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Found 19 results

  1. With the recent arrival of the Blood Moon, new powerful villains immerged, beasts became more intelligent, the world suddenly became a lot more dangerous. In efforts to tackle these new enemies, ninja pressed on gathering and organizing well-thought-out attacks. Eventually, a rather unexpected plan starts to brew. Some ninja have decided to choose a day where they will halt all the fighting with the beasts and instead have it within each other. That, of course, while also having their favorite drink. THE SAKEFEST BEGINS EXPECTATIONS Who: Everyone When: 18:30 GMT +2, October 30th Where: Port Hachou, meeting at the boardwalk Pay Fee: Will be determined during the meeting spot PROCEDURE This event will consist of three stages + drinks. drink Stage 1: Free-for-all melee fight inside the bar. There will be two fights, the last 1/3 players of each will continue to the next stage. USAGE OF WEAPONS/JUTSU IS FORBIDDEN! drink Stage 2: Race to Konoha's Arena. The ninja will race drunk to Konoha, the first 2/3 will continue to the next stage. Using weapons and spells, slowing down, injuring, or eliminating your competition during your travel IS PERMITTED! drink Stage 3: Arena Drunk Duels The final stage of the Sakefest! The still standing players will be randomly assigned an opponent. The brackets are [1-20] and [20+]. WINNERS (For each bracket) 1st place: 20 Golden Koban 2nd place: 5 Golden Koban Everyone else who successfully entered stage 3 receives 1 Koban! AFTER THAT THERE WILL BE AN AFTER PARTY AT THE RAMEN PLACE! FREE CUP RAMEN!!! Be there! If you don't, somebody will! 18:30 GMT +2, October 30th
  2. talked with the "hatguy" where people stood in line to sign in for tournament next to mizuchi aka fattwhite the organizer i guess and maybe its cool idea to do some xvx pvp as in multiple players on each team lets talk here about more details peace chidori
  3. Well hello there, Ninja! This Sunday at 7:30pm CST we will be hosting a Scribbl.io game in vc! Naruto content only! Private room Links will be distributed in dms for those who join VC and ask to hop in. Mic on is encouraged. comment down below for a chance to reserve yourself a spot Note: reserving may save you a spot but we won't be waiting more than 5min.
  4. Hello people! As a little late launch celebration gonna be doing a nice giveaway because why not? The rules are simple: (EDITED) Just tell me your favorite memory of the server/game itself so far or what you have enjoyed most about it here under this post Take me on a trip down good old memory lane or simply any moment you really enjoyed in our amazing community will do! Most entertaining or creative person wins! THE AMAZING PRIZE WILL BE 35 DOLLARS IN STORE CREDIT! (via gift card) Ends: September 13th 11:59 (EST) Cya {Ended, whoops. Lowkey forgot about this my apologies. Winners are Cadron and UchihaHiryur}
  5. Hello fellow shinobi! Do you have a quest idea and dont know where to put it? Well let me help you out! For the next week you can submit your quest ideas here. You may ask yourself "WhY wOuLD i WaNt To Do ThAt?". 1. the chance to see your quest in game 2. your head becomes just a tiny bit emptier. Great prizes right?? The staff will vote on the submissions and the user with the best submission will receive a $35 dollar gift card to add to their account for premium status or ingame cosmetics. Any questions should be sent on discord @Toggy to keep this thread clear of none quest related things.
  6. IC: Your nearest innkeeper gives a description on a fairly short lady, probably in her late fifties or early sixties. She wore a simple brown robe, and had a clear line of gray hair. Given the old timer had paid the innkeeper in kind, the innkeeper offers you the own drawn map with the added information and lets you know that you know that you are searching for Miyusa if there is any interest. IC: The travelling dojo moves on. After Miyusa's lengthy session with the monks that steered wind up in the mountains, she had found a trustworthy guide to bring her down to the nearby port village from which she would soon travel towards Yokohama in search for more lessons of these unfamiliar lands.. OOC: This current event will be RP-PVP based. Don't worry, i'll explain everything beforehand! just make sure you have picked up your weapons, jutsu and rice patties before you get there! We will remain in-character throughout the event, but the duels are going to dictate the winners. Event location two: Early birds time: 6pm 4/22/2020 server time, mountain temple!! --- Tournament time 7pm 4/22/2020 server time., Yokohama!! (Edit: That is the cherry blossom town, pink trees!) May you be interested in practicing your roleplay, or want to show off your legendary skills. Everyone is welcome to participate or help or even hang out. Hopefully it will be fun together!!! If you're too eager and can't wait for the explanation on what we're doing, you can go to this following post and read the little column after "Roleplay-PVP".
