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  1. What I did was I dragged the launcher to D : , deleted the one in the C : folder and then opened it from D :. It worked for me and is now properly in my D : drive.
  2. Childhood Momako was born into a family of 3 in the Hidden Mist village with his father, Kai and his mother Shinuoui. His mother and father wanted Momako to become a ninja just like they were and began teaching him jutsus as soon as he could. They pushed him to his limits almost every day. What others saw as cruel and abusive, Momako enjoyed. He enjoyed the time they spent alone as a family. Though it was limited, as his parents went out on frequent missions, he enjoyed spending time with them, receiving his praise whenever he performed well and seeing his parents smile when they had fun training. He mainly enjoyed the meals after training was done. He would always have a giant smile on his face. Through his training he became proficient in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. When he turned 7 years old his father believed it was time to teach him the Hidden Mist Jutsu and the Mist Rain Jutsu. Though he found it challenging to learn, he eventually was able to use these jutsus. Though they were not as potent as his parent's, they were good enough for someone of his age. His training may have made him adept at using jutsus, he still lacked in Taijutsus. His parents said that for now, as he would go to the academy to learn more about ninja skills, his lack of Taijutsu training would be evened out. However, his time at the academy would not last long. 3 months after he enrolled at the academy, the Hidden Mist village was attacked by unknown assailants. Being still a child, Momako was evacuated with the rest of his peers and other civilians. During the evacuation, the assailant group found the route the evacuees were taking and began hunting them. As the large crowd scattered in fear, Momako was determined to fight back. He stood up, kunai in hand and stared back at the ninja in front of him. As he began his charge, yelling as he lunged forward, aiming his blade at those in front of him. He froze. He was aware that he had stopped moving, but every fibre of his being told him to stay still. With a stiff neck he turned his head upwards and looked at the man staring back at him. Staring back at him were the eyes of the Devil. The Sharingan. The man's eyes pierced Momako to his soul, he felt powerless and afraid. As the man raised a blade to Momako, without even hesitating, Momako summoned the Hidden Mist and used it to cover his escape. The mist he had created was thicker than he had ever created before, and used a lot more chakra than he had ever used. Momako ran into the forest, not caring for the nettles and branches that torn at him. He couldn't see where he was going, but he didn't care. All that was in his mind was to escape the stare of that man. He could feel his glare, like the man was right behind him. Tired, lost, and out of chakra, Momako collapsed to the ground. With tears in his eyes, he passed out, hoping to wake up and see mum and dad again. Adopted into the Leaf Village When Momako a woke, he was in a hospital bed. It was different from the hospitals in the Hidden Mist. The doctors explained to him that he was found but Leaf Johnin in the woods passed out and was brought back to the Leaf for treatment. Being only 7 years old at the time, he was given an adoptive family to look after him until they were sure it was safe for him to return to the Hidden Mist. 1 year passed and there was still no word from the Hidden Mist whether Momako should be returned or not, because like a lot of children after the attack, he was now an orphan and it would be difficult for the Hidden Mist to look after so many children. His adopted family said that they would raise him as their own and it was decided that Momako would be trained as a Ninja from the Hidden leaf, as they saw his potential and didn't want it to be wasted. In the academy he didn't talk to his classmates that much, not because he didn't like them, but because he missed his old friends. During lessons, whenever they would teach him how to use different jutsus, the praise he would get from his peers and teachers slowly brought back his smile. As he adjusted to his life in the Leaf, he held resentment to those in his class who were from the Uchiha clan. He didn't hate them, but the thought of those eyes looking at him, made him tense and feel anger. So much so that during sparing practice he would ask his teachers to not pair him up with anyone from that clan. He got along with his classmates, and while he resented those who have the Sharingan, he still made an effort to make peace with them. Of course, it was only him who had the issue, so he came across as awkward. Chunin Exam During the Chunin exam, Momako and his group were able to pass the Forest of Death with ease due to Momako's usage of both the Hidden Mist and Hidden Mist Rain. During the duels, Momako's lack of taijutsu prowess came to light however, he more than made up for it with his ninjutsu and genjutsu. He was successful in becoming a Chunin and began taking on higher rank missions. BIO Name: Shioka Momako Age: 17 Rank: Chunin Height: 176cm Weight: 65Kg
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