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  1. More homage to the Shinobi gods.
  2. Thanks! You the best
  3. Just some art I'm really trying to save up so I can get a computer and actually play the game I can craft you some great OC for $1-2 per, plus I will send you some ULTRA cool copies of my super rare "Shinobi Tales Manga", which Always includes BONUS art that relates to the chapter! Or if you don't have it, I will try to hook you up if I can per request. *if you are admin hit me up, I got you.
  4. There, this is the cover of Vol. I Ch. I and a map of the event areas. The manga will be in the story forum. Check it out!
  5. And I used a no no word And it is a bit wordy, but give it a read through, I'm sure you'll read something you like!
  6. YESSSSSSS. Bruh, I was waiting for the stamp of approval, but didn't want to put out anything controversial or wrong. I just want to make really cool and interesting content for enjoyment. I am happy to do this in my spare time. Ok, ok, here it goes... I hope everyone loves it. *all of the events and characters in this story are fictional.
  7. RELEASING SOON! Get excited!!
  8. Soon
  9. ya, I deleted the app I used to make them on accident.
  10. ShinigamiKai


    Kai back story (Gaiden) WIP
  11. Map of chapter I
  12. From now on, this is where I will post the map of the chapter events and the official story board as a preview.
  13. Kakashi Gaiden And Itachi Gaiden The Arcs of two of the deepest shinobi, then watching how they dealt with their lives. Kashi going from being the cold "Friend Killer" to becoming a light hearted Hokage, and Itachi willingly sacrificing EVERYTHING and EVERYONE just to save his younger brother. Kashi Chronicles https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/naruto-shippuden/videos/5580 https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/naruto-shippuden/videos/224113 Itachi light and dark https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/naruto-shippuden/videos/224215 https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/naruto-shippuden/videos/5558
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