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  1. Kagami UCHİHA As an Uchiha, Kagami had very powerful chakra. He was one of the members that were able to awaken his clan's kekkei genkai: the Sharingan, which granted him various advantageous abilities. These included seeing the flow of chakra, the ability to easily recognise genjutsu and different forms of chakra, some predictive capabilities, as well as the ability to copy techniques that the user sees amongst other things. In the anime, his visual prowess was praised by Danzō for saving his life many times. Kagami's descendant, Shisui, who was hailed as the strongest Uchiha of his timeand a wielder of the Mangekyō Sharingan, openly admitted he was inferior to his ancestor. Shisui Uchiha Even by Uchiha standards, Shisui was noted to be one of the most talented members the famed clan ever had. Danzō even hailed him as the strongest Uchiha of his time. His abilities allowed him to rise to rank of jōnin four years into being a shinobi and eventually a captain of his own squad. His prowess was so widely known that an entire squad of Kiri-nin quickly chose to flee upon learning of his presence rather than to confront him. A further testament to his prowess is the fact that Kabuto Yakushi wanted to reincarnate him for the upcoming war but was unable to find a sufficient DNA sample for it. RSafak Uchiha Descendant of Kagami and Shisui Uchiha He and his younger brother Chen was left in hokages building after 4th Great Nnja War Team 7 decided to take care of those newborn babies and raise them. RSafak and Chen was both genius ninja and RSafak got the highest grades has ever seen in the academy But sadly an incident happened in Hatake quarters when it was the night they were about to celebrate RSafak graduation from academy with team 7 When RSafak came from academy and beame a genin He could not find his brother in home He thought he could be with Sasuke or Naruto or even Sakura but than he remembered they all were very busy While he was trying to find his younger brother he saw his 8tail toy and he understood his brother was missing He screamed in thoughts of his brother potentially was killed He felt so much pain than he awakened a 3 tomoe sharingan as his first sharingan and that was the time he understood this village was nothing but hatred people were so bad that they took his brother from him He decided to leave the village for good that night and search for what could have happened to his brother And He became a rogue ninja After that when team 7 come to Kakashi's place they were very confused by why were not in the house Kakashi appointed some ninjas to find us but i never left any mark of me, only... about a week later Kakashi found my last message for him he cried as he lost someone so important for him again but he stopped from searching for me and Chen as i asked him to
  2. Been searching for this type of games since i wanted to make myself one , one day searched from google and youtube at first,
  3. As there is a rob system i think there should be a trade system as well I think that there should be an pve are where all villages gather and trade and sell stuff buyed costmetics could be banned from trading and dropped items would have a greater value to the game that way to give an example, a strong shinobi can sell their weak stuff a shinobi actually needs it that way currency and items would have a greater value and that would add much more stuff to the games economy part
  4. My and my friends idea was doing a boss fight where all shinobis gather and can revive each other while fighting with very hard enemies such as 10tails,jigen,pain and stuff those boss wars would be a nice event to show shinobis team work,make enemy clans see their opponents skill and make the community even more attached boss fight could be time managed by admins and when boss is killed there could be nice drops or special drops
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