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Found 1 result

  1. Creatures and how to kill them Not literally, I will just tell you alil about our creatures for now. Intro: With the entire thingie Vlad posted yesterday about our spells, I have taken it on myself to add a lil neat something for you all to enjoy instead. As mentioned yesterday before you lovely people flooded it away in general chat, I am implementing a lovely system for all those who might want to start a hunting career beside your magical ninja business or civilian business if you intend to destroy the market with awesome goods. The system is a day and night cycle AND a seasonal change for all our living beings within Shinobi Story. As I have studied the habits of the first few animals we are adding into the Alpha, I thought the best way to add dynamic life would be to figure out the seasonal and day/night cycle of those animals and have all the animals act according. This will impact where, how and when the animals does what and add a new aspect to the 'PvE' some people have hoped for; Actual hunting knowledge. Day/Night The cycles of day and night would seem straight for most of you but it actually has quite the large impact on your hunting routines just like it would in the real world, creatures that are nocturnal will be active in the night and vice versa, but for most people you probably do not know which animals will be doing what at different times. Our first example is a WOLF, these beautiful creatures have the so hard to implement habit of hunting ALL THE TIME and sleeping AT ALL TIMES, meaning you will be able to find empty dens at certain times a day if you happen to stumble upon one and maybe the next its a full pack hiding in there, waiting to eat you alive. The day/night cycle will also introduce normal animal habits such as pack hunting, meaning you will rarely get your chance on finding a lone wolf within the game and should this happen, you will need the knowledge of the species behavior to determine where a lone wolf would be at the different times of day. All this will be added according to the animal, meaning a frog will not be active or hiding the same times a wolf would and a bear might have a third pattern that needs to be figured out to successfully hunting it. Seasons Just like day and nights, seasons impact the way of animal behavior and many animals tend to get harder or easier to spot depending on the time of year. A hunter with sufficient knowledge will know that caves might have bears in the winter and in spring and summer they will be near a river or waterhole that has plenty fish for it to feast on. With the addition of the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, you not only have to factor in the fact animals behave different in every season, but you also have to account for day and night behavior for said animals for every season. Some frogs as an example becomes far more night active doing summer due to the Summer sun and heat, meaning they will be longer and more active in the Summer days and still active in the summer nights. Although in Autumn and Spring, this will be evenly balanced out and in Winter their sightings drop significantly in both times of day. Aether's Diary will contain an introduction for different animals as we progress through the last days of development and should animals be on your hunting and not Humans, I suggest reading it or at the very least search for information about it yourselves. Love, Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature P.S Remember that this system will also have an impact on Human NPC behavior such as vendor whereabouts, casual civilian NPCs and Mission NPCs. :WinkyFace: P.S.S Adding pictures is hard since I cant wait 4 seasons out to display this. So I will give some eye candy later.
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