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Found 4 results

  1. Forename: Cadron Surname: Valentine Gender: Male Age: 19 Height: 181 cm Weight: 70 kg Hair colour: Black with blond on the sides Eye colour: Light blue Affiliation: ✵The Blood Oath✵ Long story short:
  2. ♦ Full Name: Hajimari Kyla ♦ Alias(es): Hana ♦ Birthplace: Land of Lightning. ♦ Age: 17 ♦ Gender: Female. ♦ Height & Weight: 162 cm (5'3) | 49 kg (108 lbs) ♦ Affiliations: Hidden Leaf Village The Blood Oath House Hajimari Saitou Family Growing up surrounded by boys, Kyla adopted a tomboy-ish demeanour and fashion sense despite her mother's mandatory lessons in "proper lady etiquette." Her eyes closely resemble the colour of lavender, while her hair would remind one of a faded cream. Although born with a natural beauty about her, Kyla debases this perk with her unkempt hair and her dishevelled attire which typically consists of bandaging, ruffled clothes and a narrow colour scheme of blue and black. W.I.P Illnesses: Kyla suffers from dissociative identity disorder (MPD) and depersonalization disorder (DPD). She lives with a severely unstable disposition; her mental functions are not all there. Her understanding of the environment is inconsistent, resulting in random losses of balance, clumsiness and out-of-body experiences. While Kyla does have to live with these dispositions, there are times where she displays drastically different personalities, thought to be those of her now deceased cousins. Because of her dissociative identity disorder, she is known as a wild card. Her multiple personalities are unpredictable, and as such can cause chaos for both enemy and ally alike. Occasional windows of mental fatigue also come into play, making it hard for her to focus or stay out and about for too long. Typically impassive and unpretentious, Kyla does not give off much of an impression like her cousins did. Her attentiveness for the people or world around her is not always there, save for pivotal moments. Kyla acts with denigration towards those outside of her lineage, a corollary for the derision Kyla had to experience within the Saitou family and the Academy - her conditions made her stand out as the “weird child,” bringing about bullying and shots at her mental capacity. Although taught on multiple occasions not to act with prejudiced opinions, Kyla continues to do so as she lacks the mental capability to understand there are all kinds of personalities in the world. It's simply easier for her to generalise the masses and act on those presumptions. Flawed by this mindset, the girl is usually scornful and aloof, unable to recognize key characteristics of individuals and discriminates based on what types of characters she has encountered. To her, everyone's the same. W.I.P CH1 - "The Saitou Family" W.I.P This info card is W.I.P, but will be purposely short once completed - I will only be offering a little bit of information on my character. If anyone is interested, feel free to learn more about Kyla by interacting with her in-character, if possible.
  3. 「Umeboshi Nui」 『Solitude』 “It brings to me both a sense of distinct melancholy and distilled hope, seeing a sunset; and, yet, eventide also ushers in an ephemeral concoction of affection and sadness. You see, one loves the sunset when they are so sad, and I am most assuredly no exception.” ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— || General Information || ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Full Name: Umeboshi Nui. Alias(es): Heiress Presumptive to the Umeboshi Merchant Clan. Age: 23. Birthplace: The Land of Water. Birthday: November 18th. Gender: Female. Height: 4 ft. 9 in. | 144 cm. Weight: 92 lbs. | 41.7 kg. Blood Type: AB-. Sexual Orientation: Asexual, in all likelihood, though heterosexuality isn’t impossible. Nui hasn’t ever been the type to ogle others; it's as though the hormonal effects of the ever-cursed fact-of-life known as puberty was too afraid to tinge her thoughts with impurity. Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— || Shinobi Information || ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Clan: The Umeboshi Merchant Clan. Clan Position: Heiress Presumptive. Village: N/A. Shinobi Rank: N/A. Letter Rank: N/A. Affiliation: The Blood Oath. Missions Completed: 0. - D-rank: 0. - C-rank: 0. - B-rank: 0. - A-rank: 0. - S-rank: 0. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— || Appearance Information || ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— When describing how a character looks on a purely physical level, one must find a proper point to begin. For some, this might simply be a bullet-note format of bland, emotionless statistics — on the level of “he has black, spiky hair” — while others may get more detailed, choosing to illustrate their points with flowery prose and literary devices, most often of the figurative kind. However, when doing anything, one must not delve to an extreme, finding a comfortable middle ground. And, so, the reader of this appearance section finds themselves with a description more of the latter type described than the former, though still with a