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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'd like to propose a template for the Ninja Info Cards board. The following is both the bbcode Template and how it looks (within Spoiler). Simply copying and pasting it into a post allows other players to copy it. This can be further enchanced and improved, but it's supposed to be a rough layout. Here is how it looks:
  2. Hoi people im new around here imma suggest some stuff that either are in or not idk if there since i never entered the game so here we go sorry for my bad english too im dislexic so i do my best to do a great write or something for element i suggest you add the five principal Fire (Katon) Water (Suiton) Earth (Doton) Wind (Fuuton) Lightning (Raiton) as for clan well there could be custom but depend on dev so yeah as for Eyes (if a clan have eyes) i suggest some eyes but it will depend on if a clan have it or a secret jutsu as for creativity either player home or base that we can set and come back and as for final i suggest add some boss im sure you did plan that but just incase add some boss that can differ depend on your lvl or skill it can be a hard one exemple naruto young vs gaara or as later on minato vs tobi power level that a exeple i hope it can help For Jutsu i suck for name and etc so as for that imma maybe update the thing when i get something in mind but otherwise we shall see
  3. I was looking at the latest combat teaser and I really liked how the combat looked, but something that really peeved me was the head size. The body is too big for the head. I'd say to either increase the head size or decrease the body size, but I really love the game so far!
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