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Kanmeh "Nemuran" Higuchi

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*Note: The art is not mine but if the modifications made, some arts are representation in the history of this character,Also the story is created by me.


Name: Kanmeh "Nemuran"
Age: 21
Gender: Gender_Male.png.9a46bcb26eecfeb21849d33bed98ba21.png Male 
Height: 1.90 cm.
Weight: 85kg
Hairstyle: Undercut
Facial hair: None
Hair Color: Blue dark
Eye Color: Red
Blood type: Vel-
Primary chakra nature:  Nature_Icon_Wind.png.bd84f1f3a0cc842962ae5144bda8b818.png Wind
Hidden Village:  ****
Clan & Organization:  Higuchi.png.60f6a0f41f7afd8fe6c17cf4a5c83389.pngHiguchi &  Ouroboros.png.f5c768e4a03d609eae811d1f0d191048.pngOuroboros

Good or evil at heart: Good
Specialization: Sensor ninja, Taijustu & Genjutsu

Description of the character's personality: Courageous, proud, Leal. It strives to be better but rarely boasts it always goes unnoticed. those close to him are unaware of their virtues and encourage it to be a little more outgoing, his family and friends is most important for both so would not hesitate to give his life for one of them.

Hobbies: he likes to spend his time reading and discovering new things through research.



Higuchi Clan Simbol




Ouroboros Organization Simbol






Description of the character's hist:
He is the son of Michitaka Higuchi, one of the leaders of Clan Higuchi, and Shinko Arora. Higuchi Kanmeh born with his twin brother Higori Higuchi belonging to the Village Hidden in the ******.


Characters from history

Higori Higuchi , Arora Shinko & Michitaka Higuchi



Fu Shimura & Tempa Shimura




First Chapter , Confronting of adversity


The small kids faced their first mishap unknowingly were born with a very rare sickness. The village doctors didn't know how to treat this disease, but what they know is that their vital organs were gradually going weaker and that both children were in danger. The parents were anxious, decided to go for a doctor who could treat them. Michitaka left the village to find a scientist who worked with experimental medicine, when the scientist heard what happened and realized how much time had elapsed, decides to accept without ask anything as pay; though he knew it was odd that still continue alive, because he had already seen the disease and according to most cases they should have died. When the scientist came up with Michitaka's children and read the medical report, saw an interesting fact, the reason they were still alive. It turns out that the children's type of blood was rare, that was the reason why have resisted this deadly disease. The scientist had in his possession one of the few antidotes that existed, he told to the village doctors the amount of dose that should be administered and the type of treatment that should give to the children; He said goodbye and told Michitaka would return later to see how their children were, he said that with a smile that throws in confusion to Michitaka.

Kanmeh's childhood with his brother was harsh because they has different tastes and qualities, they always argued. Higori always stood out for having a very noble behavior and was excellent in his studies at the ninja academy, but in the case of Kanmeh, he used to be a stubborn person. He has physical qualities, he stood out for his efforts and was loved by his friends because of his empathy.

His father decided to train separately the two children to see who is best unfolding on the three ninja disciplines: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. His brother, Higori hasn't good average in Taijutsu, but in the art of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu was absolutely extraordinary for his young age, and even becoming one of the best in the generation of the clan; his father was really happy for him. When Kanmeh heard that flattery by his father to his brother and when he saw a better chemistry between them, he entered into a fury state, his clouded mind thought about charge against his father taking him by surprise, displaying a destructive taijutsu, without giving him time to take a reaction from what was happening. Finally, he reached to knock him down and made a Futon technique against his father, but Higori, without think in the consequences moves in front of his father taking his place to receive the path of that Futon jutsu. This technique results in Higori's back razed by the wind and he ends up collapsing on the ground after being hit. Michitaka to see what happened, walked to berate Kanmeh, but now he felt his body stopped.
He looked back and found his son in a deplorable state, he was holding Michitaka's leg, begging to forgive his brother for the act who took place moments ago. Kanmeh used the interruption and in tears, shocked by what happened, escaped out of the place.
The young repentant sought the depths to drown their sorrows, wondering why he did what he did. Suddenly, he felt like a figure lurking quickly approached the young Kanmeh, he shouted with all his strength: "Forgive me brother!!!". The figure reached down and gave him a hug, saying, "We will forgive you, but now you have to forgive yourself, my son." That figure was revealed as a warm person. She wiped the tears and Kanmeh's tears immediately stopped. The young man realized who was talking was Arora, his mother. The child in the arms of his mother asked him why he hated his brother, and the reason why they wanted him more than to own Kanmeh. She answered him with a warm, patient and protective voice that a mother can give: "Your father and I, especially your brother want you, this conflict that you have for your brother doesn't do good for anybody, you have to learn to love it. Stop being so stubborn and play with him, don't ignore him. Learn with him, don't turn away from him and learn how to grow with him and like that... the two can grow up happy. You're the column of our family, but the only way that exists where you can keep standing is with the love of your brother, who will make both stronger and make us both proud." After these words, she lifted his son and ended by saying that it was time to take responsibility. "Go. Your father and brother are in the hospital waiting for you".
When Kanmeh knows that his brother was recovering well, he gave a sigh of relief and went to talk to his father. kneeling before him begging him the greatest of the pardons, saying that he would accept any punishment that would put. Michitaka was surprised at the change in the attitude that had taken his son and decided to forgive him for the vote of faith who gave his twin brother.