perceivable order in which specific particulars are thereby defined. And, as well, this author’s aforementioned beginning point happens to be a small preface on the nature of such detailed vanities. However, this is naught more than a needless diatribe. If one wishes to create a comprehensive written illustration on how a fictional character appears in an utterly unadulterated and corporeal manner, then one must fully intend to do so, rather than drone on and on about how authors tend to dilly-dally to improve their word counts. Truly, it’s a fascinating subject of psychology: how humans are more than willing to expend extra effort pretending to do what they’re supposed to, as opposed to simply getting the task done and over with. Some might call this procrastination, in a manner of speaking, but it’s quite more than what one measly word can describe. Ah. It seems yet another point of digression has been reached. How droll. Moving on, the real subject of this too-long section on the shallowest facet of beauty can be found just below this relatively small pseudo-paragraph. The kunoichi known as Umeboshi Nui by virtue of her given name has more than a few key features, all of which will be explained in turn; nevertheless, one can’t help but be captivated by her utterly flawless skin, untainted by injury or even tanning. To wit, one could say that the truest idea of the sun or light in general was unknown to Nui's skin and not be wrong in terms of how its affected the said surface — characterization of bodily objects aside, of course, as most tend to understand that skin, in all its illustrious glory, cannot have knowledge of ideas, or even knowledge of most things for that matter. Regardless of inane ramblings on topics most are already aware of, if the kunoichi’s skin tone didn’t happen to capture someone’s attention, her hair was sure to do the trick. Nui's lengthy violet tresses, exotic in their shade, contrast deeply with her skin tone: a rich sangria purple against the coolly pale shade of the woman’s flesh. The vibrant locks of hair on the swordswoman’s head are typically set loose upon the world, falling straight and evenly to the small of her back — though, to be fair, that isn’t saying much, given her short stature. And, indeed, this makes for a good segue into Umeboshi Nui's particularly interesting bodily features. Standing at a mere fifty-seven inches, or one-hundred-and-forty-four centimeters, the ruthless kunoichi could likely be mistaken for a small child based off her height alone; her thin frame, existing due to her ectomorphic body type, only aids the illusion of Nui appearing to be close to half her age — that is, the most common age she’s mistaken for is eleven-years-old, in sharp contrast to her real age of twenty-three. To be sure, while the tempered shinobi is more than capable of this misinterpretation, too many comments on the topic when Nui isn’t feeling particularly patient serve to do nothing save annoy the lass, making her eyes twitch without fail. And what eyes they are! A rich green hue, likened only to the purest cuts of jade crystals, or the shades that a forest may be when the morning dew is still ripe upon each blade of grass and droplets of since-past rain still dot each and every leaf on each and every tree and shrub. One could get lost, staring into a pair of peepers such as those, had they not been as blank as they are. As a result of the life Umeboshi Nui has led thus far, emotions are rather foreign to her, and her eyes — her mysterious, transitorily-emotional, ethereally gorgeous eyes — are a rather palpable example of what happens when one is inducted into a professional assassination industry at a tender young age. On the subject of more miscellaneous things, such as clothing, Nui has a few choice pieces of apparel she is most seen wearing. Noting her facial features tends to be something of an impossibility on most occasions due to the blank porcelain mask she wears out of an attraction toward anonymity. Like any other mask worn by an intelligent individual, hers has two small slits for eye-holes, as well as the emblem of her clan — four curved lines stacked two-on-two — carved upon its surface on the middle of the forehead-area of the mask. While they do their job in hiding Nui's eyes just fine, they also hide the sharpened teeth that a rather interesting adventure in the Land of Bears allowed her to acquire. Another accessory adoring the admittedly-small assassin — or, as alternatively articulated, accessories — is an abnormally astronomical amount of appearance-hiding and anonymity-awarding bandages. They cover Nui's lower face, her arms, and her legs in prominence, with some even hanging loosely around her neck. The exact reasoning for this isn’t obvious; however, Nui herself knows precisely why she wears such an abundance of cloth covering, and that’s more than sufficient to her. Finally, to speak on the assassin’s clothing properly, there isn’t much to say. A long-sleeved dark-grey shirt is worn over Nui's torso, complimented by a pair of neutrally-grey form-fitting leggings. On her left arm is a striped armband with a storage seal inscribed upon its surface — thin, vertical, dark-blue stripes mark it as an homage to the more traditional pinstriped clothing the people of her clan tend to wear. A rather plain beige pouch sits on her left hip below the sword holster, serving as a home to a few individual items for the woman to use independently of her sword. To finish off the ensemble, a completely average pair of sandals — colored an almost-black shade of grey — is worn on the kunoichi’s feet. