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Found 9 results

  1. A brief tale of a misty dawn stroll... You wake far earlier than usual, the dawn sun not yet touching the horizon. Despite how long you slept, you feel invigorated by a strange compulsion. Looking outside you see a low, light fog slowly roll in around where you took respite. Sensing the fresh scent of coming rain, you take a walk down a familiar path. The misty morning presented a natural filter to your surroundings, breathing deeply with life around you as you let your mind wander for a moment. The sun peering over the horizon brings you back from the awe inspiring morning, and you turn as if to return. However, the path you took is not as you remember. A misty lake with crystal clear turquoise water and sprawling mountain ranges now lay before you. While the sight was daunting, all your other senses noted a earie feeling of familiarity to your surroundings, and as you continue you begin to notice a reflection begin to appear in the glistening water. You gaze across the lake, searching from what seems to be shimmering in it's centre but cannot make out the object. The landscape appears as a moulded ideal of nature in balance; visually intense and yet calm and serene. Walking further along the path you come to a wooden bridge, painted red with bells and ribbons tied to each of it's posts. After crossing the bridge the figure in the centre of the lake becomes clear; a vast citadel, decorated with gold and brilliant shades of blue and purple. It's outer compound appears to be below the water's surface, with it's keep being accessed through a path leading across the lake, connected through islands and bridges between then. While you are acutely aware of the wonderous fantasy of what you are experiencing, the prevailing sense of being at peace calms your nerves. Hearing light footsteps approach from further along the path, you turn from looking upon the shining structure to see a woman, who beckons to you as your eyes meet. Her hair is dark, and she wears a white and red robe. On her wrists tied are bells and white ribbons; the same as those on the bridge, that seem to ring on with a soft echo as she continued her approach. "Welcome to Shin Shinkiro Seiiki; the New Mirage Sanctum" Your curiosity takes hold. "New Mirage Sanctum?" you query as the women walks up to your side. Matching her gaze, you look clearly upon the magnificent citadel. The sight fills you with an elation, and you indulge in your senses temporarily. "It is very impressive, but where am I?". "Not long ago, something happened. One day, our old sanctum vanished. We searched through the misty morass, but we couldn't find it." the woman replied, a note of longing in her voice. "This is our new sanctum, very much the same place, and yet entirely new." Missing vital pieces leaves you looking for clues. Not certain of the woman's demeanour, you moderate your response; "So, you built a new citadel?". The woman shakes her head, and you notice a curious misty smoke emanating from her earrings. Watching the smoke whisp away in the air you hear the chirping of birds and the singing of frogs; evidence of other life revealing itself for the first time. Alongside the sounds of flowing water and of the wind in the trees, the impression that this place is a wonder of life is embedded deep within you. "We didn't build it. We found it in the shrouded mists, just as you have" she said, closing her eyes in contemplation on the topic. The water seems to still for a moment, and you wonder about the peculiar situation you have found yourself in. Perhaps a dream, you wonder. Puzzled by her words, you press the topic. "Impressive, but strange. Where are we? What is this place?" you ask. The woman takes a deep breath before continuing. "We don't know, not anymore. You can walk it's bounds forever searching, and yet always find your way. The mists guide your steps and the path mirrors it's intent. The sanctum is as exactly as it appears to be..." she replies, trailing off as she leads to walk further along the path towards the next bridge. While crossing, you peer over the sides into the water and see an abyss of depth to the lake. Deep below the shimmering surface you see what appears to be a large fin darting in a shadowy crevasse. Unable to see whatever had caught your attention, your focus shifts to your own reflection. You recognize yourself in it's mirror like gleam, and inside you feel a sense of pride well from within. Your failures feel a little more manageable, and your victories warm your soul ever so slightly more. "A soldier long ago, said to be the visage of a goddess, honed her swordcraft for years through constant mortal combat. Later, when the sanctum revealed itself to her, she took upon many students, whom studied her style in it's grounds. The sanctum was a place where the the soldier's spirit could find rest for her soul, and immortality for her techniques." Noticing her vague and dismissive vernacular, you query it directly. "Who are 'we'?". You wander over to the edge of the water bank, and seat yourself on a large flat stone. The tone in the woman's voice changes to one of routine as she replies. "We are, or were, it's keepers. We manage it's Shrine and halls, and have devoted ourselves to achieving the same solace of soul the great soldier once did". You ponder the words of the Shrine Maiden. Vaguely cryptic conversation was less of the direct answer you were seeking, and desiring a more thorough understanding of your position incites another question; "Who are you? How can you speak for others?" A childlike grin appears across the woman's face for a moment as she turns to face you. She then bowed deeply, and spoke; I am ♦ Overview Given Name: Kagari Family Name: Amaya Gender: Female Bloodtype: AB ♦ Appearance Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Blue Height: 5'9" | 177cm ♦ Titles Occupation: Shrine Keeper of Mirage Sanctum Rank: ??? Bingo Book Entry: ?