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"Brew Maker" Doro Senju

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Name: Doro

Clan: Senju

Age: 29

Nickname: Brew Maker

Chakra Release – Earth Release

Taijutsu Styles:

  • Drunken Fist
  • Kung Fu

Gender: Male


At first glance Doro is a pretty unassuming young man. At 5'8” he is average height and a seemingly average, if somewhat athletic build. Neither particularly skinny nor particularly fat, Doro does have some visible muscle tone, particularly around his arms and legs but it's nothing that would turn heads in most places. His hair and eyes are both a dark brown. As far as hair styles go Doro really only has two, extremely short or extremely long as he often grows lets his hair grow until it becomes so shaggy and long that it's uncomfortable for him until he shaves it off and lets the cycle repeat itself.

Clothing wise Doro, keeps it simple, usually wearing either traditional clan robes or a combination of long pants and a short sleeve shirt. He rarely wears shoes except for when dictated by decorum, or when trying to blend in with the locals by dawning the regions fashion. Instead Doro prefers to go barefoot and uses his earth style jutsu to pull the earth around his feet and create a protective layer of rock and dirt underneath if the terrain is harsh.

He carries with him a large nap containing camping supplies and extra rations and has several pouches of ninja tools around his waist. At his side is a clay gourd containing his latest batch of chakra infused spirits of which he has become somewhat well known for.


Doro is a generally jovial man. Highly energetic, and often a bit scatter brained he rarely stays in one place or focused on one task for very long. Easy going by nature, he is the type who would prefer to just roll with the punches as they come instead of planning things out. Doro is also quick to crack jokes or to try and find humor in a situation, often when doing so is considered inappropriate. He loves meeting new people and trying new things. His language can be a bit vulgar at times, and he doesn't seem to have an issue talking about subjects that are considered taboo in certain company. When drunk, and Doro is frequently drunk (often from his own creations), many of these traits become more amplified. The young man becomes louder and more boisterous, more flirtatious around women and even more impulsive. His language becomes even less filtered and he becomes even worse at reading the room. At his worst he may try to pick fights or pressure people into doing things may not feel comfortable doing.

History: Coming soon

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Digging this character concept. Hope to see you in game.

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