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(First of all id like to say that im new to RP and im not really good at writing stories or stuff like that but this is the best i could do btw the pic's from "my" younger days my character just got his hair longer now xP. and the art is not mine is just to build my character since it looks like a younger version of it)


Character Preview :


Age : 30

Name : Zero Uchiha

Bloodline : Uchiha

Clan : Te no Sekai

Father : Saizou Uchiha

Mother : Himeji Uchiha



What i like : FOOOOOD , Travelling , Learning new things, FIGHTING for sure (Battle Maniac Alert) , Meetings new people

What i hate : Kazuo Uchiha , Jouzai Sekai(Im gonna kick their asses soon), Bad Food .




(Thats pretty much it up till now but maybe in the future my character will develop into something acually interesting )


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