-Rank ♦ Traits & Personality Kind. Diligent. Excitable. Vengeful. Brash. Conniving. More fighter than lover Both scholar and solider ♦ Pursuits & Hobbies Poetry. Art. Kenshibu. Shogi Debauchery. ♦ Skills & Talents Kagari as a child was born in a region suffering from a long drought. The people who lived there struggled to survive, and she grew small in stature as a result of a poor living. She did not see rain until she was almost 7 years of age, and in her wonder of exhilaration at the sight and feeling of what she had come to know as a purifying, life bringing force, she wandered from her family home that misty morning. Her childlike wonder and joy guided her way, and the mists formed a passage to Mirage Sanctum. The mists that purveyed it's grounds nurtured it's denizens, and the stunting that had diminished Kagari's early growth slowly began to reverse. There she met it's keepers, whom took her in and taught her of their history and ways. She learned of the first denizen of Mirage Sanctum; Mempo of the Shroud, and how her devotion to the Sanctum saw her become one with the mist itself. This was seen as an ascension of the physical body, beyond mortal coils, thus Mempo of the Shroud became the first Keeper to attain immortality of body through this process, and immortality of mind through her teaching of her techniques to her students. Thus the Shinkiro Kakure Dojutsu, the Hidden Mirage Way, was born, where mastery of Mempo's techniques and devotion to the Sanctum could bring enlightenment and transcendence to a practitioner. As Kagari grew into her teenage years, she began to reject the finality of her devotion to the Sanctum, and sought to leave. However, whenever she attempted to escape the mists, the path would twist until it led back towards the citadel. Feeling stripped of her existence and detached from her image of self, she attempted to drown herself in the abyssal lake below Mirage Sanctum. Her body seemed to be welcomed by the ever darkening waters as she drifted deeper below. She let the glistening water into her lungs and suppressed her innate panic. As her vision darkened, and the sound of her slowing heartbeat began to echo in her mind, the icy water around her seemed to warm. A deep voice manifested in her mind. " Rare to see your kind come so deep. Perhaps you are... like she was..." A flicker of consciousness sparked in Kagari's mind; she had yet to die after what had seemed like hours of drifting, completely surrounded by water. She sighed, coming to think that the Sanctum had bested her final attempt to return to her own people. Another flicker of thought then sent her mind into a web of logic that she could not come to understand; she had sighed under water. Now in a frenzy, unable to make sense of her situation, she scrambled to the surface. She could not tell if she was unable to hold her breath any longer and was frightened of drowning, or if the illogical panic she was thrust into had taken hold of her. After climbing to the surface and onto one of the banks of the Sanctum's many islands connected by it's bridge network, Kagari was again able to breath as was familiar to her. Confused and in a daze, she turned back towards the edge of the water, and stared at her reflection. Her mouth had filled with jagged, razored teeth, and slits had appeared on the sides of her neck. Kagari blinked to remove the water from her eyes, and as her vision cleared, her focus rested deep into the water, where a large fin flickered in the light far below the surface. As she tried to look more intently at the figure, her focus shifted again to her reflection, depicting only that of a cold, wet young woman. Kagari returned to her studies with a strange curiosity now planted deep inside her. Over a decade has since passed since Kagari's descent and her encounter in the abyss, and alongside the disappearance of the previous sanctum, has moulded her character in many illogical ways. What new stories might her journals hold? No longer a young girl, both enlightened and deceived by the Mirage Sanctum and it's strange mechanisms, Kagari seeks to find transcendence as is the way of the Sanctum. Soon, through the misty path will come those capable or learning her teachings, and through cultivation of her arts and learning the secrets of the abyssal lake, she can attempt to unlock the history behind the disappearance of the old sanctum and the true meaning within the will of the mists. ♦ Goals - Take upon students who can travel freely to the Sanctum in order to allow the Hidden Mirage way to permeate beyond it's bounds as it once did - Continue to learn of the Abyssal Lake and it's powers - Fill the halls of the Citadel with life, just as it had once been - Search for evidence of the Lost Sanctum
