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  1. Some kind of dynamic content. pvp: If theres factions they can fight over territory advantages. Benefits such as local NPCs (animals, ninjas) not attacking the holders, better vendor prices, more vendor items, opening up for exclusive trade routes (not flying, but maybe a harbour). pve: world bosses as mentioned, attacks on villages/towns from animals/rogue ninjas other: day and night cycles, weather, seasons!?
  2. The teams first fight vs the Demon Brothers. The build up and pace was everything Naruto series should've been from start to finish. If this fight had been in the later episodes, there would've been one emotional backstory, two inner dialogues and 3 talk no jutsus. It's actually one of the better scenes in the whole anime to me. And I love this in depth video about them which further emphasises why I like it so much:
  3. Okay had no idea. Comments on tracking jutsus like I mentioned in previous post? I don't know if mods are considered staff though.
  4. Pings on the minimap is visible to party (raid?) members, in wow. Simply tagging with the built in wow symbols doesn't feel very honest to the naruto universe. Spells similar to Hunters Mark or Faire Fire makes more sense to have variations of and there can be a lot of interesting ideas and problems from this: Jutsu ways of tagging at range or melee. Tagging without enemy knowing it. How long should a tag stay? Can the enemy detect and remove it? etc
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