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Found 9 results

  1. ....this char was ass dw about it lmao
  2. Play while reading "Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because life's greatest lessons are learned through pain." Full Name: Nisshomaru Riessfeld Uchiha Clan: Uchiha Clan Nickname(s): W.I.P Gender: Male Age: 18 Eye Colour: Black Rank: Unknown Affiliation: Leader of The Blood Oath Uchiha Nisshomaru at the age of 8 Uchiha Nisshomaru at the age of 14 Uchiha Nishomaru at the age of 16 Uchiha Nisshomaru at the age of 18 (current) During Nisshomaru's childhood he was busy learning from his father so that he could be a successful Uchiha member. Due to this he had to dress properly, he wore a black traditional Uchiha kimono with the emblem of his Clan, stitched onto it. Proper etiquette was needed of him, so Nisshomaru developed a firm standing posture with a straight back. It was engraved into him, no slouching was every tolerated of him. His eyes a soft black matching the color of his long black hair which was the only messy part about him, though it suited him and brought out Nisshomaru's best looks. As Nisshomaru has grown up he remains with a similar hairstyle, a long black messy style coming down the front of his face. He wears high-collared black robe, underneath the robe he has two pouches located to the left and right side of his back. The pouches are filled with various types of ninja tools. Standing tall Nisshomaru's appearance could come across as frightening as his face is always cold or serious. However even as cold and serious as he might be, it is rarely seen that if you get to know him and he likes you, you'd see a more ease and chill personality from him. He mostly respects those way stronger than him and those way weaker than him (by weaker - he means the normal citizens - not shinobis). However if the shinobi is stronger than him and acts all high and mighty, Nisshomaru will not respect that shinobi. Nisshomaru will act as if he doesn't care about criticism but he always thinks about what was said about him, he thinks about all the positives and negatives people have said about him, but will never show it. Personality is still W.I.P! Taijutsu (体術; Literally meaning "Body Techniques") Nisshomaru isn't trained in the art of goken, but due to constant battling he has honed his hand to hand combat skills. The force of his kicks and punches are greater than your average shinobi. However Nisshomaru tries to avoid close combat, especially against shinobi's whom specialty is taijutsu. Ninjutsu (忍術; Literally meaning "Ninja Techniques") As a shinobi, Nisshomaru is able to manipulate his chakra to cast ninjutsu. Through countless hours of training, Nisshomaru has great chakra control. When battling, Ninjutsu is what Nisshomaru mostly relies on. Kenjutsu (剣術, Literally meaning: "Sword Technique") W.I.P (UNLOCKED) Sharingan (写輪眼, Literally meaning: "Copy Wheel Eye") W.I.P (LOCKED) Mangekyō Sharingan (万華鏡写輪眼, Literally meaning: "Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye") W.I.P Genjutsu (幻術, Literally meaning: "Illusionary Techniques") Genjutsu is the art of deception, warping ones reality by instilling it with illusions. Nisshomaru is known to excel in this path and uses it to his utmost ability. The style of genjutsu works well with his personality of working in the shadows, dealing with enemies before they even have the chance to counter it. Raiton (雷遁, Lightning Release) Unlike his sister, Nisshomaru has honed one chakra nature. This comes with benefits however as it is seen that Nisshomaru is able to manipulate his lightning chakra with kenjutsu giving him heightened abilities such as speed and powerful Kenjutsu techniques. The wild nature of lighting is easily controlled by Nisshomaru, being able to manipulate how the lightning acts. Uchiha Suzume (Mother) Uchiha Ryuunosuke (Father) Uchiha Rukia (Sister) [Chapter 1] The Screams of a Newly Born Baby The night was silent and symbolic in that of many ways for a small part in a camp northern side of the Hidden Moon Village in which it resided. Shocking wailing and shrieking was heard from a particular hut within its center. All of the Camp’s residents surrounded the structure’s exterior as they all watched and partook in a joyful happening. The cries came from a female by the name of Uchiha Suzume. Her partner Uchiha Ryuunosuke held her hands and set aside her as he smiled brightly for their new born child. The newly delivered boy was engulfed entirely in a coat of red body fluid and his cries were pleasing to the ears of those surrounding him. "His name will be Nisshomaru" Suzume said softly as she looked up into Ryuunosuke's eyes. She then turned her head down to look at Nisshomaru once more, smiling with an expression of great happiness filling her face. As the baby boy was held in his mother's arms he would look up at the woman, wrapped in a thick fabric with his brown eyes gleaming into hers. He would display the common attitude of most babies, upon his face was abundant in the appearance of reassurance and calm smiles. Here and there was a light laugh that gave delightful sensation to most that were present. Soon after, Suzume would have risen an arm to gently place a palm over Nisshomaru's stomach. He would stare at her in amusement, not paying attention to the glimmering blue cast that was emitting from Suzume's hand. She would lower her head so that both foreheads were pressed upon each other, whispering, "You will carry on my lineage. Use it well." With that, the baby would have slowly fallen into a deep sleep. This entire BIO is a W.I.P due to taking my time changing and tweaking stuff since the game isn't out yet.