  2. [Credited to Kagari] "Our good intentions have always been delayed." Age: Late and bitter 20s Clan: Chinoike Rank: Genin [Currently officially a missing-nin] Traits: Pacifist | Introverted | Distrustful | Guarded EXPERIENCES & TIMELINE Rise to Genin, Land of Hot Water Circa Third Hokage’s Death While the Land of Fire was handling a crisis unlike any other at the time, Nobu, in spite of his troubled lineage, took on a fake name and lived long enough within the Land of Hot Water to become a pupil, and be allowed to graduate as Genin. During this time, he learned the principles of pacifism and the importance of upholding Yugakure’s unique brand of keeping out of any bloodshed. From D-Class to B-Class, Land of Hot Water From Third Hokage’s Death to Conclusion of Search for Fifth Hokage During a calamitous time in the world, with political powers vying for growth and the might of the Village Hidden in the Leaves tested by Orochimaru, Nobu was far away and in training. Through the bonds gained with his team, and though guarded because of his heritage, the young man managed to show his talents in Ninjutsu. During this time, his aptitude for Water Style and Fire Style were discovered. Chunin Ascendance & Later Life, Land of Hot Water Emerge of Sound Four to Kidnapping of Last Uchiha Clan Member Nobu was quickly becoming apt in the ways of performing missions to find missing nin, recover artefacts for the Land of Hot Water, and aid medical nin in difficult assignments where assistants were becoming a necessity. After all, during this time tensions between each nation began reaching a political boiling point. In the Chunin Exams that followed, a 12-year old Nobu was forced into submission and narrowly avoided an unnecessary death from his bloodthirsty opponent (a zealous Jashin worshipper) when his Kekkei Genkai activated on instinct, the Chinoike Clan’s own Ketsuryugan. While not as infamously powerful as the Sharingan or devastating as the Rinnegan, the ability of this doujutsu let Nobu manipulate the blood in his opponent’s system, causing internal bleeding and leading to their untimely death seconds thereafter. Needless to say, the examiners were in morbid shock. Because of Yugakure’s pacifistic ways, and the history of the Chinoike Clan which Nobu was able to shield himself from for the longest time during childhood, this was as far as the boy could go. For the good of the Village, he needed to be captured and either studied or slain. After all, the rest of his clan was dead, and such a dangerous, blood-curdling eye could not be allowed to exist within this peace-abiding land. Having unofficially passed his test, but never given his certification of legitimacy as Chunin due to him running away at the revelation, Nobu Masanori shed his false name and began to wander the Lands as a vagabond. Now, several years having been alone, he has drawn from nature to learn more about his Fire Style and Water Style aptitudes. He hops villages and towns to gain scrolls of knowledge, and often looms for days for no discernible reason. Nobu is alone, but searching for his purpose in a divided world. [Credited to Naoreo. Source: Fiverr] TECHNIQUE SPECIALIZATION Katon [Fire Style] - Proficient Suiton [Water Style] - Proficient Kuchiyose no Jutsu [Summoning Technique] - Adept [Contract Made] Doujutsu - Ketsuryugan [Kekkei Genkai] Taijutsu - Focused on repelling rather than assaulting Genjutsu - Proficient Cloning Jutsus - Hi Bunshin no Jutsu, Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu IMPORTANT HEIRLOOMS Yugakure Headband - Though in hiding, Nobu admires the ways of his Village and wishes he could follow the path set from noble pacifism regardless of his blood. Therefore, he has kept the headband of his Genin days in pristine condition. Clan Apparel - In spite of his predicament in being of a blood-abiding Clan, Nobu honors his mother by wearing his father’s old shinobi outfit with the Clan’s sigil inscribed onto it. CURRENT LIFE GOALS & ASPIRATIONS Apart from wishing to find his place in the world, the current Nobu wishes to find a shinobi who will guide him further in learning and offer friendly companionship. After all, the shinobi world is difficult to traverse without connections, and this one has already exhausted the goodwill of one Hidden Village. Beggars can't be choosers, and that's why this beggar is traveling to many a valley, leaving no stone unturned, to keep learning about life. [This section will be updated throughout the organic RP experience I wish to have; an individual's goals, as well as their personality, change over time depending on the impact others and the world itself have on them. Don't expect what you've read here to be a stagnant character, bereft of growth or change.] OOC NOTE This character is an original creation and any imitation or blatant attempt to copy key components of said creation will be scrutinized. I aim to use this character in Roleplay as well as in-game content, therefore he's to be considered partially In-Character during most times. If I'm walking around, I'm in character. I allow any and all interaction with Nobu, but in the case of potential loss of limbs due to injury, or in the case of potential death, I would like to be forewarned about participating in an RP prompt. Furthermore, I would like to point out that I do not tolerate Powergaming nor will I sit through blatant Metagaming. Just because your character has a Sharingan, a Ketsuryugan, a Byakugan, or some other eye technique that does not mean you should be able to openly commit Roleplay sins. The best characters rely on their character itself, and not their powers. Nobu's traits and personality are to be discovered In-Character. See you all in-game!
