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Yutani Taro

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Yutani Taro
Noboru Syndicate

Yutani Taro was the son of a merchant who made his name distributing fish from the coast to villages and towns inland. In the early days of the Clan Wars his network grew to become one of the most commonly used companies for transportation, and he received many contracts from lesser clans. Taro's father had a longstanding relationship with the Sarutobi, and acted as a major part of their supply line for a fair price. Eventually, the Uchiha and Senju approached him with requests, which he respectfully declined.

It was here that things went south for the Yutani family. The Senju and Uchiha absorbed many of the smaller clans Taro's father had contracts with, and without these many smaller contracts, he could not pay his workers, maintain his boats or purchase goods. Eventually the business started to decline, to which he plead with the Sarutobi for larger contracts. They refused to provide assistance as they had been fed false information that he had assisted the rival clans. Despite his close relationship with the Sarutobi, he was left to wither. When the money dried up and the boats were gone, Taro's father fell gravely ill. The Sarutobi denied sending medical shinobi to assist him, bitter and defeated he slowly succumbed to sickness and death. 

Having witnessed the downfall of his father's business and health, accrediting all of this to the "Big Three" clans, Taro took up the sword. He trained with lesser clans and travelled aimlessly taking work as a mercenary and honing his skills. Disillusioned and bitter he held a grudge well into adulthood, seeking any opportunity to strike back at those who had caused his family's downfall. 

Taro is a ruthless, angry man who holds little regard for things like honor and integrity. Educated under his father he has a firm understanding of logistics and transportation needed for organizations, and can often be seen following clan supply lines. Hardened from life as a mercenary, his combat skills are continuously improving.


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