  7. Starting Saturday May 22nd I will be streaming daily Part 1 episodes The stream will happen in Sound Village VC This is a muted VC so there will be no talking, we can conversate in #series-discussion Starting at episode 1, I plan to stream 6-7 episodes a day Tentative schedule(all times are in EST for convenience) Monday-Friday 6:15PM-8:15ish PM Saturday-Sunday 4PM-6PM Come hang out for nostalgia as we get closer to Shinobi Story launch!
  8. Come watch me kick Toggy's cute butt in a duel that will decide who is the greatest For Honor duelist of this server. In an absolutely honorable 1v1! Where: Discord VC, Konoha's Gates When: Saturday 8pm EST, May 1st Length: 10-20min Popcorn is mandatory
  9. This Sunday/Monday at 2am GMT I am hosting an AMONG US game. It’s been a while so I hope to see you there! The time for me will be 7pm Sunday night (2/14)
  10. Hi there! Below are a couple links to our lore. This is a notice to all roleplayers, Ive been listening! More to come.
  11. GREETINGS PEOPLE! Welcome to the Aether Event. This event will be: Scavenger Hunt! You will get a reminder on voice chat or a reference to this page on the day. I will EDIT one of my posts to have a SINGLE word that has NEVER been written by me in ANY other post than that specific one. You have to find this post and show me that you found the word inbetween one of all the posts that I have made doing my time on the forums. The rules are simple: 1. Find the word that I specify in #Updates on Discord on the day of the event. 2. Do not VISIT MY PROFILE from the 14th till the end of the event. 3. You must take a screenshot, highlighting the word SOMEHOW together with the URL for the post and DM it to me DIRECTLY on Discord. The Event will be held on the 16th this month at 11PM GMT+1. 2pm Pacific Time. I will be available in voice chat. The price prize is: 25dolla Gift Card. SURPRISE! THIS WILL NOT BE THE ONLY EVENT! This event will be: Short Story! That is right, two events at once. This event will be as mentioned, a competition to make SHORT STORIES. You will write your short story and it will be PUBLICLY available for reading. The rules are as following: 1. It MUST NOT have ANYTHING to do with NARUTO or any other ANIME. 2. The Short Story MUST be atleast 8 pages AND above 4000 words in length. (A4, standard Microsoft Word settings) 3. The story MUST be posted on THIS thread. 4. Keep it PEGI 16 guys, okay? Above is assuming 1 page is 500 words. The event will stop taking entries the 31th this month, 23:59:59 GMT+1. Giving you 27 days to write. Possible to be extended should enough want it. The price prize is: 25dolla Gift Card AetherBagel out
  12. Hello everyone, I'm somewhat new here, but I've been trying to be active in the community that's growing here. I won the most recent giveaway hosted on discord and want to share that with someone else. The way to be entered into the drawing is simple, answer correctly how many times Naruto said "believe it" in the entire Naruto and Naruto shippuden series. I'll take answers in dm's under thatoneguy. Images included to show gift card was purchased and my discord so you know who to dm. Event will conclude Monday December 28th at 3pm cst
  13. Event is held AFTER the Premium Ninja Discount! MERRY CHRISTMAS Welcome to the First Aether Event Sponsored and held by Aetherweaver In accordance to the amazing Winter's Veil Festival, the Xmas of the Weird People, the Birthday of a SUPER old and dead man who may or may not have lived but probably did and was considered mad by the Romans and of course, the something jewish. I am in charge for nobody knows why, in charge of a lovely Winter Event held by me. But -FIRST-, lemme figure out what to do cause idk and you guys probably dont know either so I picked some stuff for you to chose from. Ain I nice? https://strawpoll.com/sagddg8e3 Go ham or go home It ends Wednesday the 30th, 18:00/6PM GMT+1 Price is Prem Ninja doh, so yeah. Better participate >=(
  14. IC: You are walking around going about your normal day and on a tree something would catch your attention it would be a poster stuck to a wall with Indras face on it and some writing you decide to: Ignore the poster and walk past it walk towards the poster and read it IC: you are invited to come to a gathering located at Yokohama village for a gathering hosted by Indra, food and drinks will be provided there free for everyone and there will be a pvp area for those who want to sharpe your skills in combat and meet stronger people. as an offering from indra he will be teaching anyone that needs to learn how to use fire style jutsu, wind style jutsu, and water style jutsu. this event will be hosted at 7pm 4/29/2020 in Yokohama Village OOC: I decided to make this event because the announcement that the game will be gone for a long time on the 30th so I want to take this as an opportunity for everyone to meet up rp and pvp and overall just have fun and do whatever the game will be down for a while so just take this opportunity get on and be active and have fun I hope people show up it will be fun, and yes anyone that shows up if you want I can teach you any jutsu as long as you rp for it. lol I don't know much about making events but atleast I tried so goodluck everyone and I hope to see you all there I really hate your guys toes by the way.
