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  1. I do not think I ever changed my username.
  2. I am patched and using correct info to login
  3. I am very against an RP only realm. I plan to RP heavily, however, I am also an extreme gamer and plan to be one of the best at pvp. I would not like to have to choose between the better RP realm and what could possibly be the better pvp realm. I PRAY that never happens.
  4. Hi, I am Redonkeylous (character name may be different depending on RP). I am looking forward to playing this game a ton. I want to be one of the best at protecting the village and its people, and work my way up through the Village ranks, hopefully, establishing myself into the Government as well. I am looking to join some type of organization that aligns with the leaf and also does some RP within the ranks and government. My background is in World of Warcraft where I am among the top players in the game, currently ranked 17th realm/268 world in PvE content for my Specialization. I am also decently ranked in pvp.. I plan to use my wow skills and translate that into success in this game. Excited to learn the new skillshot system implemented by the devs. I hope to have a large presence in the community and in game as well, eventually being known as a skilled player and great role player. I hope to make many friends too. Currently I am coming into this game with only my brother and we will be looking to join an org soon after launch. I will reveal more about myself in discord and in game once we are getting to know each other, I just made this post in hopes of getting my name out there and getting my foot in the door. 7 days away. I CAN'T WAIT! Feel free to add me on discord. Redonkeylous#4256
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