  3. Hi all. Yesterday, I hosted the RP event Troubles of Yokohama, in which around 20 players attended! I am very grateful to everyone who was able to participate, but while the event was definitely a learning experience for all involved, I think it is safe to say it did not go to plan and may have resulted in some players feeling let down. In this thread I would first like to discuss with you the factors that lead to this determination, as well as explain why the event was concluded early. To reiterate, this was entirely the point of this event and the Alpha as a whole, so we can develop our own skills and understand how we need to adapt to meet the needs of our players and vice versa. Following the event, many members of the Staff Team met to discuss the outcomes of the event and have begun planning for methods of helping players and limiting the impact these factors have in future. I will also speak a little about this in this post. Why the event didn't go to plan, from our perspective: There was a huge variety of players attending the event in terms of Role Play experience: There were some with a clear understanding of how to conduct themselves in "heavy" RP environments such as that encouraged in Shinobi Story, other players with experience with RP in general (but appeared to be generally unfamiliar with the format of events and how RP should be conducted) and many who had little or no experience. As a result, from my perspective as host, trying to adapt the event to make it suitable for all players was extremely difficult. A difference in English ability: Firstly I would like to make it clear that those of you who are not native English speakers are more than welcome at Shinobi Story, however it is generally expected that in a Role Play setting such as this a good standard of English is met. Please don't be disheartened by this and read on, we are eager to make sure those of you need help developing your RP and English skills are supported by our team! For me, it's been a while! This was the event event with such a high number of players I had hosted in quite some time, which takes some getting used to for trying to make sure everyone is involved and responded to. Unfortunately I know even though the event was shortened I still wasn't able to respond to everyone as quickly as I wanted, so I am sorry about that. All of these factors, as well as other more trivial points, meant that I didn't think it would beneficial to continue the event as I had initially planned. I had expected hiccups as with any test or Alpha period in a game, however unfortunately I hadn't anticipated these to have as much as an impact as it did. This is why I ended the event early. What the Staff Team as a whole are doing to address these issues for future events: Yesterday following the event, a large proportion of the Staff Team were able to meet up to discuss what we will take away from the event. This resulted in a constructive discussion where we brainstormed ideas for helping you as the player and advancing RP in the game. As with everything in Alpha, please don't take the below as a complete picture. These are simply ideas that we are looking into implementing. The Role Play team will set up "workshops" for players with less experience in Role Play, to help them progress and develop their skills. These workshops may vary depending on the level of experience players already have, and will also be open to players who would like some help in progressing their English skills too! Resources created by the RP team will be made, including simple guidelines for RP that all players can refer to when unsure, as well as tutorials and guides for those of less experience too. In-game development tailored more to supporting Role Play. This could mean the introduction of in-game tutorial quests, the introduction of reminders and tips for Role Play as well as ways of players being able to identify more experienced Role Players, so newer players know who to turn to in the community for help! Making sure the event management and RP skills of our own RP team are up to scratch! It's obviously important that our own Storytellers are able to RP and organise events for our players, so we will always be carrying out peer review and supporting each other towards this goal. As always, we are constantly seeking your feedback and I would like to hear your opinions both of the event and our plans to try and address this in future. Thank you!
  4. This is Tips and Tricks Topic of how to survive the first few Months of RP I don't know any Details oft he Game you don't know yet. these are just pre-made tips that could be helpful. before reading, grab some cookies and milk! (p^w^)p ? LETS GET STARTED! tip 1: Make Friends -> RP alot with other people, have conversations with other people and get Teams to run around with. Why ? If you have people to RP with, you can progress and also run around with, making it harder to attack or confront you in any way. tip 2: make yourself a valuable Character / Shinobi Why ? Lets say you are a Medic that totally focuses on RP'ing as one and you get really far with that Medic Skills, people will need you to be healed up and stay alive. If you are learned in X profession ( lets say Smith ) people will need to relay on your skills to make good Weapons or Armor for them. tip 3: Don't be a jerk to anyone who is stronger or way more dangerous than you, he will likely kill you without leaving a trail if you once head out for a Mission alone Why ? Do I need to explain why its a bad idea to be a Jerk ? I mean c'mon, you don't insult a Serial Killer In realife without knowing he would definetly harm you. tip 4: Make Good progress in Character Strength Why ? If people notice you really are stronger than them ( or you look like it ) they will highly let you go away or pass you since they don't want to put them self in danger ( unless they ignore tip 3 ) tip 5: Join a Org that fit your / your Characters interests Why ? A Org definetly will work together to gain territory, get further in being aible to fight, have resources or be aible to stand against anything that comes along - meaning, they will help you and you help them tip 6: Informations will be your best friend in a World with Clans and Orgs that wan't to gain alot of Power and resources that nobody else has Why ? Lets say you got Information about another Org, wanting to raid something or some valuable Items etc. You are aible to sell these Informations or Trade them to anyone else, making you again, a valuable Character that has to be protected OR will be needed for further things These are for now, MY 6 TIPS on how to Survive the few Months of the Game, they will be updated as soon as the Game will be released but for now, its just a quick beginner tip guide. Have a nice one, Peace.
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