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  1. I have another idea, and ill try to do it in the format of the guy above, seems more efficient ? Quest idea: Kidnapped You get this quest in a village, could be any village with this concept. You find the person giving out the quest, and they tell you their son/daughter/sibling (whatever is easier to do) has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. You go with them to where they are being held, and find shinobi have kidnapped them for (x reason), and end up fighting with them to get the kidnapped person back. Could do one of two things, end the quest there with the person rescued, or the person gets taken away while you are fighting, and you have to find their hideout and fight your way through the whole thing to find and rescue the hope this is a better idea then the others i have put so far xD
  2. OOOH i have an actual idea! I dont know if you have or are planning to have ryuchi cave, or if this idea is even possible, but a sidequest to get herbal plants or something for medicine that leads to you getting trapped in the cave, and having to fight a giant snake to get out, it isnt much of a quest idea but i think getting trapped in a snake infested cave is a cool concept in a universe like this xD
  3. I dont know if this is quite what you are looking for, but a questline based on something like what we saw with jugo in boruto, where you go to a town, try to figure out why (insert thing here) is wrong, and it spirals into something much bigger then it originally seems. i dont have an actual idea for what it could be, but i love those sorts of questlines in games, or storylines in anime where it starts small and turns into a grand quest ?
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