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Yo, Im Izuno. PROPABLY you are intrigued by me, EASY, im in a hurry.

SO, my history starts when i was 10, THATS RIGHT, i was arleady a man (x   d). I didnt have parents since birth,  I've never heard of them, never asked about them. Since I was a child I lived in a temple in the mountains in the land of iron, yes... a land where it always snows and cold. My counrty is located among three mountains called the Three Wolfs and is known to be a samurai fool since the dawn of time.



So yea, since i was born i worked for samurais and trained like them. No one was sure where I came from but they always treated me like theirs. I talked a bit and time is running, when i was 10 years old i was sent to the dojo. You know what does it mean right? FINNALY i had the opportunity to leave the cold lands and see the world! My dojo was in land of birds...



That was long road, I had some funny and interesting stories during the trip but finnaly, DOJO. It was a small temple, surrounded by a  forest, to enter it you had to climb the stone stairs with traditional deity monuments and go through the red wooden gate. I was so exited that I was running up the stairs to get to the top as soon as possible, then I slipped... When I was about to fall, someone grabbed my clothes, it was my sensei. This is how my road of samurai began.




 At first I got two swords: katana  and wakizashi, and blue indigo kimono. My day combined exercises and work at home, as part of the exercises I had practical lessons such as fencing, physical exercises, agility exercises. There were also theoretical lessons like mathematics, history, biology, and others. The most difficult, however, were "spiritual" exercises, meditation. I think these were the most important exercises for me. As part of work at home I had to clean temple, carry firewood, clean katanas. This was my life for 8 years...


I become a samurai, i still had to learn a lot but i was a well-trained warrior. My goal at this moment before I returned to my native land was to visit the dojo in other countries and expand my knowledge of a samurai. For 4 years I traveled learning from various masters in many dojos, I visited dojo in land of lightning, land of forests, land of hot water, land of the sea, land of waves, I even managed to be in the land of toads where I was learning the secrets of the power of nature. 

Unfortunately, I had to go back to the land of iron because of the uninteresting situation of my country. 

I did not stay long, the new power in the land of iron did not accept my return, they used the fact that I delayed the return to remove me under the pretext of infidelity. 

I swore that I would not give up as a samurai I would travel and leave my mark proving my strength, cheers...






Some days, some nights
Some live, some die
In the way of the samurai
Some fight, some bleed
Sun up to sun down
The sons of a battlecry





some things are unspoken but this is my story in a nutshell




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Just now, BloodyDoll said:

Good read, I like how the character is talking to you. Makes it feel really personal! 

Keep the Gucci coming! ^-^

thank you ❤️

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Posted (edited)

this post gave me 3 tomoe sharingan

Edited by SARGE

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