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— || Backstory Information || ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— // To be completed. Because I'm using a preexisting original character with need-to-be-modified personal lore, this is going to be the biggest area to rework. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— || Psychological Information || ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Personality: A younger Umeboshi Nui could be described by many a negative phrase or adjective: clinical, coolly logical, inhuman, remorseless, ruthless, a trained lap-dog for whoever happened to own her at the time, and several more unsavory monikers. However, as with all things, time changed her emotiveness. Due to a rather important event that took place during Nui's sixteenth year of life, as well as the decade leading up to that point and the six months succeeding it, the self-styled kunoichi has become more human — emotions are no longer truly-foreign concepts to her, her own interests, hobbies, and goals have developed betwixt hopes and dreams, and the woman is frankly proud to say she has self-developed likes and dislikes that are completely independent from the influence of the people around her. Despite this, Umeboshi Nui is exceedingly fragile emotionally — she tends trust too much or not at all with little-to-no conscious control over it. Her interactions with Nisshomaru are a prime example of the former situation, while her relations with most other members of the Blood Oath deeply embody the latter extremity. With time, the woman is likely to learn how to mediate this spectrum of faith, but as-is — regardless of her age of twenty-one — she is incapable. On another subject, this one of anger and lack thereof, it's safe to say that getting Umeboshi Nui to be truly incensed is a rare incident. Not only is she wholly unfamiliar with the feeling — tending to lean more toward sadness when upset — but she is a steadfastly calm individual, usually keeping an air of control about herself. When sore topics are brought up, however — for instance, the deaths of her adopted family at the hands of a man named Shinryaku Hayato, her then-owner — Nui will typically feel a brand of survivor's guilt. If pressed at that point, only then will her wrath be unleashed. Rarely, when not consumed by responsibilities and duties both to herself and the Blood Oath, Nui can be found standing alone at the nearest mourning site or cathedral. While she doesn't end up late to anything due to these excursions, when her schedule is especially empty, the woman can spend upwards of six hours lost in thought. In respect to her skill as a swordswoman and as a member of the Blood Oath — a member hand-chosen by Nisshomaru — Umeboshi Nui has a certain pride in her abilities, especially when one considers her survival as a personal weapon traded around from mob bosses to crime lords. She doesn't tolerate anyone undermining her achievements, no matter the reason, and is swift to speak out against such insults. Habits: Whether it’s healthy or not, Umeboshi Nui has taken it upon herself to keep the spirit of her self-adopted family alive by taking her deceased siblings-in-choice’s hobbies alive: (Name)’s sunset-watching, (Name)’s green tea obsession, and (Name)’s deep passion for philosophy. In spite of her attempts to distance herself from this and become her own person, she eventually falls back into these same habits. Likes: Accomplishment. Sewing. Kimonos. Philosophy. Well-prepared tea, particularly green tea. Onigiri. Sunsets. Dislikes: Height-related jokes or insults. Mitigations on her achievements. Salmon. Those who openly mock the value of relationships. Goals: To find herself. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— || Combat Information || ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Ninja Tools: N/A. // To be filled. Weapons: N/A. // To be filled. Chakra Nature(s): N/A. // To be filled. Chakra Affinity: Water Release. Profiency(s): Swordsmanship. Medical prowess. // Planned mastery selections at the time of writing. Kekkei Genkai: N/A.
  4. Name: Soza Hitakori Age: 30 Gender: Male Height: 6'4" Weight: 195lbs Hairstyle: Spiked back Facial hair: None Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Grey Blood type: AB- Primary chakra nature: Hidden Village: Clan & Organization: Clanless ✵The Blood Oath✵ Good or evil at heart: Chaotic Neutral Specialization: Taijutsu Description of the character's personality: Loyal to a fault, if he believes in the cause. Also if he's sober enough. Hobbies: Soza likes drinking. 'Nuff said
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