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  1. Shinobi, There has been recent talks about replacing the Senju with the Hyuuga in the next phase of alpha. The Hyuuga clan would provide a fresh take of clans in Shinobi Story. Creating the Senju abilities and aesthetic is causing them to be too similar to the Uchiha and Sarutobi. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know by voting in the poll
  2. 4/16/20 - Alpha Testing Patch 0.0.21 Jutsu projectiles have been fixed for: Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu Fire Style: Blazing Crescent Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu Water Style: Water Bullet Jutsu Wind Style: Gale Palm Wind Style: Wind Bullet Jutsu Water Style: Shockwave Jutsu now deals damage Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu now deals reduced damage Wind Style: Great Breakthrough's effect has been disabled while we investigate a bug Giant Forest Snakes now are significantly more dangerous A few weapons and clothing vendors have been added to towns Town guards have received a buff to now properly protect towns from combat Bandits have been slightly buffed to be slightly more dangerous Weapons have been slightly re-balanced
  3. 4/15/20 - Alpha Testing Patch 0.0.2 Added "Spirit Guide" at every shrine around the map which can revive you. This is temporary before our death system is finished. Haruko, the Shrine's weapon's trainer now has all weapons working All existing weapons have been fixed, and icons added. Many existing item icons have been updated Bandits now deal appropriate damage Weapon speeds and damage has been modified slightly Mailboxes have been added at every major town and city Minor UI bugs have been fixed NPCs are now able to wield weapons Golden Koban, Silver Coins, and Ryo have been added.. stay tuned Additional weapons and armor have been added Yokohama Town (Cherry Blossom Town) has been doubled in size Kisaragi Town (Ship Building town) has been tripled in size Port Hachou has been added south of the farmlands 54 NPCs have been added throughout the world to enhance immersion All towns/cities have an appropriate amount of guards, preventing fighting in the towns Water, Wind, and Fire jutsu have been added. Seek out the mentors for each element to learn & play with them The playable map has doubled in size- allowing for more exploration Giant snakes now patrol the deep forest, watch out! Bandits now patrol the streets away from towns/guards.. be careful! Bandits now plague Yokohama Town Additional vendors have been added for clothing and weapons Additional models have been added Please restart your launchers!
  4. Shinobi, As Alpha approaches, we are planning and developing systems in Shinobi Story. Since the alpha is the right time to test ideas, and eventually find where we fit in, the Team would like to know the community's thoughts in regards to the death system. Recently there has been a discussion about it, and your thoughts are appreciated! In Shinobi Story, permanent character death is a feature.. now how it is brought about is another question. Several options will be presented and we are looking to see which ideas are popular, and which are not! Option 1) All players will require a 72 hour /played time before being giving free access to the execute feature- being able to kill at-will (within the rules). There is only one life, and once your character is executed they are dead and will have to start all over again at genin. This does not apply to being killed by NPCs. "fast progression, high death chance" Option 2) All players will require a 72 hour /played time before being giving free access to the execute feature- But this time they have TWO lives. This means that after being executed the first time by a player, they are are vulnerable to permanent execution if they are killed by a player again. "Extended progression, lowered death chance" Option 3) Application-based execution. All players must contact/make a post with their intention to execute someone after besting them in combat. This means that players who wish to execute will have to give reasons/provide legitimacy for whoever they wish to kill. Option 4) You must be a Jounin rank to be able to execute other players. Also, let us know your thoughts/comments below
  5. BASIC ORGANIZATION INFORMATION To keep a level of quality to organizations, the thread for your organization should be based upon these questions: however, you can choose to format it and add more information as you see fit. Many of these questions are optional, but we ask that you highlight a purpose or function of your organization, at the very least.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to report bugs! We're always improving Shinobi Story, so it is very helpful that you try to be as detailed as you think is needed! Bug Name: Brief Description: Reproduction steps: Additional info: Pictures: If you are reporting models floating/specific map issues, please type following in your chat & take a screenshot: .gps
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