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Agatomori Mizuchi

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Basic Information

Name: Mizuchi

Surname: Agatomori

Nickname: N/A

Age: 15

Place of Birth: Land Of Rivers 18?cb=20110923222255

Height: 1.70 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Occupation:  Taikomochi (Former), Konohagakure Shinobi (Current)



japan-geishas-1785-japanese-geishas-getting-12417966.jpg.37eb5f4c18616f8486de78e0b45b26f2.jpgPart One: A crown fallen.

"You cannot keep this secret any longer Makko. If the boss finds out you'll have to get rid of it one way.. or another." A geisha partway through putting on her makeup spoke into a nearby mirror, looking behind her at a young, small framed geisha in full traditional attire. Her hand resting ever so gently over her stomach. "I can't simply get rid or love Aisa. He promised he will come back. I will bare this child and await his return.." her voice was shaken, but confidence over took her as a gust of emotions filled her heart with courage once more, "So we can runaway and be happy.. and live as a family.." . Aisa's gaze said more than any of her words could. She was worried, excited, but Makko wasn't the first to speak with so much love towards someone long ways away from the four walls they now called home.

Years would pass, Makko would bare her first child due to support from her wealthier customers wanting her to stay apart of the Okiya - but her beloved never returned. Deep down she was deeply saddened, but in honor of the man she once knew she would name her first born child after a tale which connected them in the first place..a tale of their childhood..



The following tale has reenacted by the geisha of the Land of Rivers for generations:


Under the River he dwells. Never lost, ever-seeking. 

Stretching across the river, he rules all who dare enter his domain.

The scales of his body are the waves, the stones of the River the eyes through which he sees.


Once, there lived a humble Guide in the Land Of Rivers. Living a modest life, the man was but one of many that ushered foreign folk across the land. Through the river of life, he paddled away and away - never fearing to welcome another day.

On such a faithful day, the ordinary man was approached by a tall, handsome well-built giant. Fine plated armor adorning his towering physique. By his side a fair maiden of petite stature draped in fine silk.  Her locks curled down into unimaginable long vines only furthering and complimenting the astonishing, fearsome size of her companion. 

With a calm voice he reached out to the Guide, beckoning for his services for wealthy amount coin.

Surprise overcame the humble Guide, but in only but a moment as he simply welcomed the pair onto the ship. With a voice as calming as the the gentle sound of the river creaking he conveyed a warning. 

"I must warn you, these coins do me nor you any good. If you wish to safely make your way across this river you will give me three calabash. One for each on the ship."

From within her long sleeves the maiden pulled forth a calabash, filled to the brim with freshly drawn cold water. Entrusting it to the man she remained interested, confused. Why would such a man, with very little to his name, not take the coin that could provide so much prosperity to his life. With a hysterical howl, the giant provided a singular calabash - finding the river guide amusing. Through fits of laughter the armored man spoke once more.

"You're a funny, one old timer. Here, have yourself a drink of the finest sake the Land of Fire has to offer! But we do not have another one, we'll get you as many as you want once we reach the other side!

Leaning down on the edge of the boat the giant lowered the large satchel of coin, and began his relaxation. The river guide sighed as he simply nodded away. Understanding that he couldn't persuade the man any further. With a firm grasp of his worn out oar he pushed away and began their journey

Some time would pass, as the old boat made its way down the river. The once lush sounds of nature, silenced by the loud sound of water which mustn't be tread upon.  The river lost its flow, leaving the ship stranded in the middle. Rising from the depths of the water was a serpent like entity with a maw as wide as the river bank, with teeth sharp as the finest of swords.  It scales reflected the very beauty of the water, covered in sea matter of all kinds. Its blue scales stared back at the ship.

"Who dares cross my river without sacrifice!"

The beast roared in anger, shaking the now still water of the river.

Quivering in fear, the maiden hid behind the armored giant who stood tall before the large Serpent, taking arms. The Serpent snarled sending shivers down the body of the towering individual who before the leviathan resembled but the very tip of one of his teeth. Shuddering before the beast, the giant too fell to the fright within his heart.

"Pitiful human, raising your sharp stick at the sight of my greatness..."

Before the beast could sink its teeth into the side of the boat the river Guide spoke with a calm voice, grasping the attention of the beast even if be for but a moment. He'd entertain the cunning beast. 

"Oh great Mizuchi, The all devouring, guardian of the Land of Rivers. We may offer you the gold on this ship - but alas the rivers of this land are far more rich then any coin we could offer! But if I may! I would play but a simple game, for safe passage. Surely - you would satisfy a final wish of someone who has very little to lose."

The slit iris of the behemoth opened and closed. Silent as time seemed to stretch further and further with each ongoing moment. Finally his nostrils flared and a thick mist escaped the nasal cavities. 

"Then do tell . . . humble guide. . . what do you offer me . . .?" 

The Serpent coiled its body around the boat, looking at the man with great interest.