  15. You scroll past the market on a lovely day, but something catches your attention. On your left, there is a small and dark road, where you notice something peculiar. You brace yourself and slowly go to have a look. As you get nearer, you begin to distinguish the pile as a scrap of soldier's armor. Inside, you find a letter. You decide to: Turn around and go on with your day. None of your business after all. Open the letter.
  16. --- That is how Sorimachi Sarutobi intends to present himself to the denizens of the Land of Fire, be they natural to the green expanse or not. As a hunter and trader of game, offering choice fur, meat and trinkets taken from animals found around the land for coin or other goods. Word of mouth spreads of this man travelling from village to village, shrine to shrine, while offering his good and services, sometimes even some sage advice. Though he always appears to come to rest and end his daily journey by the gates of the ever growing Kisaragi Town, plying his trade and gazing longingly at the ships even as they are being built. Always from a safe and respectable distance, lest he incurs the wrath of Lord Fu and his attendants... Or at least that is what Sorimachi Sarutobi wants you to think. --- OOC: So here's the deal, I am sort-of-kinda submitting my Alpha character, Sorimachi, for random encounters to happen inside Shinobi Story, maybe you have bad luck with the Time Zone and never do come across anyone to roleplay with, or you are a bit like me, logging in only for short periods of time, seeing there really isn't a lot to do right now(As is natural with an Alpha build), so this is an attempt to "fix" that problem, both for you, reader, and for myself. Any advice/criticism as well as interest is welcomed, and you can contact me through the media that suits you best. That being the Shinobi Story forums, I can also be found under "Neves" in the Shinobi Story Discord(Yes, that does mean you can ping me to set an encounter up), or even by messaging me through my own Discord, "Neves#0893" if you feel more comfortable with that. Thanks.
  17. IC: Your nearest innkeeper gives a description on a fairly short lady, probably in her late fifties or early sixties. She wore a simple brown robe, and had a clear line of gray hair. Given the old timer had paid the innkeeper in kind, the innkeeper offers you the own drawn map with the added information and lets you know that you know that you are searching for Miyusa if there is any interest. OOC: Starting today you are able to meet up with The Travelling Dojo's host, These events will mainly be to practice roleplay combat, but we will surely switch out for some regular roleplay / practices or even PVP sessions. Simply because I think it will be hilarious to see who the water prison master is! I will try to announce these events beforehand. Our first event will be at the temple up north this upcoming sunday. Depending on how much interest there is I will progress through the places faster or slower. I want to give everyone a chance to participate, but if we are doing multiple roleplay battles in a row this can take a very long time. Certainly since there are still many people that need to improve a little because they have never done roleplay before. I may also open up some more random roleplays here and there if the people are around for it / I have time. (yes I have weekend too) May you be interested in practicing your roleplay, or want to show off your legendary skills. Everyone is welcome to participate or help out. Hopefully it will be fun together!!! Location one; Temple of the mountain. Sunday. 4/19/2020. 12:00am server time. I plan to be active for the entire sunday and we'll see where it ends. Come roleplay! ?
  18. EVENT FEEDBACK: "Posters have begun to appear on noticeboards throughout the Land of Fire. The town of Yokohama, infamous for its criminal attraction, calls for aid!" The townfolk of Yokohama have fallen victim to criminal thugs, committing crimes ranging from petty theft to violent robberies and assaults. The Elders of Yokohama have been trying for weeks to stem the tide of criminal activities in their town, even going as far as to close off the town to all outsiders. Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop the thugs' onslaught. Now, Shinobi are being summoned to the town from across the Fire Country to assist Elder Hiroko in his efforts to finally liberate the town of its villainous plague. Can you lend your skills to the fight? OOC Information The event be split into multiple parts will take be hosted by myself and other members of the Roleplaying team if required, depending on the number of participants. If you would like to participate, please reply to this topic. The event will take place at the following date/time: Part 1 took place: Wednesday 15/04/2020 at 21:00 server time. Part 2 TBC. Please try to remember that Shinobi Story is still in its Alpha phase. As a result, bear in mind the game is not in its completed state, and the way this event has been announced and ran should not be taken as an indication of how events in the future will take place. We are still finding our feet and learning how best to bring high quality role play to the game! Thanks.
  19. Will there be events, how often will they be organized and what the benefits will be for the players?
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