrough's effect has been disabled while we investigate a bug


Giant Forest Snakes now are significantly more dangerous

A few weapons and clothing vendors have been added to towns

Town guards have received a buff to now properly protect towns from combat

Bandits have been slightly buffed to be slightly more dangerous

Weapons have been slightly re-balanced 


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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 16



Worldbuilding & Map Design

We were not intending to add additional map features this update, but we couldn't help ourselves but to make the world even more built-out. I love surprise updates. 🙂


The Hidden Leaf Village now has scaffolding and construction workers everywhere, I wonder what this could mean.

Kisaragi Port Town's area was redesigned, adding intended aesthetic for the zone. 

A new settlement has been build north-west of the Leaf Village. Maybe it has a quest. 

A new wing has been added at the Fire Temple for group meditation sessions.

The Forest of Death is now Death-y.

A bunch of new creatures and characters have been added throughout the Land of Fire.

Music has been added to most zones! Turn your volume on!


Gameplay & Content

The Fire Mastery questline has been added up to level 10 content. (See Academy librarian at lv 2) 

The Uchiha Bloodline Mastery questline has been added up to level 10 content. (See Academy librarian at lv 2) 

Added new questlines and missions.

New robes, clothes, and kimonos have been added.

You are now able to exchange your Mastery Token for a Bloodline Registration Scroll. This action cannot be undone once you exchange, so choose wisely

A new loading screen has been created to celebrate the launch of the alpha!

Bankers have been added in the Leaf and Notchi City.

Water Walking Jutsu has been made available 

2 New World Bosses were added with different difficulties: Shiro Uchiha (Lv. 7) , and Kama Uchiha "The Devil Eye" (Lv. 40). Both bosses have mechanics. Those dang Uchiha.



There is now a code redemption NPC located in front of the Hokage Office which will redeem store codes for in-game items.

Our faction selection system is now fully operations.

Our Bingo Book and Rogue system is now working. If you kill enough members of your own village, you will automatically be exiled & branded a rogue ninja. More updated on this to come later. 



Bug Fixes

NPCS no longer fall through the ground when anything happens to them.

The launcher should work mostly as intended. If you experience a bug, please post on our support section here

The Compass will now list which town/zone you are in.

The online players (/who list) is now working as intended.

The Mission Log now displays the quests you are on! 

The Achievements frame now works as intended

Weapons should now work with [Simple Strike] & [Swordsmanship Slash]. If you find a weapon that does not work with the ability, please make a bug report.

Creatures and quests should now award EXP as originally intended. 

We are still looking into password resets. 

Everyone should now learn Dual Wield automatically as intended.

Fall damage is temporarily at 0 until next patch.

Shuriken Ninja Tool should now properly equip to your character as intended.

The gambler NPC reward has been significantly reduced following huge jackpots.







Please run your launchers! 


I am a bot. 

I do not read messages. 

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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 17 ( hotfix)


Worldbuilding & Map Design

Minor furniture added to some buildings


Gameplay & Content

Stoves have been added throughout the map to get ready for cooking skill

Fish now have cash value

Cup Ramen has now been added for better health regen








Bug Fixes

Fixed EXP not showing

Fixed Academy Door stuck

Bingo Book Icons should now display proper faction

Bingo Book now has Woosh

Salmon nigiri has been given a cash value. All existing salmon nigiri has been removed from inventories, as this was a bug. 




Please run your launchers! 


I am a bot. 

I do not read messages. 

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Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 18


Worldbuilding & Map Design

More furniture added to some buildings; more stoves added

Additional decorations have been placed in the Leaf

Port Hachou's interiors have been enhanced

Work has begun on Tanzaku Town's content to be added

More has been added to Notchi City

Many wandering NPCs have been added throughout the map

More furniture has been added into the academy to make the vendors more noticeable

A new region has been added next to Yokohama Town: a meadow of wildflowers where giant bees have migrated to

Additional RP areas have been added to Notchi City

Roadsigns have been added to help players navigate the world a bit better.