  3. Land of Fire Konohagakure Uchiha Gender Male Age 18 Backstory Ever since Sayuko was a child, he was treated like a prodigy. His parents, renowned in the Uchiha clan, always favored Sayuko. He has been given special treatment and training ever since. He became quite strong physically and quite smart, but he was very spoiled and egotistical due to him being sheltered. When his parents died in a mission he took it hard, but he pushed it aside and became angry at the world. Personality Sayuko has a cool-headedness for dangerous situations, but when something stops going his way he loses his temper. He always cares for the mission over the safety of his teammates and is very self-centered, his priorities being far above others. He is very arrogant and tends to flex his strength. He believes he is always right and whenever he is in an argument he will not stop until he convinces the opponent otherwise. Even though he hates many people, he can keep it on hold during a mission and holds respect for his teammates as long as they can hold their own in battle. Sayuko will not talk to anybody he does not believe to be strong, as they will not be able to help him achieve greater power. He has an outlook on civilization similar to the Spartans, as he believed that fighting was the most important thing that kept society together. Sayuko will never back down from a duel and he isn't afraid to initiate one. Goals Sayuko aims to be the strongest shinobi in the Uchiha. He wants to be a leader. The leading positions he wants are including but not limited to, Head of the Police Force, Right Hand to the Hokage, Anbu Captain, Uchiha Clan Head, or an S-Rank level shinobi. Sayuko wants to rub off his ideals onto the village body so that everyone will have the same beliefs and be battle-ready. Appearance Sayuko is medium built. He is 5 foot 11 (180 Centimeters) and weighs 180 pounds (80 kilograms). His headband is worn around his neck though you wouldn't be able to see it as his jacket covers it up. Around his forehead he wears a custom headband with an Uchiha emblem on it. The band is made of a metallic fiber which looks like the normal headband material but it is actually as strong as metal. He wears a 2 piece full body black and gray jacket and his sleeves cover his arms. Sayuko has pure black eyes and hair. When his sharingan activate, his eyes flare a burning crimson and every time he moves a streak of red is left behind. His spiky hair is angled towards the right and he wears red sandals which have white high tops. Sayuko is very athletic since he has been training hard since he was a small child. Element Fire Lightning Proficiencies Skills
  4. 【 Masaaki Uchiha】 Name: Masaaki Last Name: Uchiha Nickname: Aki Age: 19 Clan: Origin: Land of Fire Height: 180 cm Weight: 79 kg Chakra Nature: Lightning Weapon: Kunai Eye Colour: Black/Grey/White Hair Colour: Black / White Body Type: Athletic Tattoos: A Black Dragon Head on his Neck Others: He has natural Spiky Hair, fluffy, Grey Eyes since hes born Masaaki always was a silent nature, yet polite and friendly if he's being spoken to. He offers his help in need and stays loyal to his Clan. Since being a child he trained with his Father in learning about his Chakra nature, controlling it and using it when ever it is needed, meditation is one of his core Hobbys to keep track of his Soul. He is very intelligent and does not seek to show people how strong he is and what potential lies within him. If it is necessary he would kill, harm and Injure people. Either for Love, to protect, his Clan, or if its a contract made with someone, telling him a secret leads to a closed Book, he rather dies than telling anyone what he has been told. He analyzes alot and thinks alot while taking a walk, while training or just laying down and resting. He is a skilled Melee Fighter and rather plays a Defensive role than attacking someone without thinking about every option. He has good endurance but does not hit as hard like other people, yet he uses this to lower the Guard of his opponnents. Yet he is not just a Chakra Fighting Human, he loves cooking. Creating good and tasty food, is one of his favorite things, just like reading a book or gathering more experience with Ninjutsu. He want's to become one of the greatest Lightning Chakra user possible. '' You will hear the Whisper of the Shadow ''
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