What the man had planned was but a simple game. Showing off the calabash, he'd allow the fine sake and water to spill across the deck of the boat. Blowing on them once, he'd place them onto the water surface with a gentle touch.

"You are the master of this path that we seek to cross, you control all within its domain. If you can sink these two gourds, you may bring the final breath upon us! If you can't - simply let us through."

Licking its maw, the tension on the boat was released - the ever coiled beast letting go. Amused by the simpleness of the man and his request, the guardian spirit would play along with his final wish. Under one condition.

"You will place one more item, for each one that sink - I will take away one life. Welcoming your soul to River...furthering the riches of my river banks.."

The guide presented one of the gourds. The Maiden presented the second one. Leaving the armored giant to present an item of his own. Cunning, he'd fetch a piece of parchment, folding it multiple times until he created a vessel of his own. Laying it on the water to float before the serpent.

Raising its arm from the depths of the lake, Mizuchi's claw's swirled in the air. A small whirlpool soon sinking the items which rested before him. The pair of calabash and the paper ship, gone under the river. In joyful laughter the guardian spirit opened its jaw, ready to swallow the boat whole - however two gourds came up from the water, resting on the still surface of the water. Mizuchi's nostrils flared in anger, as a thick fog consumed the ship and then . . . 


The flow of the river abruptly continued, the river guide and the maiden allowed passage to the other side. Not many know what happened after, but the tale has been shared for many generations.. thus many of the Land of Rivers inhabits till this day carry a calabash as a sign of protection and good fornute.



Part two: A Prince rising.

Mizuchi was tasked from an early age to learn the basics of proper etiquette. Being a boy growing in an Okiya meant labor intensive jobs, from cutting wood , mopping the floors day and day out to taking care of the livestock that belonged to the Okiya compound . These chores would take up most of his time in the day, the remainder spent on learning the arts of entertainment - he was to become a full fledged Taikamochi. 

That is until one faithful encounter. Resting after a long day of mopping the floors from the spilled over sake from the last guests that were just leaving, a large hand grasped his small head, pushing his long curly and drenched locks into his eyes. He couldn't see who the large individual was, but his soft voice was more then enough to ensure Mizuchi of his safety. 

"They've got you working really hard, huh kid? Here, come and sit down with me.." the man then sat on the doorframe, just outside the Okiya. He wore a fine black robe, silver flowers adorning the fine silk which draped over his muscular and tall frame. Shy, Mizuchi simply observed for a few moments. He was never treated as an equal. The man was patient, and given enough time Mizuchi slowly opened up. They sat down, sharing in their interest in mythology and tales - something that the young boy never told anyone before. He felt like someone was interested in him. Like someone finally understood. The young boy went as far as inviting the man to stay the night, knowing a way to sneak him in without paying. And so it was.

Mizuchi_JESUSCHRISTHESAPSYCHO.png.ddf61ced34a3e23e147748902e215754.pngHe introduced himself as Kaido. Once a glorious pirate, now a wondering man exploring what he had not seen on the open blue ocean. He promised to tell Mizuchi more of his tales, but alas as the morning sun radiated its glorious rays across the clay rooftop of the Okiya compound the usual morning silence was filled to the brim with screams of panic and pain. The house was set ablaze, and a cloaked figured slashed his way through the workers as if they were simply overgrown grass, mowed down swiftly with precise strikes.

Makko covered Mizuchi with her robe, hiding within a nearby closet - closest to the exit. The fire was getting more intense with each passing moment. The air was unbreathable, as she clenched the boy tightly to her. However within the small boys heart, there was no fear. There was no panic. He had seen death as a usual encounter. Be it a moth straying too close to a flame, a guest with a bill unpaid. If anything he stood silent, clinging onto the only thing that brought him joy. A small porcelain mask in the shape of a fox spirit. He had lived his whole life till this point simply wanting to explore outside the Okiya. To find the truth to the endless myths and legends that his mother performed..

Before he knew it. A warm sensation covered his black locks, pouring down onto his face and over his hands as he attempted to wipe it off. Red. All there was - was red. Lifting his head gingerly upwards, his mother stood motionless. A blade thrusting out of her still breathing body, as she collapsed over him and out of the closet. When the screams finally came to a close, Mizuchi grasped onto the porcelain mask and calmly made his way out of the household. The flames consumed the house, just as he took his final step out. Crossing the threshold where Kaido and him once sat, there rested the only thing that reminded him of what transpired that day. The still burning black robe, a silver lotus etched into the back of the design.

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Hah you snake. Feel the wrath of my empty water bottle and perish!


What happened to the giant and ship? O-O"


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6 minutes ago, BloodyDoll said:

Hah you snake. Feel the wrath of my empty water bottle and perish!


What happened to the giant and ship? O-O"

Leaving that to the interpretation of the reader.

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- Part one, A crown fallen (added).

- Part two, A prince rising (added).


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