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  1. Thanks a lot, it will be very helpful for improving characters backstory
  2. Hordar when he was 15 My name is Hordar "Uchicha" Azamaki, I come from sub-clan of Uchichas that were living in Country of Fire on south named Azamaki. My sister, only sibling died when I was six, thanks to that I acquired ,,mist" sharingan. Its power is same as normal sharingan but instead of fire style they have water style. I was not best, but over average student in our local school. Thanks to training I found out that my chakra nature is Water. When I was seventeen I had to kill my parents because my father betrayed village, but I wanted them to have normal burial, I acted like I was the traitor. I like to fiight using sword. I'm looking forward to see what I will have to face on my way and maybe find comrades that would accept me. Characteristic: Age: 18 years old Height: 174 cm / 5,7 ft Weight: 68 kg Gender: male Hordar leaving his village Full story: Hordar "Uchicha" Azamaki About village history: I come from small village, that was located on south part Country of Fire. Village is surrounded by walls, behind walls is thick fog created by talented ninja elders, they also can manipulate the form of fog. In village live few clans including Azamaki (sub-clan of Uchicha) and others that lived earlier on this lands. Azamaki clan: As sub-clan for Uchichas, clan changed name to Azamaki so they could be recognized as other one than just Uhicha. V illage was on its own, hidden from the world. Instead of having normal sharingan, members of Azamaki clan have ''Mist'' Sharingan. The ones that didn't had ''Mist'' Sharingan were able to achieve it by killing family member. Person with sharingan from Azamaki clan can see through fog created around village. About Hordar Azamaki: From young age I was talented in water nature. I had one sibling, younger sister. When I was six, my sister became ill to unknown disease. Noone could help her, because medicine didn't work. I was sitting with tears in my eyes, looking at her red from disease forehead and exhausted face. She didn't make it and died, and because of that I unlocked ,,Mist" Sharingan. Despite the death of sibling I moved on, with hole in my heart. I blamed village for being closed to outsiders and not trading goods with other villages. I always say that its thanks to her I achieved sharingan, and that's why I trained harder and harder. After few years, I was called one of the most talented children in the settlement. I honed my skills with water release and trained even harder with sharingan (although nooone really cared to teach me how to use it properly). I was also training sword fighting and I trained it with my father. When I was 15 I finished our local school. After school I was helping in village, helping young ones train, working in our small library or work on land. I also joined special defending forces of village called ,,Jiyū" (meaning freedom). There was a rumour that someone has betrayed village and had contacted with organisations outside of village. Unfortunately we didn't know intentions of this so we were in highest degree of caution. And for one year it was forbidden to go outside of the village. When I was seventeen I found in library banned book about Mist Sharingan, I found out how people from clan without it get it and learnt that its capable of storing chakra. I was still this whole time investigating the case of traitor. When I checked my house, I was in terror when I saw secret messages in cupboard of my father about instructions to create genjutsu large enough to get whole village in it (my father had Mist Sharingan and never explained how he obtained it or how to use it properly). When I met my father I saw large amount of chakra concentrated in his eyes. That's moment I knew I had to strike or there will be no time left. I pulled out sword, my father withdraw two kunai's, and with fast move of his hands he wounded me between my eyes. Using my sword I knock out both of his kunai's. Even if I didnt want to I moved my sword to pierce thru his chest. And then my mother jumped between us, Because of strength and speed of push I pierced both of my parents. Look of my mother was like she saw something horrifying. Without hesitation I whispered that I'm sorry to betray them and finished them of. When I left house with blood on my hands, two of my friends from Jiyū were waiting and asked me what happened. At start they thought I killed traitor, but i didnt want them to think that my parents betrayed village, so I immediatly stabbed one of them and deprived out of consciousness second. I runned as fast as I could and left village with nothing but black mantle and sword. After just few minutes they sent about ten Jiyū members after me. Thankfully I was far enough and they lost my tracks. And that's the time when I became rogue ninja. Thanks to that, village stopped hiding, and set bounty on my head. I hope to find my path and maybe comrades that would accept me and the fact that I'm being hunted. Hordar one year after he left his village
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