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  1. Kizo


    This shrine is pretty, didn't expect to find it here.
  2. Thought it was a client issue on my end - thanks for the help, Vlad!
  3. I have a hair style that was removed from the game so my character is bald. On top of that, some characters that are definitely wearing clothes show up as naked. Is there something in specific I can delete and redownload to fix this? My game is properly patched.
  4. Title is mostly self explanatory. But there are pretty big swaths of land with nothing in them. If it's not possible to populate it even with just trees, then maybe some tent camps for people to RP in can be scattered around the existing woods to buffer the amount of compelling roleplay locations.
  5. Did you die before getting this crash error? What is your character name?
  6. Kizo


    Once upon a time, some weary travelers settled...in a brothel.
  7. This would make bug reports much easier because we could actually tell you where something is. It's hard to report bugs when we can't give a proper reference other than screenshot for where something is.
  8. As you may have noticed, the scroll at the bottom may overlap with your chat box depending on your resolution. You can rectify this by right clicking 'general' tab at the top of the chat and using the option "unlock window" and drag the little arrow to make the chatbox bigger. If you re-select the general tab and drag it upwards, you can move it. Visual guide: Look at the bottom right of your chat window and click the little arrow things, drag them outwards to expand/minimize the size of your chatbox. Second thing you should do is set up an RP tab. Right click the 'general' tab again and then 'create new window'. Enter in a name, then click ok. That will add a tab at the top of your chat window. Right click this new tab and click 'settings'. Check on RP relevant options such as say, emote, yell, whisper and uncheck the ones you don't want such as raid warnings. Visual guide: Name your new chat tab. I always call mine something like "RP" or "IC" and then have an "OOC" tab with org chat and such. This is what your new tab will look like. Tick on the things you want. My recommendation is that you want say, emote, yell, whisper, squad (possibly platoon) and nothing else. And you're done.
  9. This is my grandson now. Love the bio story! I wonder how much mercy he'll really get to display.
  10. Kizo


    I look forward to roleplaying with you!
  11. Kizo

    download is very slow

    Yes we know it's normal.
  12. Kizo


    Absolutely, 100% and totally unironically. I intend to play a matronly old woman and help run a roleplay hub.
  13. The story has a poem vibe - I like it!
  14. Kizo


    Basics; NAME: Tachibana Kame NICKNAME: Obaachan (Grandma) AGE: Elderly, exact age unknown GENDER: Female BLOODLINE: Inconsequential ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral OCCUPATION: Civilian cook Physical appearance; HAIR: Grey EYES: Blue HEIGHT: 5′6″ BUILD: Chunky DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A clean-cut scar that travels from her left shoulder across her collarbone. The end of it can occasionally be glimpsed when she is wearing a yukata. COMMON ACCESSORIES: Plain band wedding ring Traits; extroverted / introverted / in between disorganized / organized / in between close minded / open-minded / in between calm / anxious / in between disagreeable / agreeable / in between cautious / reckless / in between patient / impatient / in between outspoken / reserved / in between leader / follower / in between empathetic / unemphatic / in between optimistic / pessimistic / in between traditional / modern / in between hard-working / lazy / in between cultured / un-cultured / in between loyal / disloyal / in between Introduction; For as long as anyone can remember, Kama, or more lovingly known as Grandma, has been old and fussy. She was old before her time; aged by an era of perpetual war and waiting for a son that never seems to come home. The establishment where she works is frequented by a large gaggle of "grandchildren". Some regular patrons suggest that she adopts those orphaned by the war. Every patron is either dehydrated, exhausted or working too hard. In her eyes, everyone is "too skinny" or otherwise unhealthy and must be doted on. Her insistence that others are in "poor health" has lead to many multi-course meals that no average person could finish. A painting of her late husband in an elegant haori figures on a shelf in the common room. The fine engraving on the wood reads; "Tachibana Sakamoto". The name may be familiar to some members of the Sarutobi clan. Sarutobi Sakamoto was a warrior who rid himself of his clan name and went into exile. It is unknown whether he married before leaving the clan, or after as he was reclusive to the end. Rumor would have it that he died a scant few weeks after leaving his ancestral home. The friendly Obaachan seems to know nothing about warfare and appears quite content with her work. Her only concerns are to offer safe haven from war, and good service.
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