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Found 5 results

  1. IC: You are walking around going about your normal day and on a tree something would catch your attention it would be a poster stuck to a wall with Indras face on it and some writing you decide to: Ignore the poster and walk past it walk towards the poster and read it IC: you are invited to come to a gathering located at Yokohama village for a gathering hosted by Indra, food and drinks will be provided there free for everyone and there will be a pvp area for those who want to sharpe your skills in combat and meet stronger people. as an offering from indra he will be teaching anyone that needs to learn how to use fire style jutsu, wind style jutsu, and water style jutsu. this event will be hosted at 7pm 4/29/2020 in Yokohama Village OOC: I decided to make this event because the announcement that the game will be gone for a long time on the 30th so I want to take this as an opportunity for everyone to meet up rp and pvp and overall just have fun and do whatever the game will be down for a while so just take this opportunity get on and be active and have fun I hope people show up it will be fun, and yes anyone that shows up if you want I can teach you any jutsu as long as you rp for it. lol I don't know much about making events but atleast I tried so goodluck everyone and I hope to see you all there I really hate your guys toes by the way.
  2. You scroll past the market on a lovely day, but something catches your attention. On your left, there is a small and dark road, where you notice something peculiar. You brace yourself and slowly go to have a look. As you get nearer, you begin to distinguish the pile as a scrap of soldier's armor. Inside, you find a letter. You decide to: Turn around and go on with your day. None of your business after all. Open the letter.
  3. --- That is how Sorimachi Sarutobi intends to present himself to the denizens of the Land of Fire, be they natural to the green expanse or not. As a hunter and trader of game, offering choice fur, meat and trinkets taken from animals found around the land for coin or other goods. Word of mouth spreads of this man travelling from village to village, shrine to shrine, while offering his good and services, sometimes even some sage advice. Though he always appears to come to rest and end his daily journey by the gates of the ever growing Kisaragi Town, plying his trade and gazing longingly at the ships even as they are being built. Always from a safe and respectable distance, lest he incurs the wrath of Lord Fu and his attendants... Or at least that is what Sorimachi Sarutobi wants you to think. --- OOC: So here's the deal, I am sort-of-kinda submitting my Alpha character, Sorimachi, for random encounters to happen inside Shinobi Story, maybe you have bad luck with the Time Zone and never do come across anyone to roleplay with, or you are a bit like me, logging in only for short periods of time, seeing there really isn't a lot to do right now(As is natural with an Alpha build), so this is an attempt to "fix" that problem, both for you, reader, and for myself. Any advice/criticism as well as interest is welcomed, and you can contact me through the media that suits you best. That being the Shinobi Story forums, I can also be found under "Neves" in the Shinobi Story Discord(Yes, that does mean you can ping me to set an encounter up), or even by messaging me through my own Discord, "Neves#0893" if you feel more comfortable with that. Thanks.
  4. EVENT FEEDBACK: "Posters have begun to appear on noticeboards throughout the Land of Fire. The town of Yokohama, infamous for its criminal attraction, calls for aid!" The townfolk of Yokohama have fallen victim to criminal thugs, committing crimes ranging from petty theft to violent robberies and assaults. The Elders of Yokohama have been trying for weeks to stem the tide of criminal activities in their town, even going as far as to close off the town to all outsiders. Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop the thugs' onslaught. Now, Shinobi are being summoned to the town from across the Fire Country to assist Elder Hiroko in his efforts to finally liberate the town of its villainous plague. Can you lend your skills to the fight? OOC Information The event be split into multiple parts will take be hosted by myself and other members of the Roleplaying team if required, depending on the number of participants. If you would like to participate, please reply to this topic. The event will take place at the following date/time: Part 1 took place: Wednesday 15/04/2020 at 21:00 server time. Part 2 TBC. Please try to remember that Shinobi Story is still in its Alpha phase. As a result, bear in mind the game is not in its completed state, and the way this event has been announced and ran should not be taken as an indication of how events in the future will take place. We are still finding our feet and learning how best to bring high quality role play to the game! Thanks.
  5. Will there be events, how often will they be organized and what the benefits will be for the players?
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