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  1. Oyy master, you make me blush! Besides that, this is a great approach, I can not wait to take a little rest in your lovely hub... Cheers!
  2. Okami means wolf right? I will assume you will be a lone wolf in game, right? Let's see where the future gets us
  3. Great work, master, as far as I am concerned you'll show me your ninja way, and teach me the swordsmanship tehniques you've learnt.... Your one and only Disciple, Yoshitani Keika!
  4. well I can see the jokes and all, but unfortunatelly you can't be from leaf since there are no villages yet in this period of time
  5. Yeah I got it, I will keep it in mind for the next stories, and I will take your advice before putting it out, I am not good at substituting essencial words so I just copy them. Thank you!
  6. Thank you so much, I can't wait to meet you in game!
  7. Soo I did not wanna spoil my masters story but I'mma say this, he is a man who once had a family, his wife died giving birth to their child, and the child got stolen by a bunch of riders, so when I appeared in front of him he saw the image of his son in my appearance, that is what made him take and train me....
  8. that is nice, well done!
  9. I love your constructive criticism, now it is kinda late, but for the next card I will keep that in mind, thank you
  10. Can't wait to meet him in game!
  11. This is very pleasing to my ocular perceivers!
  12. Now this is what I call a monster card, cause that is gonna devour us in game.... very good job!
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