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  1. @tweego I will do that, sorry for my English gramma, not my native Language ^^' But overall, I just made it bigger because I liked it that way, but I'll keep that in mind for further Posts aswell. Ty
  2. Hei. I don't know if you can call this Feedback, but I highly want to say - Thank You to all the Staff Members, Vlad himself and all People that supported this Game so far, kept on staying here so we, the People that currently Joined, are allowed to Play a Project we are all excited for, we all wait for and just wan't to have fun together with. I just want to mention this out and I think it had to be mentioned, I don't want to slime myself into Staff Heart, dont want to Push my Activity or anything. No. Just want to say Thanks, because I see a Staff / Creator that is interested in his own Project, wants to get it running and wants to have Fun. So yeah Thanks! ( I just count it as Feedback )
  3. Glad you See, you like it :3
  4. Moin Moin! I'd probably need to say haha XD Thank you ! Thank you very much aswell :<
  5. 【 Masaaki Uchiha】 Name: Masaaki Last Name: Uchiha Nickname: Aki Age: 19 Clan: Origin: Land of Fire Height: 180 cm Weight: 79 kg Chakra Nature: Lightning Weapon: Kunai Eye Colour: Black/Grey/White Hair Colour: Black / White Body Type: Athletic Tattoos: A Black Dragon Head on his Neck Others: He has natural Spiky Hair, fluffy, Grey Eyes since hes born Masaaki always was a silent nature, yet polite and friendly if he's being spoken to. He offers his help in need and stays loyal to his Clan. Since being a child he trained with his Father in learning about his Chakra nature, controlling it and using it when ever it is needed, meditation is one of his core Hobbys to keep track of his Soul. He is very intelligent and does not seek to show people how strong he is and what potential lies within him. If it is necessary he would kill, harm and Injure people. Either for Love, to protect, his Clan, or if its a contract made with someone, telling him a secret leads to a closed Book, he rather dies than telling anyone what he has been told. He analyzes alot and thinks alot while taking a walk, while training or just laying down and resting. He is a skilled Melee Fighter and rather plays a Defensive role than attacking someone without thinking about every option. He has good endurance but does not hit as hard like other people, yet he uses this to lower the Guard of his opponnents. Yet he is not just a Chakra Fighting Human, he loves cooking. Creating good and tasty food, is one of his favorite things, just like reading a book or gathering more experience with Ninjutsu. He want's to become one of the greatest Lightning Chakra user possible. '' You will hear the Whisper of the Shadow ''
  6. Hey there I am Sen. I am 19 Y'rs old and I'm one kind of a Gaming Weeb. I really was looking forward for a Naruto MMORPG to RP a little and find new Friends, make experience and just create my own legacy. I really have no Idea on what I could say to introduce myself so I'll just go with basic stuff. I've been born in Germany near Cologne. Im a huge fan of Quotes, Stars (Galaxy overall) and Photography. I am open minded, friendly, got a lot of Humor and Im that kind of Human you can talk about everything with. My favorite Animes are: Tokyo Ghoul, Sword art Online, Naruto (ofc) Yeah.. excuse my english gramma etc. its not my native language :< Thx for reading my boring Introduction ._. Bye uwu
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