Second Chapter, Ties


With the calm situation and the brothers growing, his father decided postulate them for the ceremony of Higuchi Clan. He explained to his children what was the event, meant the rise of young ninjas who were to be promoted to the rank Genin. And they could obtain the weapon of their choice (Higori saber and Kanmeh  chakra knifes), imbued by the clan would have a real battle of ten minutes against other children, the last kid that could hold his weapon could be considered the Genin to represent the future of the clan and a member with great potential for the clan.
During the ceremony Michitaka was concerned about their children as both showed weaknesses during training. Higori was very gentle during the fighting, and the in the other side Kanmeh used to lose his patience.
The ceremony began, the young kids were giving their best effort, and one of the highlighted was the son of Touya Higuchi, co-leader of the clan, the child's name was Ling Higuchi. And there were few duels until remains four children, Ling against Higori and Kanmeh against Tempa, the brothers promised themself about be the two rivals on the final. Michitaka became concerned because Ling was a formidable opponent and Higori made numerous mistakes by his kindness. At the same time, Kanmeh was winning the battle against Tempa, but he forgots to disarm Tempa because he was watching the outcome of the fight between his brother and the son of Touya, watching him in case he had to intervene to support Higori. Higori neglected to keep his attention on Ling. Kanmeh tried to intervene to support it, but Tempa didn't let him, causing it to lose patience and Kanmeh decided to end his duel disarming Tempa in seconds to help his brother. Simultaneously, Ling and Kanmeh disarmed their opponent during the battle, making impossible to fulfill the promise of the twin brothers. With the fervor of battle, the last two opponents charged the other to decide who would win, and after the shock of the leaflets of their weapons, they heard the sound of the clock indicating that time was up. Kanmeh with the ultimate clash of swords and the enormous effort he had done felt his hands numb and he began to breathe weakly, their weapons slipped from his fingers. Among the euphoria, he heard the scream of his brother asking him to make a last effort to avoid falling defeated, and listen to his body woke up and managed to keep his gun in his hands during the brief moments of shock. When the leaders saw the end of a fierce battle with which they were shocked, and yet happy time to see the two children achieve reach that instance, decided that it would end in a draw and the two would gain the right to retain their weapons, representing then the Genin future that represent the strength of his clan.
His opponent came over to congratulate and present. How was tradition, the winner had to choose his name which would be recognized from that day forward, being in this case two individuals winners. Ling chose the name Zett and Kanmeh in turn chose the name Nemuran.


Third Chapter , Vow of faith



The Higuchi clan was on holiday, which was held a big party to celebrate and congratulate the winners of the Higuchi ceremony. They like to thank and acknowledge the great effort of the other participants. As time progressed, the leaders began to notice irregular movements, they received information about an alleged infiltration within the vicinity of the clan and that they failed to escape intruders.

