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  1. For the interested by the way, here's how it works:
  2. Ideas for solving rogue issues: I know this isn't ideal from an immersion standpoint, but for testing purposes, having daily quests for maxing hated or hero with leaf would help a lot. Presently, the rogue quests are pretty buggy and they will lock you out of accessing most of the content. Present issues: Issue1: 'Dual factioning' is essentially possible for rogues. From a gameplay standpoint, that means going rogue from killing 15 loyal leafies, then doing enough amnesty quests as to return to neutral or at least friendly status with Konoha. This means that a rogue (before Konoha became a safe-zone) could gank lowbies within Konoha with no repercussions. They could navigate the city easily because guards weren't typically hostile, and only needed to sub or wait out the aggro timer. Fix: Kills should have a reputation impact. If the impact of these kills was substantial enough (ideally it should scale in impact depending on the lvl of the player killed) then it wouldn't be possible to maintain good relations with Konoha while playing actively. If killing another player gave -5k rep and the amnesty is 3.5k they'll eventually go into the red. Issue2: Rogues are rezzing in Konoha. It makes things generally unpleasant. Fix: My proposed solution is to add a bunch of spirit healer respawn points ingame sprawled around at different shrines and setting respawn based on proximity to the different areas. I understand this is a super complex and more in-depth issue than I give it credit for, and that given the lack of a solid faction system, it's difficult to navigate, but I'm fairly sure that WoW supports this as a baseline, and that it would probably be the easiest solution to the problem. Res sickness prevents people from jumping back into nearby boss fights anyway.
  3. 1. EXP values at first were awful. It made people quit. EXP values were tuned. 2. Boosters aren't the only thing that matter, they won't magically overwrite progress you've done in regards to leveling. 3. Ryo was given uses. There's a number of outfits and weapons in Yoko that you can buy that are total ryo dumps. I'm not really sure what you expect(ed) in terms of dev gratitude for having played all that time ago. I played during Alpha 0, when the game didn't even have jutsu yet and all we could do was melee each-other to death. So we quit. The devs went back to the drawing board. Time and time again, that process happens. The problems you've manifested in your post about the game aren't really things that can be solved. How can players be compensated for having spent time during early alpha? Should rewards be offered for early and bug testing? It sort of comes with the territory of playing a game in an Alpha state. In Alpha, everything is volatile. Things are added, removed, tweaked, broken, fixed, over and over again. Never mind that other players that are in the same position as you don't have the same reservations as you do. I've had a lot of frustrations with SS over the years. With moderation, with handling, with content rollout, with bugs, with crashes, but the devs worked their absolute asses off. We feedbacked and complained about this and that in discord today — and it got patched. Bear boss overpowered? Fixed. Mob HP retune? Not intended, fixed. Bosses over-buffed? Fixed. When we tried to clear, they came and sat down with us and watched our clears and we delivered our feedback, things changed accordingly. What you want is to unwind the clock, and it simply can't be done. You didn't play for weeks while some players like Okinawa put in 10+ hours a day of grinding. Naturally, you fell behind. If at any point during that heinous EXP grind you decided you were having a terrible time: why not just write up feedback like other players do, take a step back, and wait?
  4. - Thank you for retuning a bunch of the mobs for us based on our feedback on Thursday. Many props. - The winter event seems really cool so far. I like that opening the presents gives you trash items to make you feel like an asshole for stealing childrens presents (lol) - The change to town sanctuaries was really good! It's super convenient for gathering rested and a very welcome change. Some areas need range tweaking (MM is sanctuaried, atm) but overall really nice change. - In light of the changes to sanctuaries, the buff to guards should probably be tweaked. Presently, it's disheartening to try to do anything anywhere as a rogue because you'll probably get 1-2 shot by guards that have 60k-100k hp. Alternatively, non-Konoha settlements should have their own type of guards. Notchi should definitely keep the Konoha flag, though. - New hairstyles, cosmetics and weapons are hot asf. - New jutsu is amazing and way more than any of us expected, holy shit. - Non-jutsu koban dumps are interesting. - Rogue outpost or base need a bank and sanctuary. - Uchiha Kunai Technique giving you a jump is really bad because it triggers the charge on bees and moths, making you eat a huge strike + 8s of stun. The repositioning it forces you to do is pretty awkward for PVP as well. - It would be nice if we got Uchiha Mental Domination after we get Uchiha Murder of Crows, reason being that MD isn't usable in PVE at all and it would be nice to have more usable abilities before having a PVP one that only works at higher level (since you can only MD people your level or lower).
