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Found 4 results

  1. Tooltip says 9 sec, and it counts down from 9 sec, but it takes additional cca 5 sec before you can cast it again. So i guess its just a typo.
  2. Bug Name: Water Bullet Jutsu + Fireball Jutsu collision Brief Description: In the WB Jutsu, it says WB would destroy the fire projectile. The WB went right through the Fireball, damaging the opposite player. Fireball wasn't destroyed and still hurt the other player. Reproduction steps: /duel someone. One of you cast Fireball. At mid-cast, cast WB Jutsu. Pictures: None, would need a GIF.
  3. Bug Name: Water Style : Shockwave Jutsu Brief Description: Shockwave works well on players, but on NPCs, they tend to fall slowly as if there was no gravity. The speed of the falldown depends on the NPC too (wolf being the faster, bears being the slowest) Reproduction steps: Cast Water Style : Shockwave Jutsu on a bear, then a wolf. Additional info: I'm not sure but... Wolves lvl 1-3 seems to fall faster than lvl 7-10. PS: I was told it was already reported, but I haven't seen a post for it, so. Pictures: None, it would need a GIF and I don't how to do them (and am too lazy to learn huhu)
  4. Trainer in shrine allows players to learn Brilliance aura IV which allows players to use Exorcism level 1, works on players deals roughly 100 damage or so.
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