A traveling merchant has been added- see if you can get a selfie with him!

The Hidden Leaf has started putting out Halloween decorations... sp00ky season is in effect

The Hidden Leaf Sewers are now pass-through-able for Rogue ninja to... infiltrate the village or escape through.


Gameplay & Content

Additional side quests around the world have been added

The Large Snakes in front of the Leaf Village have had their hitpoints drastically reduced, making it easier to kill them

The Intro Questline has been slightly tweaked to be a little more clear in their direction

All spawns in the Land of Fire have been rebalanced with additional stat modifiers & general quality of life rebalancing! 

We have added 2 new bosses: a giant queen bee located in the grassy wildflower zone just added right next to Yokohama Town, and the new boss The Perilous Vagabond! 

The Hyuuga Clan Mastery Questchain has been added! - You can start this questchain at lv. 2 at the Academy Library

The Lightning Style Mastery Questchain has been added! - You can start this questchain at lv. 2 at the Academy Library


The Bingo Book has been given a slight design upgrade & the icons should now properly display for everyone!

A new Sidequest System has been created; allowing you to now auto generate sidequests anywhere in the map


Bug Fixes

EXP Rates have been heavily increased, following a major bug discovery (Exp rates were never intended to be that punishing)

You should now be able to equip 2h Swords as intended (including the academy) ( If you have trouble, please try dragging and dropping into your character window. )

All 7 Legendary Swords have been fixed; they are now usable

A bug has been fixed with the map that caused some players to crash in Port Hachou

A bug has been fixed with the map which caused some players to crash on the way to Yokohama town

Mushrooms, Edamame, and a few other herb spawners have been fixed. 

The green light in Notchi City has been fixed

Several spells previously missing textures have been located & fixed

A Bug has been fixed which caused players to be stuck in the frame of the Leaf Hospital

Jonin Guards now appropriately ward off Rogue Ninja by killing them. They still respawn at the hospital & can escape Konoha by jumping on rooftops from the hospital & using substitution well.

Bullies no longer get instantly brutally murdered by Jonin

Rogues can now be held accountable in the bingo book, causing them to lose bounty points on death as intended

Players will not longer get bounty points for suiciding. Pls don't kill urself ty.

Most weapons do not have durability, although some will still retain it for reasons that will soon make themselves clear

"Squeak Squaker". quest has been reworked to be less meme-y

"A Peasant in Need" has been fixed to now show up

"Loving the Unloved" can now be completed since hares were now added; roaming the map

A bug has been fixed which causes players to be stuck in certain enterable buildings in the Leaf Village

The Notchi City Tour Guidr should now properly be in front of his map outside of the city.

Jutsu Balancing

Ninja Tool: Shuriken's damage has been increased by 550%.

Sharingan: One, Two, and Three Tomoe now provide a baseline Strength buff as well as their attack speed

Lightning Style: Static Cutter Technique has had it's damage reduced by a factor of 3

Byakugan's attack power buff has been removed, and instead it now offer baseline strength bonus

Swordsmanship Technique: Dance of the Flocking Birds's damage has been reduced by 215%.

Swordsmanship Technique: First Moments of Sunrise has has it's damage reduced by 700%

Swordsmanship Slash's damage has been increased by 200%



The Cash Shop is now live! You can find it here. Thank you so much for your support, we are very humbled & thankful for playing Shinobi Story! ❤

The gift for the delay is Ninja Adventure Pack! It will be free for redemption from the cash shop for 7 days after this post! Claim it & enjoy before it goes back to being for sale!

Additional sound effects have been added to make you feel more like a shinobi

A new classroom has been built in the academy for Roleplayers to host classes!

Double EXP Weekends have been made live! Earn 2x the experience when playing on the weekend, any weekend!

Guards now defend Notchi City

Minor sounds & sound effects have been changed around


Please run your launchers to play the update!


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