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Found 8 results

  1. Name: Sorimachi Sarutobi Age: Past his prime, getting on Affiliation: Sarutobi Clan Occupation: Shinobi Shinobi Disciplines: [???] [???] [???] Physically: Graying and of a slight build, Sorimachi's presence can hardly be described as striking or even imposing(As it is so often beneficial to any Shinobi worth his or her salt), even if there are certain disquietening traits to his person; - Eyes that are normally green and soft acquiring properties that some some would swear by feeling like having one’s very essence pierced by a furious hail of arrows within a literal “blink of an eye”. - A posture that borders on unnaturally straight and taut, so much so that the younger generations of Sarutobi have long joked about even Sorimachi’s measured breathing occurring only at his behest, no more and no less. - He dresses conservatively, for practicality and well within his means, with hair cut smartly(lest it is used against him in a foray or mission) and his only concession to “fashion” or even personal taste being a neatly trimmed moustache. Psyche: Even though deception is almost second nature to all Shinobi, Sorimachi has only cultivated it out of necessity and to better serve the interests of his Clan, being described as a straight-talker by most(if not all) accounts. He is not driven by deep desires and ambitions that would see him commit great acts of violence, in the same way, he is not given to grandiose displays of mercy and benevolence, instead measuring his conduct and actions in the way most Sarutobi have been taught to. “What would benefit the Clan the most?”
  2. WEEK 1 --- To the attention of the Elders, Most esteemed and revered ones, this humble retainer writes with the intention of keeping you apprised of the happenings and landscape of the southern reaches. The communal shrine is the only true safe haven, with the monks and their attendants keeping the peace, even without any words being said, we all realize that that violence of any kind will not be tolerated within their sanctum. With the appropriate reasoning and right words, this provides for a goodly opportunity, consider this for some kind of initial foothold should events force us to beat a hasty march and in numbers. Though I advise that only our very best wordsmiths should be used to parley with the religious types, lest we inadvertently have them welcome the Senju with open arms instead, or, heavens forbid, the Uchiha. Having been able to explore some of the lands under the excuse of hunting for sustenance I can safely say that they hold promise, much of it being green and fertile, with plenty of bodies of water that could sustain our industrious intentions and deeps woods with enough materials for construction. Even without having much input from the locals, it is a sensible to assume that much of this land’s wealth is concentrated in one spot, as one of the main roads leads to it’s largest settlement, fiercely guarded, so much so that I have not yet dared to explore further in that direction. On on the other hand, the other settlements I have found are few and far between, having been received with open hostility in one of them, the village in question looks to make their Ryo with seafaring (I have spotted a few ships under construction nearby) and a deplorable “drinking hole” of sorts. These are the sorts of ruffians in dire need of the order and discipline only we can bring, and I would be honored beyond words should such task fall upon these shoulders. As for the other villages, they appear to survive on trading with travelers, farming, hunting or even providing adequate lodgings to the weary, with no concern for who they render services unto, as much to their benefit as to my chagrin, seeing it only makes it harder for me to find any like-minded kin or even covert opposition. Many of those that I come across carry themselves as Shinobi would, but other than a rare instance or two, I cannot ascertain their origins. Which leads me to believe that much like with the land, this is a place filled with human and potentially martial potential. A potential that we should capitalize on, if given the opportunity, by scooping up as many of the yet unaffiliated as we can, there being plenty of our Clan well within the age to be made use of in a potential beneficial marriage. Hoping that the words above put the hearts and minds back home at ease, I will now finish with a fond farewell and a wish that those very same words are in accordance with my task, being loathe to disappoint or fail. With nothing further to add, Sorimachi Sarutobi. --- (It would be quite alright if other Sarutobi posted their own reports on this thread, since that is what I will be doing. Thanks for reading.)
  3. Forename: Yoroi Surname: Tenshin Nickname: Sparrow Gender: Male Age: 17 years old Height: 5’11 (1.80 m) Weight: 165 lb (74 kg) Hair colour: Pale Blonde Eye colour: Light Blue Birthplace: Land of Fire Heritage: Sarutobi With the image to match his natural charm, Yoroi boasts a sleek jawline moored in thin but taut muscle. His cheekbones are high and pronounced beneath pale skin. Subtle, well-spread lips lie beneath a modest nose and his facial hair is kept cleanly shaven. Amongst the young sparrow’s most striking features are his eyes. Their faded blue complexion appears hollow; yet deep within, daring embers of greatness gently smoulder. This ambition forms the very crux of his being. Passionate in maintaining form of mind & body, Yoroi’s growing frame is roped in lean coils of muscle. He stands confidently with broad shoulders and appropriate posture. His arms and legs are relatively slender, lending him an athletic appearance. His hands are calloused and often grazed as a result of his preferred training methods. A simple tattoo - conjured in the image of a sparrow - straddles the width of his right shoulder. Yoroi’s pale, silvered locks are layered and flow thick behind & besides his scalp. Long bangs frame the sides of his temples, and braided through the bottom of their strands hang two, small cerulean-coloured trinkets. Whilst living impoverished, Yoroi grew an appetite for luxury. This once whimsical attraction has since developed into a callous appetite for wealth, leading Yoroi to commit crimes such as petty thievery. His left ear is pierced with a set of solid onyx bands and he wears rings of varying size on his fingers. The mass of beads and trinkets adorned upon the young sparrow are mostly stolen, save for the few suspended within his hair that came as a gift from his mother. Learnt as part of a childhood ritual, Yoroi crushes the husks of walnut trees to make a black dye and paint his eyelids. The young sparrow uses this process as a mental ‘switch’ of sorts: allowing him intense focus by embracing a second ‘self’. Born and bred with the beliefs of the Sarutobi clan, Yoroi is an intuitive fighter. A thinker foremost, the young sparrow thrives as a strategist and negotiator. He has an appreciation for all manner of artistry, with a preference for music and specifically wartime percussion. A vain yet charismatic ambience surrounds the boy. His tone of speech is languid but precise; although honesty is not always his policy of choice. Yoroi feels at odds with authority, blaming the ceaseless greed of the Feudal Lords and major clans for the destitution in the world. The sparrow is proud and, at times, selfish. Having little contact with a caring family, Yoroi has been forced to prioritise himself. Each action is considered with his own benefit, though this fierce loyalty has been extended to a select few. When calm, Yoroi is a well-spoken and polite individual. His innate stoicism tends to betray a wider range of complex thought and emotion, making the boy hard to read. Despite this apathetic countenance, Yoroi is whimsical in nature and loves the thrill of adrenaline. TBD WIP
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