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  1. kindabuggy.mp4 Only Water Prison and Blaze Cresent deal dmg to players,and Shockwave knocks up
  2. kindabuggy.mp4 Only Water Prison and Blaze Cresent deal dmg to players,and Shockwave knocks up
  3. Shaka12


    When I try to put on my cross-stitched sandals it says:
  4. Shaka12

    i cant log in

    The game isnt released....
  5. Shaka12

    Long download

    From 350 start bigger files.Its not stuck,just wait
  6. Shaka12


    "People never change,all that changes is what they do" Name: Shiro Okumura Age: 26 Height: 178 cm Weight: 77 kg Chakra Nature: Lightning Weapon: Sword Personality Shiro is known to have a very calm and playful demeanor. Those who know him know that it’d be a rare sight to see him giving a genuine effort, as he would much rather dilly dally around than train.The swordsman has shown an aptitude for battle and tactics, often laying traps for his opponents in battle, rather than tackling them head on. Though he is known to be a strategist, Shiro can be a bit of a show off, opting to use flashy moves where even a well placed kunai would’ve sufficed. Sometimes, Shiro has shown to be reckless, but only in situations where he perceives there to be no danger. Shiro is most certainly a people person, opting to go out of his way to make those around him feel comfortable and welcomed. One would be hard pressed to find this shinobi sad or upset, as he maintains a mellow, relaxed mood most of the time, often citing quotes or poems to ease those around him going through strife. Though he maintains an upbeat persona, there was a time when he was the direct opposite of how he is today. As a kid, he was much more introverted and lacked self confidence. Throughout the years, he made a promise to himself to be more confident, leading him to putting on the front of an extrovert. The more acted in this manner, the more comfortable he became around others, eventually evolving into the man he is today. Backstory Shiro was born to be a very shy, timid child. Often avoiding others, the swordsman was quiet, reserved, and preferred solitude to company.Due to this, he was often ridiculed for being a loner, and being incapable of standing up to those who picked on him.Though Shiro did not have many, if any friends, he was fortunate enough to be blessed with a teacher,Terada,who had taken him under his wing.Terada and Shiro formed a bond,with Shiro idolizing his instructor.Being from the same area in The Land of Fire, Shiro often expected Terada to reveal the background of his lineage, but to no avail, as Shiro never really pried for the answers.This didn’t bother Shiro too much, as he spent most of his time learning the way of the swordsman, as well as practicing the fundamentals of chakra control. Eventually, in his early twenties, the time came where Shiro could no longer learn anything from Terada.Though he had nothing left to teach his student, Terada offered Shiro a piece of advice, suggesting that he should travel the land and explore, so that he may find a greater purpose. Shiro took his mentor’s advice and departed from his childhood village. He’d take odd jobs here and there, offering his sword for causes he deems justified, while still seeking this “greater purpose” his mentor suggested he should find. P.S Huge thanks to @Sign for helping me out
  7. Shaka12

    Jun Yumma

    Its nice.Makes me wanna find more about him.
  8. You should wait for the game to release.That might help.Release is on 10th
  9. Bcs the game isnt released yet,in 2 days you can play
  10. Go to a topic in Support called "Crashing launcher bug"
  11. You really remembered all that... xD
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