Years later, when Kanmeh was returning from a mission, began to feel very ill, his body began to go numb again and now it hard to breathe. In a few seconds, he passed out. His father, after learning that the disease had returned, they sent a messenger bird to the home of the scientist, the days passed but there was never answer.
The scientist managed to read the message now that he knew that one of the sons of the man was weak, finally he decided to carry out his plan to get the blood Vel-. Explosions and toxic gases flooded the area where the clan lived, rogues and mercenaries were hired to create the distraction so they can kidnap Kanmeh and Higori, the twins. During the disaster, members able to face off against opponents, with clan leaders prepared to fight while the other members of the clan were sent to shelters to prioritize their protection, among them were Arora and Kisuna, the mother of twins and the mother of who once use to be called himself Ling, respectively. The resistance of the Higuchi Clan was the catalyst for attackers were forced to use the "Doton" creating a better distraction, allowing another group to enter of Michitaka's house with the intention of taking hostage the young kids and out without inopportune defenders.
After the collapse of the shelters, many members died, including the wifes of the leaders. Higori woke up in a tied chair from head to toe, the scientist was identified as Fu Shimura, he infiltrated his child in the clan to get information from the two young (hiding the reason why he brought, which was limited to experiment with their bodies), he said he was tied to avoid a misunderstanding. After release, he explain the situation in which was his brother, who had lost his right arm, several of his organs and had lost much blood. "You're one of the few in this place carrying the same blood type, there is not much time, your brother is close to die," said Fu, hiding his true intentions, only mentioning it was to save Kanmeh who was physically superior to his brother and his body would be able to withstand blood transplantation, in addition to a metal arm, which held Higori's chakra after his brother saved his life.
Higori was agreed to the proposal by Fu, he came to the surgery table where his brother was, who could barely hear, and told him his last wish: "I hope you can live with dignity and without hatred, be strong, you are a pride for our family and the clan. After all, you and only you are the strongest pillar. And do not worry, brother, because now not only myself, my chakra will be with you, from now on, I'll always be with you."


Fourth Chapter, Outcome


Time later, Nemuran was imposed on a mind control jutsu by Fu to use in assassination missions, working in collaboration with Tempa achieving the realization of many of them. Nemuran was sent by Fu to intervene into a fight between father and son for control of the Higuchi Clan, but the outcome of the battle, Nemuran felt a new presence of chakra that was well known to him, somehow managed to overhear the voice of his brother, talking to him: "Stop! You're being controlled, Talk!", were the words of the voice of Higori. Now Nemuran was really confused, but when he returned to watch the battle it had concluded resulting in Ling... no, Zett had murdered his father and left the place. Now the clan was shocked, but had to respect the conditions imposed by Touya to follow his son, because he knew that someday find the right path. Nemuran began to investigate and learned that his father had committed suicide some time, entering a sentimental crisis due to the loss of his wife and the disappearance of their children.
Fu used his jutsu to take him to his lair before it began to investigate more than they should, and as a result, then struck a blow against him knocking him unconscious. Some time later, Tempa and Nemuran were assigned by Fu to protect an individual, Tempa was worried, Nemuran was sure that it was important for Fu plans. On the way they met a Higuchi Clan member, by their distinctive clothing, Nemuran could distinguish him, identifying him as the leader of the clan. ¿Zett? his body began to numb and his memories returned. Nemuran, remembering his past, becoming aware again of his actions, he veered off the road and when Tempa realized immediately pursued him because he needed to defend the goal. He tried to use the mind control jutsu used by his father again, but a stamp on the metal arm Nemuran prevented the mind control became effective... in a blink, the ninja cunning had disappeared from the vision of Tempa, realizing his presence behind their backs. Nemuran used the edge of his chakra knives to kill Tempa, so after that, he was directed to where he had seen Zett. After searching a long time and not percatase of the area where he was, he saw the young leader of Higuchi Clan. But it was quickly surrounded by ANBU's of the Hidden Village in the Ashes. Nemuran was convicted on multiple charges and was subsequently locked in the prison of the village.

A long time passed, but a letter from a ninja village had been sent to relieve ANBU's giving his true identity and innocence, leaving all of his charges and immediately released. The ANBU's escorted him to the residential area their respective clan and was received by the leader, Ling. Who tells Nemuran: "Raise your head high with pride, and give me a reason to not regret of the decision that I made..." a handshake between the sons of the founders of the clan came before the words Ling late, "...because in the end the cycle returns to normal".



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