  5. Kizo

    v31 bugs

    - Rogues are still respawning in Konoha. - Rogue outposts have lots of bandits, which are hostile to rogues (they need to be removed, if they're made rogue friendly, a lot of quests become impossible) - Rogue outpost vendors 'Koya - Rogue Quartermaster' and 'Haruke - Weapon Master' do not have a stock - Rogue quest 'Thinning Out The Weeds' doesn't progress outside of the arena. - War Front: Forest Showdown and Steal Military Supplies have no rewards and the questline ends there. I did some testing with Aether and it seems to be that the quests themselves work but there's no way to acquire them. - People die in duels a lot. - Legendary Kunai isn't a fist weapon, so it doesn't count for Uchiha jutsu. - Kunai of the Tiger T1 has a messy damage flag (it's 80 dmg only) - Kunai of the Dragon T1 is off-hand only for some reason, whereas all the others are one-hand. Not sure if this is intentional. - Party leveling is still a mess because grey mobs don't give EXP in party, but the color of mobs is decided by the mob vs player level, and none of the mob levels properly reflect difficulty. - Some pet models seem to be missing
  6. Patch day is finally upon us. As a result, many updates to the guide will be needed. All contributions are welcome as we try to figure how shit works. Heavy spoilers unwelcome.
  7. The purpose of this guide is to help new and returning players familiarize themselves with available content, help them pick masteries, get their bearings in regards to locations as well as general gameplay advice for leveling and stat acquisition. What this guide isn't is a full-spoiler walkthrough that will tell you where to find items that are hidden around the map, quests that are worth doing, or a guide on specific boss mechanics: you will still need to learn these things yourself through exploration and trial & error. Masteries Fire release: Ranged skillshots, damage over time and ground AOE. Water release: Ranged skillshot as well as utility in the form of GTAOE (Ground Targeted AOE) slow and hard-hitting GTAOE damage. Lightning release: Hard-hitting single-target and cleave melee strikes. Wind release: CC and mobility focused, ranged, AOE. Lots of knockbacks. Earth release: Hard-hitting kb melee strikes. Uchiha: The 3 different levels of sharingan provide different types of buffs. Otherwise, Uchiha is set to be a CC-heavy mastery that will synergize with anything. Hyuuga: Byakugan, utility, CC, and empty-hand melee focused (it's probably not possible to play Hyuuga to the fullest with kenjutsu). Kenjutsu: Melee-focused with a channeled cleave spell. It also has some minor CC in the form of a slow. Medical: A balance of dmg and healing abilities. Thus far, both types of abilities are singletarget. Medical can also make medical pills tradable with other players. The dev team is still looking to tune healing numbers, so be sure to submit feedback if you have any strong feelings about it. Genjutsu: Ranged CC and damage. It's genjutsu. Dunno what else to say about this one. Unreleased masteries Likely to release during the December 2nd update. Sarutobi: From what we've heard of the Sarutobi design philosophy thus far, it will have a relatively versatile kit including melee strikes, ninjutsu and a utility party buff. Important NPCs & Locations ^ Buildings with this green banner outside are inns where you can set your Return Scroll to. ^ 'Jin' is the generic name of all General Store NPCs. If you're in a town and need to buy cup ramen, just /tar Jin, right click the nameplate, select 'Squad Target Icon' and put an icon on the NPC to help you orient yourself to find the store more easily. Rested spots (which let you gather a 2x EXP boost until the amount depletes): any major settlement. Acquiring gear Presently, most gear is cosmetic. The only items that you can get that have non-cosmetic use in any way are Ninja Scrolls, Ninja Tools, and weapons. On the left hand side, I've highlighted the scrolls and tools: they occupy the ring and trinket slots in the traditional WoW interface, and the weapons are at the bottom. Ninja Scrolls come from