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  1. after completing a S.Q. I received the Katana of the snake t1. it is missing the model. It has a food pill for the weapon picture. It works fine just no image.
  2. Why is Konohamaru disrespected in boruto sooooo bad? It’s horse Malarkey. My man’s is the grandson of the only shinobi that literally knew every jutsu that ever came thru Konoha and all we ever see is my man’s being a literal stepping stone to start a battle. He gets straight shit on every time he takes the battlefield. He was stronger as a kid then a adult(joke)! Surely he is gonna get a huge boost in power in the coming months. I mean he is going to be the 8th hokage and can’t even use sage mode yet But is a toad summoner only sense it makes is they did it on purpose to have “filler episodes” to show his advancement. after all, he is HIRUZEN’S grand son. HE NEEDS THE RESPECT HE DESERVES
  3. Oi ladies and gents. As we are nearing “The Fight” I want to get some opinions on what is going to take place. Even if you are not a fan of Boruto, this is a very important time for the OG Naruto fans because we know what is going to happen. For better or for worse, I’ve came to the conclusion to accept whatever happens. It’s going to be a quicker fight IMO. Time skip, Kurama dies, Sasuke’s Rinnegan gone, Kawaki going rogue, Boruto not being able to control Momoshiki, we got a lot of gaps to fill! Let’s hear y'all's thoughts!
  4. I created this topic for some of the more die hard Naruto fans. Taking away the characters that made you love Naruto is a horrible idea. Understanding all good things come to an end but also understanding that Naruto is a character that relates to a lot of people out there with his will to never give up. Nerfing Naruto after Baryon mode is already garbage. It could be a lot more interesting in theory if Sasuke died and Naruto took his Sharingan eyes for his own. We know this will never happen but if GOKU can live on forever as the hero he is "excluding his dragon ball rebirths" then why cant Naruto? The time skip in Boruto will be epic but lets face it, we will never come to love the character Boruto as we came to love Naruto. Kishimoto has something up his sleeve but are we willing to accept the inevitable outcome of the death of one of our favs? So many scenarios can take place that will make or break the love for Naruto/Boruto in such a short time. Whatever happens, it has been a epic run. KEEP THE GOATS ALIVE AND DONT BUFF THE GODS
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