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  1. As to the memory itself, the funniest and at the same time favourite memory of it was when I was playing with a group of friends (even Dan tagged along, shout out to Dan! ^^) and running to Port Hachou as part of the exploration quest around LOF. Now normally that would sound pretty dull but you could hardly feel bored when there's no map to hold your hand along the way. Taking in the terrain was an experience, something deeply immersive. Anyhow, I distinctly remember that upon previously arriving to Kisaragi the NPC specifically told that "this place isn't the friendliest one" and that "Port Hachou was far more welcoming" or sth very similar revolving around the same idea. Only for us to set out on the trip there and when I entered town NPCs converged on my char like there was no tomorrow which I found funny af. Now of course, it was confirmed to be a bug and fixed right away (big win!) but still I liked the very Dark Souls like feel that it created so much that I wasn't even able to get mad. Which sort of confirms what I deem the spirit of this game to be; no easy mode, no holding hands, the world is alive and not all flowers and rainbows, there are real threats and consequences to traversing it (even without players, so with players included it creates even more hype on login from the very first moment). Even if it was a result of the bug it really made me smile and is about the best memory I have.
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