a boss named 'Masked Man' found on the Konoha mountain. Ninja Tools are frequent rewards from sidequests but can also be bought from vendors found in Konoha, Rogue Base or Port Hachou. Weapons are divided into 3 tiers: T1, T2, T3, and they all have different stat effects depending on their name. Do sidequests for new weapons. If you're looking for more cosmetic options beyond the basic shinobi clothes, there's a vendor in Yokohama that has a number of different kimono in stock. Other cosmetics are available from bosses, while some (such as the Akatsuki cloak I'm wearing in the screenshot) come from the donation store. Gear names + effect Note: For gear with 2 stats, the 1st one has the higher stat. So if something is Crit/haste, there is more crit than haste. Slug: Healing Pig: Healing Tiger: Crit Rabbit: Haste Rooster: Haste Dragon: Spell power Fox: Haste/crit Dog: Haste/crit Goat: Haste/crit Monkey: Hit rating/haste Leveling & improving skills Currently, the general leveling meta consists of the following: 2-10 in/around Konoha. Depending on your talent choice, you may or may not struggle with rats. If you do, stick with snakes. Where possible, do your sidequests. 10-20 you'll want to do sidequests if you haven't started to do them yet, as 'gold koban' are a sidequest reward that you need 30 of in order to get your 2nd ability. 20+ around Yokohama, fulfilling sidequests in the area, grinding bees and moths. Depending on your build, you may find good success grinding mobs elsewhere, just give things a shot and see whether it feels worthwhile or not. To focus on increasing skillpoints, however, there are 3 primary methods: Spam sidequests in Konoha because that area has the easiest sidequests. This will allow you to farm SQ rewards quickly and efficiently. Skill Experience Boosts are a frequent SQ reward. Grind snakes. The primary reason for this is because snakes drop more boosts than other mobs do. Take advantage of boss runs. Boosts are a frequent drop from all the bosses. This isn't really grindable due to respawn times, but it's a nice change of pace. Map A - Forest of Death B - Tanzaku Town C - Fire Temple D - Valley of the End E - Toggy's favorite location. F - Inuzuka Village G - Nagomi Town R - Rogue base On bossing There are a few primary bosses that are frequently killed by the playerbase. As a baseline, all bosses drop Gold Koban and Boosts. There are other bosses that aren't in this list, however they either don't currently have worthwhile drops, or no group has successfully managed to kill them yet. Bee Boss: Located just South-West of Yokohama. It drops Gold Koban frequently, making it a popular boss to clear to help newer players get their 30 koban. Kazuo/Vagabond: Located to the North of Kisaragi in the Mountains. If you're at the castle, you've gone too far. Drops lots of rare cosmetics & a cool sword. Onikuma/Bear Boss: When you're leaving Yokohama to head towards Konoha, take the 2nd left (the path is marked by a skeleton against a tree). Daily boss. Masked Man: Located on the Mountain overlooking Konoha. Drops Ninja Scrolls, lots of Ninja Tools as well as some rare cosmetics. Typically lvl 25+ recruitment. The usual loot rule is to need on everything that you want/need. F.A.Q How do I get a bloodline token? How do I make ryo? How do I get back to a place I return to often or set a hearthstone? How do I get to Tanzaku Town? How do I get gold koban? How do I get help from other players? How do I bug report and/or get GM assistance? How do I get more masteries? Can I play as a non-Konoha village? How can I support the project? Credits & contributions While I compiled the guide myself, it's only with assistance and contribution from other members of the community that it was possible to do so. If you have any suggestions or any information that you'd like to add, you can reply to this post or give me a heads up on discord. When the new patch drops on December 2nd, it'll be especially important (especially for the new masteries) to update the guide. If you want to use any part of this guide to create a youtube video or something else, feel free.
