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  1. I would like to suggest this idea I came up with. We need a quest system where you get a feeling where you stand with your powers and knowledge. Like when you start as a Academy Student you will get all those basic quests helping villagers around town carry goods from A to B. Finding missing stuff, no fightning just to get a feel for what it is like in the ninja world. When you earn your title af Genin that's where things starts to happen you are getting missions both inside of outside of the village getting to know your way around. As genin you will go out exploring getting a real feel for the life as a Shinobi. The same goes for the Chuunin and Jonin you progress quests get's harder more fightning more survival. I made this text as small as I could to explain myself about what could have been an idea that may have a influence in the future.
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    Hey there I'm Thor nice to see so much activity! Can't wait to start playing
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