  8. Kizo


    Background— Ten months ago, the Uchiha clan reported the loss of several of their own. A guarded wedding palanquin traveling towards Konohagakure was shredded, splattered with blood and surrounded with fallen guards. The bride-to-be within it, a young woman by the name of Tsukioka Hikari, had vanished. Her fiancé, Sarutobi Satoru, raged, and challenging the fates to battle for the potential to have his fiancé returned to him. None answered the challenge. At first, the Tsukioka family, part of the Uchiha clan, offered up a reward of 100 ryo for her safe return. The groom's family matched it and over time, it increased to 2000 ryo. Amidst the rumors of slavers in the Land of Fire, both families began to fear for the worst. In what seemed an eternity to two families grieving, ten months had passed. On nights when the moon was high, her mother lit incense and prayed that the smoke would help her find her way home. And still, Hikari was still nowhere to be found. In the weeks that followed the Blood Moon Festival, a bounty poster appeared. It details that a young woman with dark hair and eyes is wanted for questioning for involvement in the White Dragon Pirates' raid of Port Hachou in which the Portmaster & his bodyguard lost their lives. That woman's name is cited to be 'Akari' - a frequent nickname for 'Hikari'. The person seen most often in her company appears to be a personal bodyguard wielding an Uchiha war fan. Curioser and curioser. Details— One who prefers moonlight to sunlight, who reads its secrets by fall of night. Ninja registry number: N/A Birthdate: August 27 (Age 21, Virgo) Height: 5'5" / 168cm Weight: ~105lbs / 48kg Bloodtype: AB- Personality: Furtive, serious Description— Akari's figure speaks of hardship; even a small garment easily eclipses her figure, hanging loose as the shoulders. Her frame is harrowingly thin, rather than pleasantly slim, speaking of extended malnourishment and starvation, though the new light in her eyes suggests that her health is slowly improving. However slender and weak of body, she's stern and strong of heart, a proud daughter of a warbound people; resilient and unwavering. In a crowd, she's easily identified by the regal manner with which she carries herself; elegant and graceful, with head held high, gaze grave, dark and thoughtful to match the raven-dark of her hair. Abilities— Relationships— Uchiha clan White Dragon Pirates Ko'taki Ryu Reiji Uchiha Ibuki Mori Sora Hyuuga Ushioda Uzumaki Shinzou Geo Hyuuga Rakutaura
  9. Notes: You're always welcome to explore things that aren't in the above bullet point list: there are plenty of things to investigate, however some of them are too spoilery to put in an introduction thread. This thread will be updated as needed to reflect how the plotline is developing. The plot is set up to accommodate different groups and perspectives. For instance, if a Leaf-based RP group wants to pursue the Leaf-based stuff, they're more easily able to do so, though they would also be able to investigate the Black Market as well, albeit under disguise. Similarly, rogue or neutral groups will be able to investigate the Black Market and Bounty Hunter breadcrumbs, as well as any rumors circulating in circles of similarly legally gray individuals. This plotline is open to all serious participants (new or experienced roleplayers both). If you troll, I'll simply bar you from my events. If you're unsure of how to participate or engage, please let me know thru the forums or on discord (Kizo#5718).
  10. Some weeks ago, a group of monks at a shrine to the North of Port Hachou were all found dead, eviscerated as though by a beast, their bodies posed in various positions to mimic liveness. Ever since, rumors have surfaced of other sets of murders across the Land of Fire. A number of shinobi loyal to the Hidden Leaf and unlikely to have gone rogue, have not returned from their missions, or been found dead altogether. Merchant caravans have been left decimated on the roads. These events lead to a brief increase in scavenging - until the vultures themselves found themselves prey to the mysterious killer. At present, there are a few sources for leads which can be pursued; While the scene to the North of Port Hachou has been neglected and much of the evidence spoiled by the passage of time, there are other, more recent incidents that can be investigated. The Bounty Hunter Kaidan was on-scene at the murders which took place at the Shrine. Allegedly, he slept through the entire ordeal. As of right now, no one knows why he was on the scene in the first place. Because there have been a number of missing Leaf shinobi, it’s quite likely that Konohagakure has started an investigation of their own into the matter. The victims' families and close acquaintances can also be investigated and spoken with. As some of the victims were wealthy, it’s likely that some of their scavenged possessions have been put up for sale on the Black Market.
  11. I might be able to help you with this one: do you have a quest in your list called "brilliant at the basics"?
  12. Bug Name: Water Pool animation bug Brief Description: After the Water Pool slow effect has dissipated for whatever reason from using Water Style: Flooding water Technique, the water pool animation outlasts the effect. Reproduction steps: Use flooding water, have someone else stand in it, eventually they'll still be standing in it but there will no longer be a speed debuff. Additional info: Pictures:
  13. Bug Name: Sidequest 'retrieving' Brief Description: New SQ item rewards stuck at retrieving Reproduction steps: Pick up a sidequest, wait until you get one that has a newer reward such as dice, right or left click on the item and you'll probably crash. Additional info: Pictures: Bug Name: Simple Strike damage scale Brief Description: Simple Strike's damage appears to be a flat amount and does not scale or increase with anything except ninja cards. Reproduction steps: Test Simple Strike on a lvl 1 char with no stats, then test it on a higher level char with better stats. The damage appears to be the same. Additional info: I have legendary kunai on my lvl 27 main and there doesn't seem to have been any change in damage at all as I levelled or unequipped and requipped kunai, leading me to believe it doesn't scale properly. The tooltip itself does not say if it's meant to be a flat amount of damage, or if it should scale. Pictures:
  14. This bug was just fixed by Vlad. In other news, Little Fawn is tricksy.
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